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David Jelinsky Bio, Height, Girlfriend, Parents, Suvivor 46

Get to know David Jelinsky from Survivor 46. He caught everyone’s attention as the show premiered. Read all about him here in this article below.

How tall is he? Who are his parents? Does he have a girlfriend? Scroll down and read all about it here.

David Jelinsky On Survivor 46

David Jelinsky is one of the contestants on Survivor 46. He offered to complete the sweat challenge, but he later gave it up. He prevented any tribe members from traveling with him. and went on to explain his decision to stop playing that game by quoting fantastic Kenny Rogers songs.

David was voted out of the first game unanimously. But David succeeded in achieving his goal of becoming a legend. Legendary, even if not in the way he had intended. And even though all of you critics are trashing his trip, at least the guy maintained raising his hand when it came to completing the challenging problems, traveling, or sweat tasks.

David also caught attention with his “several means seven” thing.

“It’s gonna to be hard for you to win this game,” Jeff Probst said to David Jelinsky before to their arrival at the beach. However, taking into account his life to date, he chose to view that as a challenge rather than a weakness. Being the youngest castaway of the season at 22, he has had a difficult existence growing up as the son of two addicts.

David was brought to Survivor by his upbringing, which instilled in him the values of perseverance and friendliness in addition to his knack for games from his early years spent in Las Vegas. He started watching the show in quarantine.

“But every single season I have seen at least three times. First of all, I’m a huge Big Brother fan. And I have watched every single season of Big Brother as I was growing up. And for some reason, I never watched Survivor. So how I found Survivor [was], I was watching Big Brother. They’re like, “Hey, you should watch Survivor.” You know how Paramount+ recommends all that stuff. And I just got hooked.”

David Jelinsky Age

As of February 2024, David Jelinsky is 22 years of age.

David Jelinsky Parents

David Jelinsky is the son of Michael Jelinsky and Leigh Ann Carlisle. During his interview with Parade, he shared about his parents.

“It’s funny you say that because, growing up, I kind of resented gambling. I was like, “I don’t want to be like my dad.” My dad was a bookie. He was arrested in 2006. The FBI busted our door down, arrested my dad, punched my mom in the face.” He added, “So, my dad was a bookie. He bookkept, and he did his time. He’s out. Still did bookmaking after he got out for a little while, and now he’s in Florida.”

Leigh works as a Customer Care Representative Executive at Gaming Entertainment Touch and Technology. She studied at Steiner Nevada School of Massage Therapy.

Speaking of siblings, David also has a brother named Lucas Jelinsky.

David Jelinsky Job

David Jelinsky is working as a Slot Machine Sales Specialist at GAMING ENTERTAINMENT TOUCH TECHNOLOGY (G.E.T.T.) LLC. He began the job in 2021.

David shared with Parade that he was lost. He added, “I threw myself into school and life to be away from home. I was the varsity basketball captain for four years I was varsity quiz captain for two years while being on the team for all four years. I love doing everything this life has to offer. So gaming, I was kind of into my entire life just for being around it.”

After high school, he went to Berkeley City College in hopes to transfer to UC Berkeley.” He ended up dropping out because he felt so detached.

“I wasn’t on campus; I wasn’t making any friends. And a person like me, it’s hard to not make friends. So I ended up dropping out, and I found what I do now, [which] is sell slot machine parts. Through my mom, actually. She and my boss were mutual friends. So she got me the gig. And I’m also still pursuing two degrees actually now [at] UNLV, University of Nevada, Las Vegas. I’m pursuing gaming management and international business,” he concluded.

Growing up, David was into the arts, musical theatre, singing, and dancing. At the age 13, he grew up to 6 feet and his voice dropped about 50 octaves.

Furthermore, David is earning a bachelor’s degree in game management and international business from the University of Nevada-Las Vegas.

David Jelinsky Height

David Jelinsky’s height measures 6 feet. He has a tattoo which is his distinct feature.

David Jelinsky Girlfriend

No, David Jelinsky doesn’t have a wife and appears single at the time of this article.

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  • Where Is David Jelinsky From?

David Jelinsky hailed from Las Vegas, Nevada.

  • When Is David Jelinsky Birthday?

The birthday of David is not available.

  • Is David Jelinsky On Instagram?

Yes, David is available on Instagram (@davidcjelinsky).

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