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David Fhima Bio, Age, Leslie Fhima Ex-Husband, Still Alive?

Meet David Fhima, the ex-husband of Golden Bachelor Leslie Fhima. Did he remarry after Leslie? Is he still alive? Find out about his age, job, and current residence in this article below.

The answers unfolds as this article proceeds.

Meet David Fhima, Golden Bachelor Leslie Fhima Ex-Husband

Golden Bachelor’s alleged final four contestant Leslie Fhima was previously married to renowned Minnesota chef David Fhima. David arrived in the US in 1982 so, they likely met each other after that. The couple shared two children together named Eli Fhima and Chloe Fhima. Leslie also has a son named Zack Chazin.

Eli, who is 28 years old now, was only 5 years old when David and Leslie Divorced. Hence, the exes have separated for more than 23 years. “Eli was raised under my kitchen skirt from the time he was born,” David shared, “and as a product of a divorce, it meant that I had custody half of the time, and given how precious those times were I never wanted to have a babysitter so that meant he was at the restaurant when he was not in school, doing homework, hanging out and mostly eating.”

Leslie also spoke of her children claiming that they are the “love of her life.”

“They are the loves of my life,” Leslie said. “I’m all about creating memories and traditions for them. I bring a lot to their lives and they make my every day happier.” She sees them three times a week and FaceTimes them on days she doesn’t pick them up from school or take them on an outing.

After graduating from high school, Leslie traveled the world with the Ice Follies and Holiday on Ice while spending a large portion of her own youth on skates. “I taught my grandson to snowboard, the three of us go sledding,” she said. “We swim together in the summer, we have dance parties. When my younger son [the grandkids’ uncle] ran Grandma’s Marathon, we went up to cheer and run the last mile with him.”

“When I was raising my own children, I was a single mother, juggling everything. Now I have the space in my life to give my grandchildren real quality time that I didn’t always get to do with my kids,” she said. “My grandkids are my do-over.”

Her son Zack Chazin works as a Global Touring at Live Nation Concerts. He was a Talent Buyer/Promoter & Artist Management at Chazin Entertainment. Moreover, he is a Partner/Director/Talent Buyer at Snowta Fest.

Eli, according to his LinkedIn, is currently serving in the role of Director of Operations at Fhimas Minneapolis. He was part of a hip-hop trio called Kids Like Us, which released an album called, When Things Get Weird, in May 2014.

Leslie’s daughter Chloe is based in Miami-Fort Lauderdale. Currently, 32 years old, she is on Twitter, IG, and Facebook.

Is David Fhima Still Alive?

Yes, David Fhima is still alive.

David Fhima Wife

David Fhima is currently married and his wife is named Lori Fhima. They got married in November 2007 before about 25 friends with no formal photographer.

“We picked a date the rabbi, Joseph Edelheit, was available and had a small dinner party. I didn’t want David to cook but he said he wanted to make the best meal he’s ever made,” Lori told StarTribune. “He did, too.”

Born in 1964, she is 59 years old. She also assists her husband in their restaurant but is unclear what she does there.

On Mother’s Day 2023, David wished his wife, “Happy Mother’s Day to our everything, cheerleader, comforter, advisor, calm in the storm and chief of love…I love you and this life with you.”

David Fhima Age

Born in 1961, David Fhima turned 62 years old in 2023.

How Much Is David Fhima Net Worth?

David Fhima has a net worth above $1 million. He works at Maison Margaux, Mother Dough Bakery, Minnesota Lynx, and Minnesota Timberwolves.

David worked as a chef at Fhima’s Minneapolis in 2018 and founded Faces Minneapolis LLC and Fhimas Minneapolis. He went to ORT STRASBOURG and the University of Geneva (Mechanical Engineering).

David Fhima Parents

David was born in Casablanca as one of 17 children. He grew up and went to schools all over the world; from Paris to London to Geneva to Strasbourg. He came to the US in 1982 and opened his first restaurant in Twin Cities in 1993 called Minneapolis Cafe.

David hasn’t shared many details about his parents.

On Father’s Day 2015, Eli shared about David, “Born in Casablanca, sent off to boarding school before the age of 10, bounced around from Geneva to Strasbourg to France in his teens/20s, learned 7 languages, lived through the 70s and wore pink overalls not to mention never trying a drug in his life, came to America with virtually nothing besides his mother’s Recipes, became one of Los Angeles top chefs, persuaded by my mother to move to Minneapolis, changed the culinary world in the Twin Cities, raised a beautiful family and gave me and my siblings a remarkable childhood, been up, been down, got back up again, my father is an everyday hero, not just a boss but a teacher, not just a lover but a fighter, HAPPY FATHERS DAY TO MY ROLE MODEL AND POPPA BEAR!”

Related FAQs

  • Where Is David Fhima From?

David Fhima was born in Casablanca, Morroco. Now he lives in Minnesota.

  • When Is David Fhima Birthday?

David Fhima’s birthday is in March.

  • Is David Fhima On Instagram And Facebook?

Yes, David Fhima is on IG and FB.

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