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Meet Dasha Nekrasova Parents: Dimitri And Elena Nekrassova!

Controversy is nothing new for Dasha Nekrasova. She has been in the news for her divisive comments since 2018, and now it is alleged that she is dating Louis C.K., the actor who has been accused of sexual misconduct by numerous women.

But we’re not here to talk about things that everyone already knows, not today. This article instead examines her parents’ lives.

Who Are Dasha Nekrasova Parents?

Elena and Dimitri Nekrasova gave birth to Dasha Nekrasova. In the 1990s, they moved from Minsk, Belarus, to Las Vegas. The actress was only 5 at the time.

However, it appears that after that they moved around a lot. “I spent a lot of time in greenrooms as a child. We moved a lot. We lived in Atlantic City and then back to Vegas,” Dasha recalled. And this was also one of the reasons, Dasha believed drew her to the “other entertainment industry.”

Dasha attended a performing arts high school in Las Vegas and received her diploma early. She then transferred to Mills, a private liberal arts institution for ladies, where she majored in philosophy. After that, the actress pondered staying in the Bay Area and attending graduate school for politics and aesthetics but ultimately chose to focus on acting.

She then co-wrote and performed in the romantic comedy Wobble Palace, which helped her get attention in 2018. However, she made her acting debut in the Cotton web series in 2014.

Additionally, she started grabbing attention in 2018 for her political statements.

In November 2021, Dasha shared images of herself and her Red Scare co-host smiling while posing with Alex Jones on Instagram. She reportedly referred to him as a “great entertainer” on the following episode of her podcast; this gave the impression that her show was criticizing all political viewpoints rather than promoting change.

And as of 2022, it is said that she is dating Louis CK. DeuxMoi claimed that  Dasha and Louis were “walking around the village [presumably Greenwich Village] flirting with each other” and “pointing at girls on the street and laughing.”

Dasha and Louis have, however, been stated in the same sentence before. The Telegraph stated in November 2021 that Dasha and Anna Khachiyan had defended both Louis and Woody Allen against claims of sexual abuse.

Fact: In 2002, Dash’s grandfather was still residing in Minsk.

Meet Dasha Nekrasova Acrobart Dad, Dimitri Nekrassova

Despite the fact that Dasha Nekrasova is at the center of controversy, her father Dimitri Nekrasova is still proud of her. He loves you without conditions.

“Proud of you Dashka!!! Love you! Anna also molodez,” he praised his daughter on FB.

  • Dimitri Nekrassova Age

In December 1966, Dimitri Nekrassova was born. He would have turned 55 in 2022 based on that. It also implies that Dimitri had Dasha at the age of just 24.

  • Dimitri Nekrassova Job

Acrobat Dimitri Nekrassova performs. He was a member of the Moscow Circus, which emerged during the Soviet era as a result of a tour of the United States with performances from various Russian circuses. He afterward joined his wife’s business, Novelty Entertainment.

Dimitri was a member of the Non-Partisan Party and had a valid Nevada voter registration at the time of our latest check.

  • Is Dimitri Nekrassova On Instagram?

No, we were unable to locate Dimitri on Instagram. His Facebook account is @dimitri.nekrassov, though.

Meet Dasha Nekrasova Gymnast Mom, Elena Nekrassova

Dasha Nekrasova inherited the good looks and fashion sense of her mother Elena Nekrasova.

“My parents really embraced black and white photography in the 90s. happy Mothers Day Леночка,” Dasha posted on mother’s day 2018.

  • Elena Nekrassova Age

1970 February saw the birth of Elena Nekrassova. She would have turned 52 at that point in 2022.

Elena gave birth to Dasha at the age of just 21, making her three years younger than Dimitri. It just so happens that Elena and Dasha share the same birthday in February.

  • Elena Nekrassova Job

Elena Nekrassova is a woman who is a gymnast.

She started Novelty Entertainment in January 2003 and has served as its president and director ever since. Novelty Entertainment is an event management firm that offers event management and entertainment services to corporate clients all over the world.

Meetings & Conferences, Award Ceremonies, General Sessions, Corporate Galas & Fundraisers, Receptions, Trade & Art Shows, Exhibits, Product Launches, and Private Parties are just a few of the services offered by her business.

“Our team will create a customized event that leaves a long-lasting impression on every member of the most sophisticated audience. With an emphasis on artistry and elegance we produce shows of unparalleled excellence,” she said.

Elena has already collaborated with numerous companies, including Adobe, Desiotantion’s Design, Cirque Du Soleil, MGM Grand, Merkur Gaming,

From the Physical Culture University in Minsk, USSR, Elena earned a Bachelor’s degree in physical education and gymnastics in 1990. Later, in 2002, she graduated with a BA in fine arts from the College of Southern Nevada.

She was a registered voter in Clark County, Nevada, and belonged to the Democratic Party in 2022.

  • Is Elena Nekrassova On Instagram?

Elena did not use Instagram. Her Facebook account is @elena.lasvegas, though.

Related FAQs

  • How Many Kids Do Dasha Nekrasova Parents Have?

The only child Dasha Nekrasova’s parents may have is her.

  • Where Do Dasha Nekrasova Parents Live Today?

Currently, Dasha’s parents reside in Las Vegas, Nevada (as of 2022).

  • Do Dasha Nekrasova Parents Appear On Her Instagram?

Yes, Dasha’s parents have occasionally appeared on her Instagram account (@dash_cam). Her father was “doing a very Russian thing” when we last saw him on her Instagram. It happened on Mum’s Day for her mother.

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