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David Ginsberg Bio, Age, Net Worth, Nancy Fuller Husband

Meet David Ginsberg, husband of Spring Baking Championship judge Nancy Fuller. The American celebrity chef has been married to her husband for over and here are a few things worth learning about David.

This article covers details on his age, net worth, and their marriage.

Meet David Ginsberg, The Man Married To Nancy Fuller

American chef Nancy Fuller met her husband David Ginsberg at Columbia Gulf and Country Club. Catering was Nancy’s forte which led to the necessity of a larger building and at the time Columbia Gulf and Country Club dining facilities were for lease. That lease came as a transition into a new life.

Speaking with Her Life Magazine, Nancy shared, “It was during that time in my life when I met David Ginsberg.”

David and Nancy eventually got married in 1997. Now they are parents to 6 children and 13 grandchildren.

The married couple relishes having a big family. Nancy shared with Valley Table, “My kids ‘picked rock’ at five years old, and they had to weed the walk—we had this long stone walk, and the deal was weed the walk before you went swimming. Christmas, no one got a present until all the chores were done, all the cows fed, milked.”

She continued Sunday mornings they were whisked off to Sunday school. That was a stressful day because who can find socks for six? But that whole Sunday school program—going to church, raising them in that environment—creates patience, faith, understanding. And that’s just what it’s all about.”

David and Nancy try to teach their grandchildren “kind of the basic values, create integrity, character—the epitome of what you are when you grow up on a farm—but it’s difficult because I’m not milking cows anymore, so they don’t have the opportunity to feed the calves, to be responsible for another living thing. ”

Fun Fact: David and Nancy are the recipients of the Marty Whelan Entrepreneurial Spirit Award.

David Ginsberg Age

As of February 2022, David Ginsberg is 76 years old. He celebrates his birthday in November.

David Ginsberg Job

David Ginsberg is the CEO of Ginsberg’s Institutional Foods. The company saw its start from a humble butcher shop in 1909.

David is the son of Morton A. Ginsberg who died on 23 September 2007. His grandparents were Samuel and Mary Liepshutz Ginsberg. A graduate of Hudson High School and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, his father served in World War II in the Quartermaster Corps.

His mother was late Ida Goodman Ginsberg who with David’s father operated a grocery store until the 1950s. His parents founded Ginsberg Institutional Foods, an independent food service distributor in the Hudson Valley and throughout the country.

David has a brother named Ira Ginsberg who retired from the family business in 2006.

Then, his father returned from the world war and turned it into a family business. Then, his father shut down the store and began contacting schools, restaurants, and healthcare facilities. He offered his customers free delivery of the products they needed from a single source at discounted prices. This bold move was the beginning of Ginsberg’s Foods.

After college, David and Ira joined the family business and each of them found their niche and the business thrived more.

Now the company is valued above $167 million more than 230 employees. He has dedicated employees in the family business and a few of them have been in the business longer than David himself. Whereas, their oldest business partner is Four Brothers (@fourbrotherspizzainn) who have been doing business with them since the 1970s.

You can visit their website Ginsbergs to view the products that they offered and to know the history of the business. They are also available on Twitter (@GinsbergsFoods) and Facebook (@GinsbergsFoods).

David is a graduate of the University of Carolina at Chapel Hill. According to the Twitter posts from November 2021, he also served as the national guard.

How Much Is David Ginsberg Net Worth?

According to, as of 2022, David Ginsberg’s net worth is $4 million.

Related FAQs

  • Is David Ginsberg On Instagram?

No, David Ginsberg is not on Instagram or any other social media platforms, although his business’s social media featured him on several occasions.

  • Where Is David Ginsberg From?

David Ginsberg hailed from Hudson, New York. He currently resides in an authentic 18th-century farmhouse on lovely rolling land in New York’s Hudson Valley region.

  • How Tall Is David Ginsberg?

David Ginsberg stands tall above the height of 6 feet.

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