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David Woolley Bio, Age, Job, Instagram, Christine Brown

After 25 years of sharing her husband with 2 more women, Sister Wives star Christine Brown finally said enough in November 2021. Now, she’s dating a new man named David Woolley.

So, who is he? Keep reading this David Woolley Bio to find out.

Meet David Woolley, Sister Wives Star Christine Brown Alleged Boyfriend

David Woolley and Christine Brown were already dating for a while before the Sister Wives star revealed their relationship during one of her “Car Confessions” series via her Instagram Story in Fev 2023. “He’s wonderful and romantic and so kind and everything I’ve been looking for. [He’s] incredible with Truely. He’s absolutely a dream come true,” she gushed at the time.

For those who don’t know, Truely is her youngest daughter she shares with her ex-husband Kody Brown. The rest of their kids are Aspyn, Mykelti, Gwendlyn, Ysabel, and Paedon.

Well, given David’s also a grandparent who “loves being a grandpa,” Christine’s kids were in good hands.

A source also confirmed that David and Christine were getting serious about their relationship.

Now, talking about David’s previous relationship, he’s a widower and father of eight children. His wife, Margaret Lucille Suliin Woolley passed away on June 20, 2012, at the age of 43. The two were close to their 22nd wedding anniversary at the time.

Talking more about Margaret, David’s late wife was very charitable, loving, and caring to family and friends. “We loved our mom for who she was and what she did. We will miss her adventurous spirit,” their kids said.

David and Margaret’s kids are named Adam, Colton, Garrett, Kati, Dallas, Raegan, Payton, and Maddox. All of them were married.

But though David and Margaret were separated by god, Christine divorce her husband willingly in 2021. The two called it quits after being “spiritually married” for 25 years. Also, since she was no more one of the “sister wives,” Christine left the show that very year. But worry not, Christine and Janelle were secretly working on a spinoff, a show with a concept about “life after polygamy” and “female empowerment.”

David Woolley Age

David Woolley was 59 years of age in 2023.

He is nine years older than his girlfriend Christine Brown.

David Woolley Job

David Woolley is a business owner. He runs David P. Woolley Drywall LLC. His company was founded on November 6, 2015, and registered under the agent Btjd Corporate Services, LLC.

David P. Woolley Drywall LLC offered services to install drywall to prepare various surfaces for painting and finishing. A Drywall is made with two paperboards sandwiching gypsum inside and is used to create walls, ceilings, arches, and other architectural features inside homes and buildings.

On the other hand, his girlfriend Christine a legal business, CBrown Quest, LLC, on May 15, 2020, with the Arizona Corporation Commission. She’s also a retailer and a reality star.

How Much Is David Woolley Net Worth?

David Woolley flaunted a net worth of above $1 million by 2023.

An annual wage for drywall tapers (David’s job) was $61 thousand per annum then. But since he owned a company, his salary was multiplied a couple of times.

Is David Woolley On Instagram?

As of February 2023, find David on Instagram @david__woolley with 1.5K followers (one of which was Christine). Also, he was only following 4 people then including Christine.

Related FAQs

  • What Is David Woolley Religion?

David didn’t reveal his religion. So, it’s unclear if he’s related to LDS or not.

But Christine was open about her religion. Infact, she was considered a big deal in the fundamentalist Mormon sect called the Apostolic United Brethren (AUB) or the Allred Group. You might be surprised, but her great-grandfather Byron Allred was the founder of the AUB, and her father is Rex Allred, the eldest of Rulon’s sons. This makes her an AUB royalty.

However, Christine’s grandfather, Rulonplit off from the main group fundamentalist Mormon group and founded the AUB (the Allred group). His goal was to create a group with principles as close to Joseph Smith’s teachings as possible. Thus, he brought back old-fashioned doctrines deemed out of date by the modern LDS church — such as practicing plural marriage (or polygamy), the Adam-God teachings, and the ban on Black people receiving the priesthood.

No wonder, Christine considered plural marriage a significant step in receiving the highest glory of heaven. It is also said that Kody Brown only married Christine for the title. Even Kody agree it was unfair to allege that he chose Christine because of her status as an Allred. “I look back, and it wasn’t fair for me to go, ‘Oh, this will make me cool in our church,’ you know,” he said.

Now, Christine has left the church, just like her parents did.

  • When Is David Woolley Birthday?

David celebrates his birthday in December. That makes him either of the Sagittarius or Capricorn zodiac.

  • Where Is David Woolley From?

David hails from San Diego, California.

But as of 2023, he resided in Herriman, UT.

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