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David Yong Age, Net Worth, Parents, Super Rich In Korea

Meet wealthy businessman David Yong who is starring on Netflix’s Super Rich In Korea. How old is he now? How much is his net worth? Who are his parents? These are some the questions we will be tackling as this article proceeds.

Read all about David in this article below.

David Yong On Netflix’s Super Rich In Korea

The exciting new Netflix series Super Rich in Korea transports viewers to the ultra-luxurious lives of the richest people on the planet in the center of Korea. This show is a stunning exploration of excess, fusing the flair of Italian fashion giants, the elegance of Pakistani royalty, the glitter of Arab Kardashians, and the attraction of Singaporean millionaires, all connected by their love of Korean culture.

Take in the splendor that characterizes these people’s life. From the wealthy David Yong of Singapore to the Paris Hilton-like Yoo Hee-ra of Korea, Pakistan’s Royal Anna Kim, Italy’s fashion virtuoso Teodoro Marani, and Noor Naim, the social media star with 50 million followers in the Arab world, all of them have chosen Korea as their opulent playground.

Super Rich in Korea reveals a world where expensive vehicles and couture are commonplace, and invitation-only gatherings are the standard. Take a deep dive into a lifestyle that combines luxury with distinctive Korean culture. The show, which is helmed by the renowned PD Yuh Woon-hyuk and features the fashion-savvy Cho Saeho, the endearing BamBam, and Oh My Girl’s trendsetter Mimi as hosts, offers a sophisticated and perceptive look at extravagance.

On the show, David declared himself as part of “Singapore’s top one per cent super rich”, and gave a brief tour of his four-storey mansion in Singapore. David resides in an apartment in the upscale Signiel Seoul hotel in Korea. He gave a tour of his workspace to his buddy and fellow Super Rich In Korea co-star Teodoro Marani, a chef and businessman from Milan.

Teodoro noticed something in the living room that caught his eye in addition to the lavishness of David’s décor: an electronic cash counter. When he asked David if his favorite pastime was counting money, he said, “One of my hobbies.” Cash is more practical in some situations. He then used a stack of 50,000 won (S$49) notes to demonstrate how he would use the machine.

“Do you not have this in Italy?” asked David. Teodoro replied: “We do, but not in my house.”

In an interview, Teodoro said: “I love David, great guy, great friend. [But] the money counting machine? Really? Do you need it in the living room?”

Cut to David, who responds sarcastically:  “So what? Bite me.”

Additionally, he disclosed that he has rented a space at Signiel and has made a deposit of 500 million won (S$500K). He claims that the 2 million won (S$1.9K) in cleaning expenses for the flat, on top of his 20 million won (S$19.7k) monthly rent, is “no big deal.”

How Much Is David Yong Net Worth?

According to The Cinemaholic, David Yong sits on a net worth of $250 million. He is a Singaporean businessman who is serving as the CEO of Evergreen Group Holdings.

David enjoys driving fancy cars and has an amazing collection of 11 vehicles, including a private jet, which he uses “to save time.” He described his collection of cars as “no big deal.” And his talent is not limited to business.

David made his singing debut in 2022 and used alliances with companies like Attrakt to spend $10.2 million in K-Pop. He started a legal profession before becoming a well-known businessman and K-pop performer. Six years after graduating in 2014, he joined YSL Legal as a Managing Partner in 2020.

Furthermore, he graduated with a Bachelor of Laws from the University of Bristol.

David Yong Age

In 2024 at the time of this article, David Yong is 37 years of age.

Who Are David Yong Parents?

David Yong is the son of Yong Ing Fatt. Ing Fatt, hailed as the timber scion, his employment at the timber section of Intraco Limited, a business established by the Singaporean government in 1968 to procure raw materials and investigate foreign markets, provided him with exposure to the Myanmar forest ecosystem as a commodities trader. With his networks and expertise in hand, he left Intraco in 1990 to start Evergreen Teak Trading, when he first laid eyes on ancient Burmese teak.

“At that time, I don’t think my dad had much confidence in me. I used to party a lot. He thought I might not make it as a lawyer,” David said about taking on the role of CEO. He not only earned his stripes to practise law, but showed his father he was capable of doing so while helping out in the family business. “Those times were hard. I would entertain in the club or go drinking with [business] partners until late, and report for work at the law firm at nine in the morning,” David added, who was a trainee lawyer at Baker McKenzie in 2013 and was called to the bar the following year.

He joined the family business in 2010. As a teenager, he used to follow his dad on business trips to learn the ropes and observe.

David is often called ‘Ah Sia Kia’ (a Hokkien term describing a wealthy man’s son) because of his family’s wealth.

Speaking on that he said, “When I returned from the United Kingdom, people used to call me that. But as time progressed and they saw that I was expanding and starting successful businesses not related to timber, they stopped talking. This motivates me to keep growing.”

David Yong Height

Per his pictures, David Yong’s height measures above 5 feet 10 inches.

David Yong Girlfriend

It is not clear if David Yong has a girlfriend. He appears to be single at the time of this article.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is David Yong From?

David Yong hailed from Singapore.

  • When Is David Yong Birthday?

David Yong’s birthday is on 29 March.

  • Is David Yong On Instagram?

Yes, on Instagram (@dynimm) David has 111K followers.

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