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Dani Bergman Bio, Jewish Matchmaking, Age, Job, Parents

Only a week after the premiere of Indian Matchmaking Season 3, Netflix has released Jewish Matchmaking, yet another dating show which follows a modern approach to the traditional practice of dating. Miami-based marketing executive Dani Bergman is one of the stars in the 1st season of Jewish Matchmaking.

Learn about Dani in the article below.

Netflix’s Jewish Matchmaking: Are Dani Bergman and Shaun Still Together?

Although Dani Bergman is quite active on Instagram, she has opted to remain mum about her relationship with Shaun. She rarely talks about her romantic life in her posts, which are frequently about her job and her passion for partying. Although it makes sense that she might want to keep some aspects of her life private, many fans are now speculating as to whether she and Shaun are still together.

Dating guru Aleeza Ben Shalom initially linked Dani with David Behar, the creator of the Miami Sephardic Club. Their first date seemed to be going well; they even exchanged texts and phone calls all day. But before long, Dani became bothered by something: David failed to pour her a glass of wine while he did so for himself. This minor detail irritated Dani because she was raised with proper table manners.

In the course of their first date, Dani and David shared a steak. However, in spite of this initial difficulty, they appeared to enjoy each other’s company. In contrast to Dani’s way of life, David soon made it clear that he had a morning routine and was deeply devout. In spite of this distinction, they made the decision to go jet skiing together.

Dani couldn’t help but believe that they might not be the ideal match even then. She found David’s obsession with being Sephardic and his constant insistence that she appeared to be Sephardic to be extremely upsetting. Dani, an Ashkenazi, thought that because she didn’t eat rice, for instance, they had very different lifestyles.

While they were still dating, David had to travel to New York while Dani had to leave for a wedding in Los Angeles. They stayed in touch, but Aleeza advised them to take a break and then get back in touch to reassess their relationship. Dani followed this advise and put a halt to her romance with David. But while she was living in LA, Dani met Shaun, a guy who seemed to fit most of her criteria. Dani’s relationship with David was abruptly suspended.

They clicked right away because of the overt chemistry. But Shaun’s eyebrows were what caught Dani’s attention. She couldn’t help but notice how perfectly they framed his piercing blue eyes and were the ideal shape. The relationship coach on “Jewish Matchmaking,” Aleeza, recognized their resemblance right away and introduced them as the “male and female versions” of one another. But they shared more than just that.

As they came to know one another better, they realized that their shared love of family history was a great passion. Even Kevin Mann, who turned out to be Shaun’s cousin, provided them with a point of connection. It appeared as though fate had connected them. But the biggest obstacle was the distance that separated them. Shaun dwelt in New York and Dani was from Miami.

When Dani went back to Miami and re-started seeing David, things changed. However, nothing was the same as before. David declined her invitation to the birthday party and appeared distant. Dani couldn’t help but think he wasn’t really trying to be with her. She finally understood that she had to take matters into her own hands and make a difficult choice. She ended her relationship with David and chose to try her luck with Shaun. Dani was ready to take on the challenge of long-distance love because of his flawless eyebrows and shared love of family history.

Dani Bergman On Netflix’s Jewish Matchmaking

The new dating show, which premiered on May 3rd, 2023, sees singletons across the United States and Israel looking for their soulmate, relying on shidduchim, a centuries-old matchmaking system in which Orthodox Jewish singles are introduced for the purpose of marriage.

The hopeful singles will be guided by the expert dating coach, Aleeza Ben Shalom, in their search for the one.

“I knew matchmaking existed, but I thought it was an old thing that bubbies would do in Yentl or Fiddler on the Roof. But the more I learned and the more I got into the community, I realized this exists in the real world. Lots of people do this — men, women, rabbis, and regular people doing real, modern-day matchmaking,” dating expert Aleeza said about shidduchim on Tudum.

For Dani, what matters most is finding someone that fits into her lifestyle and enjoys the same experiences. Born to a South African family, Dani’s faith is rooted in a love of family as she connects with the core values and culture of Judaism.

Her ideal partner would be someone who is on the “same religious level” as her and celebrates Shabbat and all the major Jewish holidays. She strongly believes that these traditions help build a strong foundation for family and allow Jewish people to continue their stories.

Dani Bergman Job

Since February 2018, reality TV star Dani Bergman has been serving 1084 Media as its CEO / Managing Director. As per Dani’s LinkedIn handle, 1084 is “a digital advertising agency specializing in all major social platforms. We collaborate with our clients to develop creative content ideation and strategy to successfully boost their brand to new heights.”

Before working at 1084 Media, Dani was a Director of Marketing at CruBox. She worked there from February 2019 to May 2020 and oversaw all marketing campaigns for the Crubox, Los Angeles location from start to finish.

Dani’s first job was in the Event Promotions and Digital Marketing department of We The Beat (November 2016 – August 2017).

Coming to her education, Dani received her associate’s degree in Psychology from Santa Barbara City College in 2015. She, then, went to the University of Cape Town as part of a Year Study Abroad Program. In 2017, Dani finally received her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from UC Santa Barbara.

How Much Is Dani Bergman Net Worth?

As of May 2023, Dani Bergman’s net worth was estimated to be under $500 thousand.

Dani Bergman Age

Born in 1995, Dani Bergman’s age was 27 at the time of this writing in 2023.

Who Are Dani Bergman Parents?

Dani Bergman’s parents are Jonathan and Myrna Linz-Bergman. Jonathan turned 59 in June 2022 whereas Myrna turned 53 in March 2023. Dani’s mother, Myrna, is a memory care director at The Commons at Woodland Hills- WellQuest Living and a Director at Wow, The Israel Experience.

Jonathan and Myrna celebrate their wedding anniversary every December 13th. During their anniversary in 2019, Myrna shared a heartfelt post writing “Today is my wedding anniversary. I cannot believe how time flew by. My husband and I have been married for so long. He is my rock, my love, and my best friend. Thank you for choosing me to spend your life with,” and tagged her husband Jonathan.

Perhaps, Dani is closer to her sister, Juliet Bergman, than anyone. Juliet, who hails from Somis, California, is an Associate of the Client Partnership Group at Angelo Gordon as per her LinkedIn handle. Prior to that, she worked at UBS as a Business Development Specialist. Juliet has a Bachelor of Business Administration with a minor in Media, Economics, and Entrepreneurship from the University of Southern California.

In 2022, Dani’s sister, Juliet, turned 25 years old. She celebrates her birthday on the 22nd of October every year. Dani and Juliet’s mom Myrna shared, “My darling Juliet Bergman is 21 today. I cannot believe it. And I am in a bit of shock that my second child is 21. I could not be more proud of this my amazing beautiful, sweet, intelligent, and kind daughter…,” on Juliet’s 21st birthday.

Dani Bergman Height

Social media entrepreneur Dani stands short at a height of 5 feet 2 inches.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Dani Bergman Birthday?

Jewish Matchmaking star, Dani Bergman, celebrates her birthday on the 4th of August every year. On her 27th birthday, Dani shared a bikini-clad picture of herself and wrote, “The years just keep getting better. Thanks to all that made my birthday so special, you all make me smile. see you tonight,” on Instagram.

  • Where Is Dani Bergman From?

Born in California, Dani is currently based in Miami, Florida.

  • Is Dani Bergman On Instagram And Facebook?

On Instagram, Dani is at @danimbergs and most of her feed is full of travel pictures. She had over 2 thousand followers on the platform as of April 2023. Furthermore, Dani has good 1.2 thousand followers on her @danimbergs TikTok account.

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