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Delano Joel Bio, Girlfriend, Height, Job, Fight For Paradise

Meet Delano Joel from Fight For Paradise which aired on Netflix. This lifestyle blogger had quite a hard time in the show being betrayed by his close friends which also led to a meltdown.

Learn more about his life here. In this short bio, we bring you details about his girlfriend, height, job, and more.

Delano Joel On Fight For Paradise

Delano Joel aspires to live an opulent existence in which others fervently transport him from one place to another—the quintessential VIP experience. This aim is his ultimate objective, which he has painstakingly imagined, drawn into his existence by the force of manifestation, and taken from the vastness of the cosmos.

Delano is going all in on this life-changing adventure with unshakeable resolve, even though he knows it will turn out better than he could have ever imagined. He believes himself to be the spectacular show’s winner even before the curtains have fully risen, that’s how strong his belief is.

Delano enjoys traveling and partying his way through life. He frequently posts selfies while enjoying the sunset or at prestigious events like Germany’s Next Top Model, and he has 16,000 followers.

Samira Diasso and Delano, who are close friends, had their friendship tested during a camp mission in the second episode of “Fight for Paradise: Who Can You Trust?” The mission they were on was followed throughout the show. The difficult choice that awaited the two was unknown to them. They got a message when they got to the villa telling them that insiders would be attending a VIP dinner, and they would be waiting on them.

After reaching the villa, they got a note that said, “Outsiders, welcome to your camp mission. Today there will be a VIP dinner for the insiders and you will be their waiters. It’s a game about trust and ambush. If one of you eats, they will become an insider and also remove the other’s chance of being elected into the villa tonight.”

Delano and Samira made the decision not to eat anything. In an admission, Samira stated, “We decided not to eat because we are a team.”

During a confessional, Delano said, “I think Samira would like to eat something but I think we both tick the same and we won’t eat.”

Samira eventually made the decision to break her vow to Delano and eat some rice, even though she was devoted to him. “I’m stronger than Delano, and I can see through these machinations faster. That’s why I did it,” Samira said in a confessional.

Surrounded by emotions of loneliness and isolation, Delano on the started to have a breakdown while in the camp. He sobbed as he said that after leaving the villa, where he felt a feeling of belonging with his pals, he felt cut off from everyone and everything. He felt confused and empty after experiencing this unexpected flood of emotions, which led to tears of despair and annoyance.

“I lost my main contact here, I lost everyone. I feel completely alone and have to fight my way out by myself,” Delano said, sobbing. “Delano, are you okay?” Nam asked. “Ya, but it’s just a lot. I went through a lot of shit today. It’s shitty,” he replied.

When Samira violated their promise not to eat during the VIP dinner, so betraying him, Delano’s faith in his buddy was destroyed. At first, they had agreed to remain a single unit and that neither of them would eat in order to preserve their outsider status. Delano felt betrayed and abandoned, though, by Samira’s choice to eat in spite of their agreement. He was caught off guard by Samira’s actions since he had counted on their shared dedication to each other’s achievement.

Delano felt exposed and alone after Samira betrayed his confidence, and he began to doubt the sincerity of their relationship.

Shima discovered that every contestant had cast a vote to have her removed from the villa when she got to the camp. She was incensed by this news, particularly since she didn’t think Delano and Greta were nominated and she thought of them as close friends. Feeling remorse, Delano apologized to Shima with tears in his eyes. He gave her a strong hug and apologized for what they had done. Greta joined them, and the three of them gave each other a sincere hug to convey their support during this trying moment.

“It feels good to be reunited with Delano in the camp, but I rather be in the villa with my closest friends,” Shima said.

Is Delano Joel Dating Anyone?

It appears Delano Joel is leading a single life. However, in 2022, he posed with a beautiful lady going by the name Chiara Isabella Di Massa. He captioned the post, “thanks for having us 🤍.

Though they appeared cozy on the post, they are likely only good friends.

Delano Joel Age

According to his bio from the show, Delano Joel is 24 years old.

Delano Joel Job

Delano Joel goes by the title of blogger. His Instagram currently boasts 16.1K followers and 47.6K followers on his TikTok.

Delano Joel Height

Delano Joel’s height measures above 5 feet 10 inches.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Delano Joel From?

Delano Joel hailed from Dortmund, Germany.

  • When Is Delano Joel Birthday?

It is yet to be public when is Delano’s birthday.

  • Is Delano Joel On Instagram?

Delano Joel’s Instagram handle is (@delano.joel).

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