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Daniel Durston Bio, Height, Family, Net Worth, Big Brother

Added: Meet Daniel Durston, one of the 16 original houseguests in the twenty-fourth season of the American reality television program Big Brother. The season premiered on 6 July 2022, on CBS in the United States and Global in Canada.

In the meantime, here is all that you have been looking around about Daniel, one of the national participants this season.

Daniel Durston On Big Brother 24

While there is still some time left to tell if Daniel Durston is taking home the winner title, we know about the few things he had to tell before he entered Big Brother’s house.

Among other things, Daniel seemed quite confident and was looking forward to winning as he spoke the words that he is going to do whatever worked for him. He also already seemed to have planned out one or two strategies. Of them, he seemed particular about this thing that he would not want “loud and obnoxious” people in his alliance.

Then, later as things were heating up in the house at around the 3rd week since the show’s beginning, Daniel was the topic of discussion over Twitter. This was followed by the incident when Taylor Hale reveals that she “wants” to make out with Daniel. The scene begins with Ameerah asking Taylor, “So, you like Daniel?” to which Taylor replies, “I don’t like him. I wanna make out with him.” And this certainly surprised the fans as they already did not like Daniel for the way he treated Taylor. There were a few instances. Daniel not only backdoored Taylor but also made claims that she followed him around everywhere to the point that it became annoying and he started hating her.

Another reason why some fans were not pleased with Daniel was: that they believed he is the one who made the anonymous “Chef Boyard-Negro” racially charged comment.

Daniel Durston Relationship Status

Daniel Durston was single before going on the Big Brother show. So, did his relationship status change in any way inside the house? (Ultram) Did he mingle with anyone? All these are yet to be answered as there is a lot of time left before the CBS original series comes to an end. And maybe then, he might change his current relationship status of ‘single’ on his Facebook.

Is Daniel Durston On Instagram?

Yes. Daniel Durston could be found on Instagram @danieldurston where he had 514 posts and 6,167 followers as of 21 July 2022.

Daniel also entertained some 3.3K followers on Twitter @DowntownDurston and seemed active on Facebook as well. Plus, he had an account opened as ‘Elvis Presley – Las Vegas King’ in Cameo.

Daniel Durston Height

Daniel Durston stands above 6′ 3″ tall.

Before meeting the fellow houseguest inside the Big Brother house, Daniel wondered if maybe these people will perceive him as a physical threat because of his height. However, he spilled that he is not that big of a person in general. Also, he hoped there to be someone else in the house, of bigger physical threats. That way, he thought the others will kind of let him slide on the radar for a while, that is until he had his game planned out.

Daniel Durston Family

Daniel’s mum Dorothy V Durston also goes around by the name of Dee Durston. She turned 63 years old in June 2022 and was based in Ontario, California as of the time of this writing. She has often been featured on Daniel’s social media despite Daniel sharing that she hates taking photos. So, every now and then the loving/caring son somehow managed to catch her on camera doing her usuals.

Then there is Dwayne D Durston, Daniel’s dad who turned 65 in June 2022, and Daryl Durston, Daniel’s brother.

Daryl turned 37 in March 2022 and was based around Rancho Cucamonga, California, until this time. Also, according to the internet, he was teaching P.E. In California. Other times, he enjoyed playing various tabletop games.

How Old Is Daniel Durston?

Daniel Durston turned 35 years old late in 2021.

How Much Is Daniel Durston’s Net Worth?

Daniel Durston reportedly had less than $600K as his net worth as of 2022.

A “Professional Elvis Tribute Artist from Las Vegas” according to his Bio on Facebook, Daniel is known among his fans as a pro touring bassist for Broadway musicals. He has performed in shows including the 4-time Tony Award-winning show, Memphis the Musical, and Flashdance the Musical.

Daniel claims to be a professional musician and a seasoned performer, having toured the country in professional Broadway musicals for the past 5 years, including an international contract onboard Norwegian Cruise Line’s largest ship, The Escape. It is true that he has toured 48 of our country’s states as well as Canada, The Bahamas, Germany, and Southampton, London.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Daniel Durston’s Birthday?

Daniel Durston celebrates his birthday on the 17th of December and that makes him a Saggitarius.

  • Where Is Daniel Durston From?

Daniel Durston hails from his hometown of Ontario, not of Canada, but the one located in southwestern San Bernardino County in the US state of California. Although currently, he was based in Las Vegas in Nevada.

  • What Is Daniel Durston’s Ethnicity?

By the look of things, Daniel Durston acquires a seeming mixed heritage.

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