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Dave Cartmill Bio, Age, Job, Jenna MacGillivray, Who Is He?

For reality TV stars once they are on a show there is no hiding from the public and media eyes. Such is the case of Below Deck alum Jenna MacGillivray. But then, in the case of Jenna, she is herself willing to share updates from her life with her once audience every now and then. So, one more time she has made headlines, and this time it is about her engagement. Yes, the former chief stewardess in Season 1 of Below Deck Sailing Yacht, recently revealed that she is engaged. And fans being fans wanted to know all about his fiance. The rest of the writing is, therefore, about this man named Dave Cartmill who might as well get married to Jenna someday.

Meet Dave Cartmill, Jenna MacGillivray’s New Boyfriend Turned Fiance

The world learned about Dave Cartmill only after Jenna made their engagement announcement on her Instagram @jennathemac on 14 August 2022. Or, maybe a few of her fans already knew about him when she officially and finally, showed him off with a “❤️” earlier in February.

Anyway, on her IG post about engagement Jenna shared how it took her a long time to find true comfort and happiness with herself independent of anyone else. She then added that she is forever thankful she loved herself enough to stay alone long enough to wait for the best person she could have ever imagined for her. At last, “exploding” was how she described her state of emotion during this new journey of her life.

After Jenna confirmed the exciting news by showing off her emerald-cut ring, several stars from the various series in the Below Deck franchise conveyed along their warm wishes in the comments section.

From the above, we can gather that Jenna had not been committed to anyone for a long time before Dave came her way.

The last time fans saw her so in love was with Chef Adam Glick. Jenna’s boatmance with Adam Glick was apparently the central storyline on Season 1 of the Bravo series that Jenna went on. Of course, they broke up before the reunion aired in June of 2020.

Jenna clearly is genuinely happy with Dave. Because for him, she even broke her rule to never post the pics of the men in her life. This was kind of her thing but that lasted only until Dave come along. Now, Dave likely dominates her social media gallery. From their travels to late date nights, Jenna’s IG featured Dave on a regular basis.

So you know, Dave’s ex-partner is Katrina Thibodeau. She even was mentioned in his uncle, John Beith’s obituary when he passed away in 2016.

Dave Cartmill Age

Dave with the full name ‘David’ was born after 1990. So, he must have been less than 32 years old as of August 2022.

Dave Cartmill Job

All we could collect about Dave Cartmill’s educational background is that he went to Sir James Dunn Collegiate and Vocational School.

Other than that, no one in the media or public knew what he did for a living or how much net worth he accumulated as of 2022.

As for Dave’s fiancee who is also from Canada, she had quite a few things going for her in life. Other than getting paid by companies, brands, and services doing her social media influencer thing, Jenna created content for her blog and also does improv.

She did not return to Below Deck for Seasons 2 or 3. But, she is nonetheless very proud of her journey in Season 1. The only sadness she now feels about it is that the people did not get to see her fun-loving happy side as much as they could have. But then again, Jenna knows such is life and she does not regrets going on the show.

Once her time on the show wrapped up, she did a lot of traveling. She also worked on another boat in the Bahamas, and co-hosted the Wild Loner podcast until the spring of 2021.

Now, she may be getting ready to plan her wedding with Dave.

Is Dave Cartmill On Instagram?

Dave Cartmill could be found on Instagram @davecartmill. However, the account with 13 posts and 251 followers on it, as of 17 August 2022, was kept private. And he also did not publicly share much on Facebook.

Dave Cartmill Family

Dave’s mom Heather Cartmill could be found on IG @mommacartmill. And as of 2022, she was based around Sault Sainte Marie, Ontario. There, she had been handling affairs at the Children’s Aid Society of Algoma as its administrative assistant.

And then there is Dave Cartmill senior, Dave’s dad. Clearly, it is him Dave junior was named after.

Other than that, Dave’s family also includes his sister Catherine Cartmill.

Also, we know that Dave’s maternal grandfather, John William Robins has been no more since September 2013. The elderly was the beloved husband of the late Roberta Gayle. He was a veteran and a proud member of the Royal Canadian Legion non-profit organization.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Dave Cartmill From?

Dave Cartmill hails from Sault Sainte Marie, Ontario in Canada.

  • How Tall Is Dave Cartmill?

Dave Cartmill stands below 5’10” in height and has a lovely-looking tattoo of the cartoon character Charles “Charlie” Brown of the comic strip Peanuts.

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