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Darren Blackett Bio, Sam’s Dad, M*LF Manor, Job, Age

Divorced dad Darren Blackett is one of the dads appearing on TLC’s M*LF Manor. He is competing with his son Sam for the affections of the show’s starring ladies. The show’s viewers, who are aware of the TV network’s unorthodox experimentation through a variety of TV series, have been talking about this twist.

As you savor the voyage that the father-son team will take you on, allow us to present you to Darren. We’ve included information about his ex-wife, job and career, age, and other pertinent aspects.

TLC’s M*LF Manor: Meet Darren Blackett, Sam’s Dad

TLC’s M*LF Manor’s Darren Blackett is a “huge outdoors guy, straightforward, blunt, and jokes that he will be the one who everyone loves to hate. He’s super energetic and finds that people struggle to keep up with him. After his divorce and break up with his fiancée, he spent a lot of time on first and second dates. Darren knows he’s ready to find a woman to grow old with. This adventurous guy has recently landed himself on crutches but that won’t keep him on the sidelines with the ladies.”

He is appearing on the TLC show with his son Sam Blackett. According to Sam’s bio, he “has always been an independent guy and has lived on his own since before he turned 18, so he’s more mature than other 24-year-olds he knows. Because of that, he tends to gravitate towards older, more mature women that can match his vibe. He’s super competitive and once he sees a woman he wants, nothing will get in the way of him and in his pursuit.”

On Darren’s birthday in September 2019, Sam wished his dad, “HAPPY BIRTHDAY PADRE!!! thank you for being the best and most supporting dad of all time. Love you 3000.”

TLC’s M*LF Manor debuted on TLC on 28 April 2024 with a big twist; father-son duos will compete for the affection of middle-aged ladies in the show.

Similarly, the other competitors are Miles and Stacy, Sam and Darren, Jacon and Ashley, and Christopher and Michael.

The second season of TLC’s M*LF Manor is here, and PEOPLE can exclusively present the fathers hoping to create some drama in the lakefront chalet and the sons competing for a chance to win over a M*LF’s heart. There will be several “unexpected twists and turns” over the season, along with a “whole new group of sexy, successful M*LFs” in this provocative dating series. The singles can win “one-on-one time to further their romantic connections” by taking part in a variety of events from “mud wrestling to relay races.”

The twist was initially revealed in the second season opener on Sunday. The sons were astonished to see that their fathers were fighting to find love with the same group of ladies on the show as they got to know the M*LFs.

Darren Blackett Ex-Wife

Darren Blackett was previously married to his ex-wife Sharon DeMattia. The couple are still great friends though their marriage came to an end. In September 2023, Sharon wrote, “I love my life I have amazing children and a granddaughter that inspire me to rise to their occasion every day I love my family I love my ex-husband I have a rich network of friends.”

It is not clear how long they were married to each other.

Sharon is 57 years of age. She works at The Human InnerFace. She is a graduate of the University of Colorado Boulder.

On Sam’s birthday in February 2020, Sharon wished her son, “SUPERBOY turns 21! Sam Blackett fly strong today and everyday. I love you so much. You are spectacular.”

Darren and his ex-wife share another son named Gabriel Blackett and a daughter named Katie Blackett. Gabriel turned 22 years old in May 2023.

On Katie’s birthday in 2019, Sharon wrote, “Where is the instruction book?? Just beyond wonder and awe was THAT question. 23 years later my beautiful daughter Katie has been the greatest of joys, grace, and love. She inspires me and teaches me in ways I never imagined possible. No instructions, rules are just guidelines, be curious and enjoy the adventure! Happy HAPPY BIRTHDAY Katherine Lynne Blackett! I love you more than the world.”

Katie was born in May 1996 which makes her 27 years old. She and her partner Josh Baker share a daughter.

Whereas on Gabriel’s birthday, Sharon wished her son, “The many faces of the birthday boy, Gabriel. I still have to beg him to just smile “normal” … his goof is real and long lasting. Happiest of birthdays Boogie. 22 years!!! I love you to infinity and beyond.”

Darren Blackett Age

Born in 1965, Darren Blackett turned 58 years old in 2023.

Darren Blackett Job

Darren Blackett has been working as a Vice President of Sales at Premier Private Jets since February 2024.

“Founded in March 2013, Premier Private Jets first opened our corporate offices in Stuart, FL. Premier is the culmination of successful Aviator and Founder, Josh Birmingham’s years of experience, industry best practices, and unparalleled luxury service. Offering full service in the private aviation sector including charter, Jet-Cards, Jet- Club, Fractional Ownership, MRO, and FBO.”

Before that, Darren was working as a senior director of sales at SKYSHARE. He was also a vice president of sales at Airshare from 2021 to 2023.

And from 2019 to 2021, Darren was working at CB SkyShare as a senior sales director.

According to his LinkedIn, Darren began his career as a Sales Manager at Keystone Automotive Industries, Inc. in 1993.  After six years, he joined Barnes Group, Inc. as a Business Development Manager. He worked there till 2003.

Darren then worked at Avantair, Inc. as senior director of sales and executive vice president of sales and marketing. He worked as a Board of Directors/Conservation Chair at Backcountry Hunters & Anglers. He was working as sales director at Flexjet from 2012 to 2015.

As for his education, Darren graduated from Westminster University in 1992.

Darren Blackett Height

Darren Blackett’s height measures above 6 feet.

Related FAQs

  • Is Darren Blackett On Instagram?

Darren Blackett’s Instagram is (@darrenjblackett) where he has 186 followers.

  • Where Is Darren Blackett From?

Darren Blackett is residing in Anthem, Arizona. He has also lived in Washington, Utah, Nevada, and a few other states.

  • When Is Darren Blackett Birthday?

Darren Blackett’s birthday is on 3 September.

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