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David William Raubenolt Now, Age, Jessica Reisinger Husband

Jessica Reisinger and her toddler Lillia died in 2018 in a tragic accident in Florida, and the one who was left to mourn their passing was David William Raubenolt, Jessica’s husband and Lillia’s father. So, where is he now? What does he do for a living?

Read all that we know about her in this article below.

Meet David William Raubenolt, Jessica Reisinger-Raubenolt Husband

David William Raubenolt is the husband of the late Jessica Reisinger-Raubenolt and the father of the late Lillia Raubenolt. The married couple reportedly met while studying at Kent State University, where Jessica Raubenolt worked at Food 4 Thought Cafe, a campus eatery, for about three years.

After graduating from Kent in 2016, David and Jessica exchanged vows later that year.

“They’re just an incredibly delightful couple,” said Dakota Zickefoose, a Loudonville High School friend of David. “David and Jessica were just incredibly joyful people and it’s just really hard to process what’s going on.”

In Tampa, Florida, on May 23, 2018, a car that was drag racing down Bayshore Boulevard struck and killed Jessica Reisinger-Raubenolt, 24, and her daughter Lillia, 21 months old. The driver was social media personality Cameron Herrin who was racing his friend John Barrineau at the time. The next day, the victims succumbed to their wounds.

David complained in a Hillsborough County courthouse in December 2019 that the prosecution of two teenagers charged in a tragedy that claimed the lives of his family members was moving too slowly.

Hundreds gathered to remember their lives and David spoke to the crowd. “My wife would love to hug and kiss you all. As would I, but I don’t have the strength,” said David. He described how much he and his wife enjoyed being outside, particularly in parks. He claimed he was making the decision to recall their final day together as one of happiness, laughter, and sunbathing.

“This was the most beautiful way my wife and child could spend the last day on this planet,” David said.

In December 2019, David brushed away his tears and asked a Hillsborough County court to schedule a trial for the case, stating that the family has been suffering ever since.

“My name is David William Raubenolt. I am the father of Lillia and the husband of Jessica Raubenolt. I am the remaining survivor from the extinction for the Raubenolt family and bloodline,” David explained tearfully. “Since the unspeakable and terrifying death of my wife and daughter, I’ve suffered horrifically, every moment. It’s nearly impossible to put into words the agony of this legal process and the profound drama it has caused, increased exponentially every day that these defendants are not in prison.”

“We have suffered through birthdays, holidays, and anniversaries; I have not had the privilege to enjoy these precious moments with my family, however, the men who killed our two beautiful and irreplaceable girls most likely have been able to,” said David.

David also disclosed that he has experienced serious health issues, including a renal failure-related near-death incident in late January of this year.

He closed his testimony by pleading with the court. “I ask the judge and the court to have empathy, sympathy, and mercy for my loving wife Jessica Marie Raubenolt, and our beautiful daughter, please expedite this and have justice, please help us survive, your honor. Justice is our foundation.”

Later investigation revealed that when Herrin swerved to escape Barrineau’s car after it came dangerously close to striking Reisinger-Raubenolt and her daughter, he was traveling at 102 mph in a 45 mph zone. A study was scheduled for December 2, 2019, but the COVID-19 pandemic caused it to be rescheduled. A week prior to their trial, on December 20, 2020, Herrin and Barrineau “decided to go their separate legal ways,” according to the publication.

After reaching a plea agreement, a judge finally sentenced Herrin to 24 years in April 2021 and Barrineau to 6 years. In Graceville, Florida, at the Graceville Correctional Facility, Herrin is completing his sentence. July 8, 2044, is when he is currently slated to be released.

Where Is David William Raubenolt Now?

David William Raubenolt is not on socials; so it is not clear what is he doing now.

David William Raubenolt Age

Born in 1991, David William Raubenolt reached the age of 32 in 2023.

Who Are David William Raubenolt Parents?

David William Raubenolt is the son of David and Rosi Raubenolt. Rosi reached 63 years old in November 2022 and her husband turned 67 in February 2023.

His paternal grandparents are named late Lillian and William Raubenolt. Lillian passed away on 2 October 2021 at the age of 90.

“She was just such a beautiful girl, and so kind and loving,” Lillian said of Jessica before her passing. “And she loved that baby. … That little baby was their whole life, and it’s just so sad and tragic.”

“The two were just meant for each other,” Lillian said. “They were so much in love.”

David William Raubenolt Job

According to the Tampa Bay Times, David and his late wife Jessica and their daughter were in Florida so that David could earn his certification as a single-engine airplane pilot. He was reported he pursuing a career in aviation at a Cleveland area airport.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is David William Raubenolt From?

David William Raubenolt hailed from Jeromesville, Ohio.

  • When Is David William Raubenolt Birthday?

Per one outlet, David William Raubenolt celebrates his birthday on 4 July.

  • Is David William Raubenolt On Instagram?

No, David Raubenolt is not available on Instagram. But, his late wife was on IG but the account is private.

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