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Danny Massa Bio, Married, Family, Height, Survivor 44

Danny Massa, a New York firefighter, joined the cast of Survivor 44. You can watch his journey on CBS but you should know about his personal and professional life. Who are his family members? Is he married?

Learn more and find the answers here as you scroll down.

Danny Massa On Survivor 44

CBS’s show Survivor scares Danny Massa however, he mustered all the courage to join the 2023 line-up of contestants. He told Parade that he is bringing a sense of adaptability into the game and openly said that he had no preparations going in and is taking things as they come.

So why is Danny on Survivor? He answered to Parade that he and his sister and her kids watched the show as they lived together in a two-family house. Danny said, “Uncy, you got to come to watch this show. You need to be on the show,” which happened 10 to 15 years back. Now, watching the show has been a family religion.

Danny added that his niece signed him up for the show. He added, “The whole concept of the show terrifies me, and I’m someone who’s drawn to things that terrify me. So here I am.” When asked about the past winner and non-winner he could relate to, the answer was Jeremy Collins and Christian, the non-winner because “Christian got the nod.”

While many of his followers said certain things that prepared them for the show, the answer was different for Danny. He believes nothing can prepare anyone for this game and said that he is going into the show expecting the worst and not being surprised when things went sideways.

As for what his fellow contestant would perceive him, Danny said probably, “bro-ish, frat boy jerk.” He added, “I work out a little bit, and I’ve been told before I look like I’m perpetually stuck in a dude’s night out.” About building an alliance, he said that he would link up with someone who can say that they “can beat young (him) in the Final three”.

Coming to the best advice, he was told to enjoy the journey.

How Old Is Danny Massa?

The date of birth of Danny Massa is reportedly 31 July 1990. Hence in 2023, he is 32 years old.

Danny Massa Family

He was born Daniel G Massa to his parents Bernadette and Daniel J Massa. Bernadette turned 68 years old in November 2022. Daniel, meanwhile, turned 66 in November 2022.

Danny’s mother, Bernadette is currently working as a real estate agent at Keller Williams.

His father, captain Daniel Sr., served New York City as a Firefighter for 25 years and was part of the rescue and recovery effort at the World Trade Center in  2001.  His father’s words, “Always try to leave everywhere you’ve been a little nicer than the way you found it”, inspired Danny to follow in his footsteps and become a New York City Firefighter.

The reality star was raised in a loving and close-knit family and had a lovely childhood. But, as Danny explained, his half-early sister’s years were pretty difficult because his mother had her when she was just eighteen years old. Also, Danny’s mother was at that time cohabitating with her physically violent husband, but she soon had the resolve to leave him.

Speaking of his family, Danny described his mother as his greatest source of motivation because, up until she met Danny’s father roughly 16 years later, she raised his half-sister alone. Danny still has a close relationship with his parents now, but his relationship with his half-sister is unique. Despite getting married and having two kids, her husband soon passed away, and Danny moved in with the family.

You might be surprised to learn that Danny was taught the fundamentals of “Survivor” by the kids of his half-sister. Since then, they have all become devoted followers, and when Danny had the chance to compete, his loved ones urged him to pursue his goals. The Bronx native thinks “Survivor” is one of those programs that force viewers out of their comfort zones, but he is convinced that his capacity for flexibility will enable him to succeed.

Danny’s sister is named Shannon O’Grady who turned 49 years old in January 2023.

Is Danny Massa Married?

According to The Cinemaholic, Danny Massa is happily married. But, she seems to keep her identity hidden from the public eye. They seem to be together for at least since 2019.

A few posts suggest that Danny’s wife is known to us as Schwifty (@hilz_z). He is also a father to one daughter who posted a pic of whom on his IG writing, “Don’t nuke our imaginations, bro.”

What Job Does Danny Massa Do For A Living?

Danny Massa is currently working as a firefighter at New York City Fire Department. But, he is also a boxer. At the age of 12, he turned to boxing, martial arts, and physical fitness to build his confidence as he grew up an insecure adolescent. Danny is also a member of the FDNY Boxing Bravest (with a 4-0 record) and the FDNY Grappling Team, where he trains and prepares future firefighters.

Breath matters, regardless of whether he’s fighting in the ring, tussling in the cage, dragging patients down numerous flights of stairs on emergency medical calls, or putting out burning flames. Simply said, as long as you can breathe, everything is OK. Nothing else matters if you are unable to.

As a result of being so enthralled by this idea, Danny decided to pursue certification as a breath coach under the guidance of Dr. Belisa Vranich, a prominent clinical psychologist who has worked with everyone from Special Ops Soldiers to professional athletes. Danny is a licensed Group Fitness and Wim Hof instructor. He is also fervent about the advantages of exposure to cold. Danny shares his father’s belief in the power of giving back and making this planet a little bit nicer than how he found it.

Danny also runs Breathe In With Danny. He is an instructor of Win Hof Method, a one-on-one intro with Danny, single breathwork sessions, 3-pack breathwork sessions, 5-pack breathwork sessions, and a few other services.

Danny Massa Height

Danny Massa’s height measures above 6 feet.

Related FAQs

  • Is Danny Massa On Instagram?

Yes, Danny Massa is on Instagram (@breatheinwithdanny).

  • Where Is Danny Massa From?

Danny Massa was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York.

  • When Is Danny Massa Birthday?

Danny Massa’s birthday is on 31 July.

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