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Dawit Eklund Parents: Yeshi Eklund And Jon Eklund

Meet Dawit Eklund’s parents, Yeshi Eklund and Jon Eklund. Below you’ll discover details related to their age, job, and their current residence.

Keep on scrolling down to learn more about Dawit Eklund’s parents.

Who Are Dawit Eklund Parents?

Dawit Eklund is one of the four children born to his parents, Jon Eklund and Yeshi Eklund.

Furthermore, Dawit is supposedly 32 years old and was reportedly recorded as being born in 1990. Speaking about Dawit, he was recently photographed with Malia Obama, daughter of former president Barack Obama. In Los Angeles, they were seen together. In the photographs, Obama and the producer were shown hugging, with Eklund’s hand around Obama’s waist and her fingers caressing the back of his neck. The couple wasn’t seen kissing, though.

The Daily Mail reports that this is the alleged couple’s third public appearance together after they were seen holding hands on July 26 while getting lunch and again on August 2 while taking a leisurely stroll.

Dawit also shares ownership of the independent label 1432 R. Ethiopian music is the label’s primary focus. He has been called “the most thrilling dance music producer” and is a registered Democrat. In the summer of 2014, he started the label, which has now issued nine records. Ethiopia’s capital city of Addis Ababa dominates Dawit’s discog.

Dawit attended the International Community School in Addis Abeba and afterward attended George Washington University to study international development and Africa.

Meet Dawit Eklund Dad, Jon Eklund

Jon Eklund is the White-American father of Dawit Eklund. Learn more about Dawit’s father here.

  • Jon Eklund Age

The age of Jon Eklund is 72 as of July 2022. His birth occurred in November 1949.

  • Jon Eklund Job

When hundreds of thousands of people fled to Ethiopia to escape the fighting during the early 2000s Sudanese civil war, Jon Eklund played a significant role in assisting the refugees. He is a former department official who served in the Peace Corps and many US embassies.

He worked for the Peace Corps as an associate director/administration.

  • Is Jon Eklund On Instagram?

No, Jon Eklund is not on Instagram but was featured on his wife’s IG.

Meet Dawit Eklund Mom, Yeshi Eklund

Yeshi Eklund is the Ethiopian mother of Dawit Eklund.

  • Yeshi Eklund Age

Records show that Yeshi Eklund was born in July 1956. He turned 66 years old in 2022.

  • Yeshi Eklund Job

Entrepreneur Yeshi Eklund is from Ethiopia. Her business is not well-known at the moment. Additionally, it is known that she came from a wealthy family.

  • Is Yeshi Eklund On Instagram?

Yes, Yeshi Eklund on Instagram (@yeshifana). She has 18 followers on the platform.

Related FAQs

  • Are Dawit Eklund Parents Still Married?

Yes, Dawit Eklund’s parents are still married.

  • How Many Children Do Dawit Eklund Parents Have?

Besides Dawit, there are other three children of  Yeshi and Jon. But, we only know about Dawit’s two sisters; Sara And Yodit Eklund.

Moreover, Sara was born in January 1989 and is currently 33 years old. In December 2019, she was featured in Vogue magazine for bringing the menstrual cup movement to Ethiopia. She founded Noble Cup. The noble cup is an eco-friendly, cost-effective, flexible, bell-shaped medical-grade silicone menstrual cup.

She discovered the menstrual cup as a 25-year-old grad school student living in New York, which was a revelation for her. At once cost-effective and environmentally friendly, the simple device had changed her life. Sara thought, “Imagine what it could do for countless women in Ethiopia?”. She said, “It was really the first time that I started to think outside of myself about how other women in Ethiopia were navigating this”.

Her other sister Yodit Eklund is 37 in March 1985. Yodit is also an entrepreneur. She founded the African Surf brand Bantu Wax. She hoped to tap into this burgeoning beach culture with her home-grown swimwear brand.

Likewise, Yodit founded the company in 2009, and the label went on to gain international attention – with a place on the shelves of Barneys New York, Opening Ceremony, and J Crew, and in the pages of renowned fashion magazine Vogue.

But the African market remains the 30-year-old’s main focus, and the company has just opened new stores in Senegal’s capital, Dakar, and surfing hotspot Cape Town in South Africa. A new branch in Morocco was planned for 2016.

While the brand’s team is based in Dakar, the products are made across Africa; hats are woven by hand in Burkina Faso and bandanas are silk screened by refugees in Kenya. “Our mission is to build a leading, authentic, and premium brand that uses surfing as a cultural bridge between Africa and the rest of the world,” told Yeshi. Bantu Wax has a constant rotation of collaborations with designers, artisans, and factories to produce the collection, but one thing remains the same: the products always have and always will be made in Africa.

  • Where Do Dawit Eklund Parents Live?

Ever since Dawit’s father Jon Eklund retired, he and Yeshi have settled in Abidjan, the capital of the West African nation of Côte d’Ivoire. They also have a house in the Washington, D.C. suburb of Chantilly, Virginia.

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