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Demaryius Thomas Wife, Girlfriend, Surina, Mom, Dad

Denver Bronco star Demaryius Thomas died unexpectedly in early December 2021. The exact reason for his death is yet to be revealed. But, now the attention shifted from his life to his grieving family members. This article covers his girlfriend/wife, his mom, dad, and sisters.

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Who Is Demaryius Thomas Wife/Girlfriend Surina?

The American football native never married so he doesn’t have a wife. But, Demaryius Thomas was allegedly in a relationship with his girlfriend Surina. There are no intricate details on their relationship. They were pictured together on several occasions. They appeared together in January 2017 when Surina celebrated her birthday.

By profession, Surina is a Canadian wardrobe designer who celebrates her birthday on 4 January according to her Twitter bio. Moreover, she is of Canadian-Indian ethnicity. Moreover, her fame is also thriving on social media. She gathered 30.2k followers on her Instagram which is now private.

Likewise, Surina is also on Twitter with 91 followers.

Oftentimes on Twitter, Surina boasts about her Indian heritage. She talks about being an Indian woman and catering to the needs of a man. But, she recognizes herself as Canadian. She has a brother who got married in 2003. Back in August 2016, she wished him his 13th anniversary.

Surina also tweets about her job on her social. Based on her tweets, she loves being independent and insists others have financial freedom.

Besides working in the fashion industry, Surina is also an influencer. She also has a profile on the handbook.

Before that, there were rumors Demaryius dated a girl named Brittany Lohberg. Player wives discussed the rumor started by She hailed from Denver and attended the University of South Florida. Online sites also claimed that Brittany was smitten by Demaryius and wanted to be known as the player’s girlfriend.

In 2010, there was a rumor, Demaryius Thomas was arrested due to a woman complaining Denver police suspecting she was drugged and raped after being a party. However, after the woman’s DNA test, Demaryius was removed as a suspect and from all the allegations.

Demaryius Thomas Passed Away

Denver Bronco’s star player Demaryius Thomas died on 9 December 2021 at the age of 33. Police told TMZ Sports that he was found dead in his Atlanta-area home on Thursday. Tim Lupo, a police officer wrote to Atlanta Journal-Constitution, “Preliminary information is that his death stems from a medical issue, and our investigators currently have no reason to believe otherwise.”

When Did Demaryius Thomas Retire?

Demaryius Thomas retired in June 2021 with an official announcement. Thomas finished his career with the Houston Texans for half of a season before joining the New York Jets for a year in 2019. He didn’t play in 2020.

Moreover, he completed his career with 9,763 receiving yards and 63 touchdowns on 724 receptions; 9,055 of those yards came with the Broncos, which ranks second in franchise history behind only Rod Smith.

Demaryius Thomas Mom

Demaryius Thomas’s mom is Katina Smith who was among the 46 nonviolent drug offenders who had their sentences commuted by President Barack Obama in July 2015. Katina’s mother and Demaryius’s grandmother Minnie Pearl Thomas was also arrested on 15 March 1999 after a raid at Thomas’s home in Georgia and charged with distributing crack cocaine.

The mother-daughter duo was convicted in February 2000.

Demaryius’sx mom Katina faced a sentence of 20 years in prison and his grandmother was handed two life sentences, with the ability to apply for parole after 40 years. At the time of the arrest of his mother and grandmother, Demaryius was only 12 years old.

Katina got the opportunity to see her son play pro football for the first time in January 2016 thanks to the commutation of her prison sentence by President Barack Obama.

Demaryius Thomas Dad

As for Demaryius’s other parent, his dad’s name is Bobby Thomas. His parents met each other in 1985 when they were teenagers. At the time, his mother was only 15 years old when he gave birth to her. Bobby and Katina never married but had a good relationship over the years with joint custody of Demaryius.

Bobby entered the Army shortly after graduating from high school, and when Smith became pregnant, he was stationed at Fort Rucker in Alabama.

Who Is Demaryius Thomas Sister?

Demaryius Thomas has two younger sisters. They were Tonecia and Tyeshia. When policed officers busted through the doors of the Georgia home the three children were sleeping. Katina said, “I hugged them and said, ‘I’ll see you when I get back,’ told her kids them, ‘I love you,’ but she never came back.

So, Demaryius had to take care of his two sisters. He found a job quickly where he started pulling corn and pickin’ peas and butterbeans. He woke up at six in the morning and get to pulling before school. But, his ambition was to get to college and he never screwed that up.

After his mother’s trial, his sisters went to live with their stepfather’s mother and Demaryius left. Whereas, he started living with his Uncle James and Aunt Shirley Brown.

Related FAQs

  • How Old Was Demaryius Thomas At The Time Of His Death?

Demaryius Thomas was 33 years old at the time of his death.

  • How Much Was Demaryius Thomas Contract?

According to, Demaryius’s base salary for 2019 was $1,411,765. He brought in a year’s cash of $2,528,390. You can read more about the contract here.

  • How Much Was Demaryius Thomas Net Worth?

Demaryius Thomas had a net worth of nearly $10 million.

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