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David LaQua Bio, Age, Net Worth, Amanza Smith Boyfriend

David LaQua is the current boyfriend of Selling Sunset star Amanza Smith. Their relationship began in 2023 when Amanza was going through a health crisis. How old is he? How much is his net worth? Who are his family members?

Scroll down as we bring you all the details that we know about David.

Meet David LaQua, Selling Sunset Amanza Smith Boyfriend

Selling Sunset star Amanza is reportedly dating David in 2023. Amanza who was diagnosed with osteomyelitis and operated on at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center met her boyfriend not long before her surgery. When her Selling Sunset co-stars came to visit her, David was with her co-stars who came to see how she was doing.

PEOPLE reported that Amanza met David a short time before she fell ill. Upon discovering that Amanza was admitted to the hospital, David arrived bearing a card and a bunch of flowers.

“He saw me at my worst,” she says. “It wasn’t about me looking hot, having fancy dinner dates, or prancing around at lavish events.” They shared their first kiss in her hospital bed while watching a movie. David, who visited Amanza every day while she was in the hospital, proposed a “sexy vending machine date” a few days after her initial operation.

“Sometimes a vending machine cinnamon roll sounds better than anything they can offer you, but they won’t get it for you,” Amanza revealed.

“He showed up like Superman,” she adds. “That’s what it feels like to have someone take care of you. I don’t think I’ve had that ever, not even in my marriage.”

On August 1, 2023, she posted on Instagram to disclose their connection. In the photo, they can be seen kissing and sharing a drink from the same coconut. Although he wasn’t mentioned in the text, David LaQua has been identified as her partner.

In August, Amanza shared a cute clip from their day out and wrote, “When I needed you most there you were. Love really shows up when you least expect it so grateful for this man! 🙏🏽♥️.”

Formerly, Ralph Brown, a former NFL player, was Amanza’s ex-husband. After two years of marriage in 2010, she and Ralph decided to call it quits. They co-parented together successfully for a few years. However, Ralph left the kids at school in August 2019 and never returned. Amanza and her children never heard from him again after that. Since then, he has vanished—or rather, he has hidden from his family.

Ralph had signed paperwork giving up all custody of the children, Amanza discovered after hiring a private investigator to look for him. He said that because of football, his body was “broken down” and he could no longer be a parent. As of October 1, 2021, Amanza has sole physical and legal custody of Noah and Braker, according to records that People was able to access. Ralph’s right to visitation was taken away.

Amanza was previously in a relationship with N*SYNC member JC Chasez, singer Danny O’Donoghue, and actor and Broadway star Taye Diggs.

David LaQua Age

David LaQua reached age 44 in December 2022. 1978 happens to be his birth year.

David LaQua Job

David is a founder at LaQua International Inc. He started the company in 2002. LaQua International Inc. develops companies in North, Central, and South America focusing on a variety of real estate, construction, and land development.

On his website bio, David states that played “professional basketball overseas I lived in Germany in Europe, Syria and Jordan in the Middle East, Belize, and Mexico in Central America and Australia. These experiences took place after playing college basketball for the University of Hawaii. During the eight years of living outside the continental United States, I acquired a strong network of contacts and learned the benefits of doing business internationally.”

David is a graduate of the University of Hawai‘i System. There he studied .

How Much Is David LaQua Net Worth?

The estimated net worth of David LaQua is above $10 Million.

David LaQua Family

David LaQua’s parents are named Audrey LaQua and Leroy Laqua.

On the occasion of Audrey’s birthday in 2017, David wished his mom, “Happy Birthday to the best Mom I could ever dream of having! From lakes in South Dakota to Lakes in Arizona…let the journey continue.” Audrey is 80 years old as of October 2023.

Leroy, David’s dad turned 83 in April 2023.

Besides David, Audrey and Leroy also have other four sons named Scott, Steven, Michael, and Mark.

David LaQua Height

David LaQua stands tall above the height of 5’10”.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is David LaQua From?

David is originally from Watertown, South Dakota. He is now residing in Santa Monica, California.

  • When Is David LaQua Birthday?

David celebrates his birthday on 3 December.

  • Is David LaQua On Instagram?

Yes, David is available on Instagram (@dlaqua) and Facebook (@david.laqua).

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