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Dave Lee AKA Dave2D Wiki, Wife, Age, Net Worth, Ethnicity

Content creators have always quested for unique ways to entice their viewers, and among them, tech reviewing probably makes it to the top tire list. Dave Lee AKA Dave2D is one of those tech gurus who amassed over 3.45 million subscribers on his Youtube channel Dave2D.

Keep reading this Dave Lee AKA Dave2D Wiki to know all about him.

Does Dave Lee AKA Dave2D Have A Wife?

Yes, Dave Lee AKA Dave2D has hinted that he did have a wife.

On May 24, 2016’s Twitter post, Dave posted a picture of a blueish pillow captioned, “Wife: Omg Dave, I found the perfect couch pillow for your YouTube stuff. Look!!! Yea… I can’t use that one.”

Guess this was the kind of relationship the duo had. Besides that post, Dave didn’t share any interactions with his wife nor has revealed any information about her.

Also, we know that Dave shares two beautiful babies with his wife.

Dave Lee AKA Dave2D Age

Dave Lee AKA Dave2D was born in 1980. That made him 41 years of age in 2021.

But he only joined Youtube at the age of 35.

Dave Lee AKA Dave2D Ethnicity

Dave Lee AKA Dave2D is of Asian ethnicity.

He is a quarter Malaysian, a quarter Burmese, and half Chinese. Well, here’s the calculation — his mother is half-Chinese and half-Burmese, while his father is half-Chinese and half-Malaysian.

The Lee family migrated to Toronto, Canada.

How Much Is Dave Lee AKA Dave2D Net Worth?

Dave Lee aka Dave2D garnered a net worth of $2 million by 2021.

He is one of the biggest YouTubers, who has made millions from his videos. His first video on Youtube was back on Jan 14, 2015, titled “Secret Hidden Feature iOS 11 – Night Mode!”

Since then, he has come a long way garnering over 3.4 million subscribers. What fans appreciated the most about this Youtuber was his polite demeanor. While the rest of the YouTubers shouted at the top of their lungs to get their message through, Dave’s quality content was well herd soft-spoken.

If we were to mark a surge in Dave’s popularity, it would be after he did the I9 2018 MacBook Pro review. In the video, he highlighted how thermal throttling caused the product to severely underperform. He even we as far as to put his laptop in the freezer to prove his point.

Later, Apple then contacted him to figure out what that the issue was. Naturally, he worked on it and two weeks later Apple sent an OS update to rectify the thermal throttling problem.

As of 2021, his videos titled “I’m Starting to Hate Apple” and “Avoid These Keyboards!” had the largest and second-largest view in his channel.

Before starting Youtube, Dave would develop 2D games as a hobby and one of his games named “Inject” even made it to the Apple’s App Store. And this was how his named Dave2D was born.

Finally, he then joined Youtube on 5 January 2015, where he would review mainly laptops and smartphones. Also, he would then let the companies know about the features that could be added to make it an ideal product.

His starting setup was a well-lighted room with a borrowed camera. As his videos gained more popularity, he then invested in lighting equipment, so he could record in evenings and nighttime as well.

Talking about his education, Dave was a meticulous and highly intelligent student who graduate with a human biology degree from the University Of Toronto.

Dave Lee AKA Dave2D Real Job

You might be surprised to know, but being a Youtuber isn’t Dave Lee AKA Dave2D’s full-time job. Yes, he has confessed that Youtube was his “side-gig” and his real job was something “very taxing, very important but it’s not fun at all.”

Over one of his videos, Dave shared that he worked for a company that specialized in engineering, architecture, development, and construction of medical buildings. “Imagine a medical clinic. Those things are built from like to zero to step 10 thousand. We do all of them! And one of those steps happen to be equipping them with tech and that’s kind of how I got into this.” he explained.

In simple words, his job was to equip buildings with techs.

Related FAQs 

  • When Does Dave Lee AKA Dave2D Celebrate His Birthday?

Dave Lee celebrates his birthday on Halloween day i.e. October 31 and is of the Scorpio zodiac.

  • How Tall Is Dave Lee AKA Dave2D?

Dave Lee stands tall at a height of 5 feet 10 inches (178 cm)

Mentioning his district features, Dave has a unique set of eyebrows, dark hair, and brown eyes.

  • Is Dave Lee AKA Dave2D On Instagram?

Yes, as of November 2021, Dave Lee was on Instagram @dave2d with 276K followers.

Also, here’s his Twitter account @Dave2D. It flaunted 314.3K followers then.

Most of his posts then were about the tech stuff, and only a few featured him (which was also beside a gadget.)

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