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Darrien Seqqoya Bio, Job, Age, Family, Couple to Throuple

Darrien Seqquoyra brought her goddess energy into the Couple to Throuple which has enticed more people to want to learn more about her. Here we’ve put together this short bio where we discuss details about her age, job, family, and more.

Scroll down and read all about it here.

Darrien Seqqoya On Couple to Throuple

Darrien Seqqoya is one of the Couple to Throuple singleton who became a hit with more than one couple in Peacock’s show. Brittne and Sean choose to team up with Sanu first but because of her seeming unwillingness to open up, they felt that perhaps their potential companion wasn’t the right fit for them as they tried to get to know her better.

As a result, they delivered the bead necklace to Dejha Blackmon, also known as Peach, and agreed to speak with her the following evening. Their true interest had been in Darrien from the jump, but unfortunately for them, she already had a necklace from Corey Potter and Wilder Bunke.

In actuality, Corey approached Sean to explain their choice and to set the record straight, and despite his reluctance, Sean had consented. But Brittne was not pleased that Sean had not brought it up with her beforehand. The following day, Brittne and Sean noticed that they were moving closer to Sanu, but they thought it was a bit late. As a result, they decided to switch partners for the second ceremony.

To their delight, Darrien was one of the people who showed interest in them. So it was no surprise that Brittne and Seas picked her right away.

Regarding their current relationship, Sean and Darrien do not follow one other on Instagram, even though Darrien follows Brittne.

Darrien Seqqoya Relationship Status

Taking her social media posts into consideration, Darrien Seqquoya appears single after the show. But, she has yet to provide updates on whether she is still pursuing a polyamorous relationship or not.

However, Darrien has “spiritually married” before. DailyMail did an article back in 2019 stating that Darrien and her partner Ryan Meyers, then 27, met in September 2018. Two of them tied the knot just two months after meeting in a ‘spiritual’ ceremony in the Sequoia National Forest, calling their relationship ‘sexually fluid’.

The San Diego, California pair is so frank with one another that Ryan brought Beth Sanchez, Darrien’s other girlfriend, to an unexpected birthday celebration. Ryan, a music producer, and Darrien, a meditation guide, met on MeetMindful, a dating app for mindful people.

In July 2019, Darrien began dating Beth, a student and hairstylist, whom she had met on Tinder 18 months before. Beth has a boyfriend and is also in an open relationship.

Darrien Seqqoya Age

In July 2023, Darrien Seqqoya reached 27 years old. Her birth year is 1996.

Darrien Seqqoya Family

Although unconfirmed Darrien Seqqoya was likely born to Darren Leathers and Chonnette Leathers as Darrien Leathers. Her dad Darren works as a Regional Business Director – West Region at Bristol Myers Squibb. He is a graduate of USC Marshall School of Business.

In February 2024, Darrien is 57 years old.

Chonnette on the other hand turned 55 in November 2023. Based on her Instagram, she is a Christian encourager.

Darrien has a sister named Daria (@mrs.ddbush). In December 2022, Darrien gushed about her sister writing, “When I was little I remember someone telling me that one day my sister would be my best friend. At the time I didn’t believe them but this year we have grown the closest we have ever been 🥹 I can confidently say she is my best friend 🥲”

“We are both getting ready to move, placing us across the country from each other. So this spa day was the perfect experience to share, with just the two of us 💕 We had such great laughs & role-played as if we were two women meeting for the first time at the resort. We shared (our future selves) stories with each other and had new names, mine was Annabelle Giselle & hers was Bella Dora 💃🏾”

“As Christmas is approaching I encourage you to think of how you can honor your loved ones through the other love languages outside of tangible gift giving. Because as I’ve gotten older I definitely value Experiences > Gifts I love you sister girl 🤍.”

Darrien Seqqoya Job

Darrien Seqqoya has been a Mindfulness Mentor at Mobile Meditations since 2019. She guides Marijuana Meditations and was introduced to this when she attended a yoga class, amid a cannabis high.

“Since that moment, I have been passionate about helping others reach that same sense of interconnectivity by guiding marijuana meditations. I dove deeper into my practice by becoming certified in hot yoga, and mindfulness meditation and obtaining my BA in Human Development with a focus on the effects of meditation.”

Darrien worked as a Behavioral Therapist at Prism Behavioral Solutions before that. She also worked as a server at Omni La Costa Resort & Spa.

Darrien graduated from Carlsbad High School and pursued her bachelor’s degree at California State University San Marcos.

Darrien Seqqoya Height

In May 2023, Darrien Seqqoya boasted on her Instagram while she stands tall at 4’11”, she exudes 6’4” energy.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Darrien Seqqoya From?

Darrien Seqqoya grew up in San Diego and later moved to Hollywood.

  • When Is Darrien Seqqoya Birthday?

Darrien Seqqoya celebrates her birthday on 30 July.

  • Is Darrien Seqqoya On Instagram?

Indeed, Darrien Seqqoya is on Instagram as (@darriendivinity).

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