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Daphne Govers Bio, Age, Sister, Michael Van Gerwen Wife

Michael van Gerwen is a famed Dutch professional darts player. He has devoured major title after major title. But, in 2023, he had to go home disappointed as his opponent Michael Smith instead got to hold the Sid Waddell trophy after a stunning victory in the PDC World Darts Championship. So, yes, by now every one of you must have heard of it. Michael van Gerwen lost the World Cup darts final to his Englishman rival in Ally Pally on 3 January 2023 evening. However, in the rest of the writing, it is not the sports we are talking about. Instead, the tell-all is about Michael Van Gerwen’s wife Daphne Govers.

Meet Daphne Govers, Michael Van Gerwen Wife

Michael Van Gerwen is a known face to Michael Van Gerwen’s fans. Oftentimes, she has been spotted attending her husband’s competitions. She is often seen cheering him on the crowd as a supportive wife.

The Sun, even particularly raved that she has jetted across the world to bring him good luck. While Michael also time and again admitted that this helped him do great in the game. For her visits in 2012, we have heard him say when she came over to Dublin when he won his semi-final at the World Grand Prix, and he went on to win the tournament. But, this happened way before and they were not even married then.

Daphne and Michael are said to have tied the knot in 2014 after six years of dating. They are believed to have met in their native Netherlands sometime in 2008. The darts pro was only 19 at the time.

Fast forward to today, they celebrated their 8th wedding anniversary on 1 August 2022. Of course, they looked happiest as always.

Still, despite all things being sound in their relationship, Michael’s busy schedule has seemingly always kept the two apart. But things were more rigid back in the day before the kids came around. The two got married the same year Michael won his first PDC Championship. Talking to The Guardian, about it, Michael had said how in the year 2014, he saw former pro Phil Taylor more than his new wife. Because of his profession, he said, he was always traveling and away from home 250 to 260 nights a year.

Michael Van Gerwen And Daphne Govers Kids

Michael Van Gerwen seemed more at ease now. Even his sports life has slowed down considerably thanks to fatherhood and his children. He also appeared to have more time for his wife as lately they have been spotted having a super fun day sometimes at a party in Amsterdam, or the other days vacationing in OKU Ibiza.

Speaking of the kids, Michael and his wife are proud parents of two children. There is a 5-year-old daughter called Zoe (born 6 August 2017), and a son, Mike (born 4 April 2020).

The kids can be seen on their parents’ social media accounts. For instance, their folks recently took them to Disneyland in Paris in September 2022.

Daphne Govers Age

Early in 2022, Daphne Van Gerwen (née Govers) turned 28 years old.

Daphne Govers Sister

Daphne Govers’s sister is Naomi Coppens-Govers and she welcomed her little one in October 2021. Married to Geert Coppens, Naomi was located in Ravenstein, Netherlands. One could look at glimpses from her life on her IG @naomicoppensgovers.

Who Are Daphne Govers Parents?

Daphne Govers’s mother is Elly Govers and she could be found on Instagram @goverselly. At the time of this writing, she continued to be married to Jack Govers, Daphne’s father.

Other family members of Daphne that we know of are Cobie Govers, Dimphy Govers, and Joel Govers. Also, there is Chantal Kevin van Gerwen, her sister-in-law, of Liempde, and her parents-in-law Wilma Van Gerwen and Henri van Gerwen.

Moreover, Dahne briefly mentioned an aunt named Anja Wijnakker van Gerwen and cousins Kuiper Debbie Robbie and Erik Kivits.

Daphne Govers Height

Beautiful Daphne Govers stands below 5’5” in height. She resembles Turkish actress Beren Saat, who popularly played Fatmagül Ketenci Ilgaz in the TV series Fatmagül’ün Suçu Ne?.

Daphne’s husband Michael, on the other hand, is much taller comparatively at 5′ 9″ (1.75 meters).

Daphne Govers Job

As per The Sun, Daphne Govers is a former hairdresser. As for now though, she seemed to be occupied with her mom’s duties. Also, when not cheering on Michael or occupied with her kids, she would be seen either boating or walking her dogs, which is on her social media (of course).

Related FAQs

  • When Is Daphne Govers Birthday?

On January 27th last year, as the day marked Daphne Govers’s birthday her husband took to the internet to congratulate her for her life with two beautiful kids.

  • Is Daphne Govers On Instagram?

Yes. Daphne Govers could be found on Instagram @daphnevangerwen with 417 posts and 27.8K followers as of 4 January 2022.

Besides, Daphne’s social media activity could be spotted also on her ‘Daphne Michael Van Gerwen’ Facebook every now and then.

  • What Is Daphne Govers Nationality?

Daphne Govers has been a Vlijmen town native all her life, or at least social media says so. She was also born and brought up in this place, located in the Dutch province of North Brabant.

Speaking of her nationality, she is undoubtedly a Dutch or ‘Nederlands’ in her mother tongue.

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