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Daniel Ranieri Parents: Stephen Cacioppo And Danielle Ranieri

In March 2020, during the beginning of the lockdown, Daniel Ranieri grew very serious about the safety of the public. He expressed his thoughts on going out during the lockdown and gave a performance that earned him comparison to actor Joe Pesci. The video caught the attention of one of Jimmy Kimmel’s friends and send it to him.

Jimmy aired the video on the show and within a few minutes, George Clooney’s people started calling. This led him to land the part in Jimmy’s movie ‘The Tender Bar’. This article particularly focuses on his parents. Scroll down to learn more.

Who Are Daniel Ranieri Parents?

New York-based viral child, Daniel Ranieri was born to his parents Stephen Cacioppo and Danielle Ranieri. Learn more about his parents below.

Daniel Ranieri Father: Stephen Cacioppo

Stephen Cacioppo is earning fame as a father of a viral kid Daniel Ranieri who got cast in the movie ‘The Tender Bar’ by actor and director George Clooney. Since the fame of his son thrived, people are also looking for the young actor’s patriarch.

  • Stephen Cacioppo Age

As of January 2022, Stephen Cacioppo is 51 years old. His date of birth and zodiac remains unknown. But, stated that he was born on 28 February 1970.

  • Stephen Cacioppo Job

Stephen Cacioppo has a job as an electrician. But, he doesn’t seem to have a LinkedIn profile where he shared his employment history. According to Glassdoor, an electrician makes $61,981 a year in Brooklyn, New York.

  • Is Stephen Cacioppo On Facebook?

As of this writing, no, Stephen Cacioppo is not on any of the social media platforms.

Daniel Ranieri Mother: Danielle Ranieri

Moving on, Daniel Ranieri’s mother was the one who deserves all the credit for being able to reach the place where he is now. His mother posted the video online which went viral after being aired on Jimmy Kimmel’s show. Within a few minutes of the airing of the video, George Clooney’s team called Jimmy’s team.

Consequently, they found him and his family. Now, he landed the part in the movie in which he starred with actor Ben Affleck. Daniel shared, “When my mom told me I got the part, I kept saying: ‘What? I can’t believe it. Oh my God, Ma, I can’t believe it”. He added, “I loved spending time with the cast. Everyone was nice. George Clooney shot hoops with me. He’s a really good player. My mom got a part. She plays one of my aunts. She didn’t have to audition.”

  • Danielle Ranieri Age

Danielle Ranieri was reportedly born on 26 October 1970. She turned 51 years old in 2021. Danielle was born to her parents Frank and Marilyn Ranieri in Brooklyn, New York. Both of Daniel’s grandparents are 81 years old and he is very close to them.

Daniel and his mother live only a few minutes away from his grandparents’ house. He shared that the house his grandparents currently live in is the house his mother grew up in.

  • Danielle Ranieri Job

Danielle Ranieri worked as a public school teacher in Brooklyn, New York. But, it hasn’t been shared which public school she works for as of this moment. Glassdoor reported that an average teacher makes $63,127 per year in Brooklyn, New York.

Furthermore, one of Danielle’s cousins Donna confirmed on her Facebook that Danielle also got a small part along with her son in the movie. Besides her job, she spends time taking care of Daniel. Daniel shared that his mother takes him to flag football games and stays with him the whole time on the field.

  • Is Danielle Ranieri On Facebook?

No, Danielle Ranieri is not on Facebook. But she has an Instagram account (@danirani6) which is private at the moment.

Related FAQs

  • When Did Daniel Ranieri Parents Tie The Knot?

There is no information on the marriage of Daniel Ranieri’s parents. Since he uses his mother’s last name chances are his parents haven’t tied the knots yet.

  • How Many Kids Do Daniel Ranieri Parents Have?

During an interview with Jimmy Kimmel, Daniel mentions having a half-sibling but didn’t mention having a sibling of his own. So, he might be the only child of his parents and doesn’t have any full siblings.

  • Where Do Daniel Ranieri Parents Reside?

Daniel lives with his mother Danielle Ranieri and his father Stephen Cacioppo in Dyker Heights, Brooklyn.

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