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Demetrius Ivory Wife: Erin Ivory Bio, Age, Health, WGN

Demetrius Ivory has injured his hand, and it’s a “really bad cut.” This reminds us of the time, his wife Erin Ivory shared her health story back in 2021.

So, how is she doing now? Learn all about her as this Erin Ivory Bio proceeds.

Meet Erin Ivory, Demetrius Ivory Wife

Erin Ivory married Demetrius Ivory back on December 21, 2014. They were so perfect for each other that, Dan Ponce even called them “Chicago TV’s happiest couple” on their first wedding anniversary.

On their 2nd anniversary, Erin herself took to her FB to write, “Man that was fast. Happy 2 year anniversary Demetrius Ivory. Here’s to our crazy, busy, love-filled life together. You make the journey fun and full of joy. Xoxoxo”

Demetrius And Erin Ivory Children

Erin and Demetrius Ivory share a twin, Hadley, and Harlow. There were born on March 1, 2016, at 6.5 lbs and 6.8 lbs respectively.

Sadly, Hadley wasn’t healthy. She kept getting seizures — for which she went tough multiple neurological testing in 2017. On the bright side, Lurie Childrens Hospital confirmed that Hadley’s MRI and EEG came back clean with no structural brain abnormalities. This pretty much rules out epilepsy which is amazing news. “We still don’t know the exact cause of all the seizures but we are so grateful for the good news coming our way,” Erin said at the time.

Besides the twin, Erin shares two more kids, Joaquin and Lulu from her earlier relationship.

Her daughter, Lulu was born on April 9, 2008. “I remember feeling worried that Lulu might be jealous of the younger twins on the way. I couldn’t have been more off. This girl loves her little sisters like no other,” Erin shared.

As for her firstborn, Joaquin stepped into this world on December 29, 2004. “He changed my life from the first time I held him. He cringes when I take his picture these days but as a mom, I can’t help gushing over him,” Erin talked about him.

Joaquin graduated from high school in June 2023

Fun Fact: Back in August 2019, Hadley and Harlow were elated as they were heading back into their first day back at preschool until Eri realized it didn’t start until tomorrow. “Tears were rolling when we had to bring them back home,” Erin recalled.

Erin Ivory Age

Erin Ivory was 50 years of age in 2023.

She is three years older than her husband Demetrius.

What Is Erin Ivory Maiden Name?

Erin Ivory’s maiden name is “McElroy.”

Who Are Erin Ivory Parents?

Erin Ivory’s parents have long divorced.

Her father, Robert A Mcelroy is now married to his elementary school co-worker. According to Erin, he even proposed to her in front of a classroom of screaming 5th graders. Does this ring a bell? Yes, he’s the hero from the same video that went viral where a teacher proposes in class.

Robert worked at Bellingham School District at the time. He retired from the school in June 2018  after 40+ years as a teacher and elementary school principal. 

Besides Bellingham Schools, he worked at International Baccalaureate as its workshop leader, consultant, and school visits authorizer.

As for her siblings, Erin has five brothers and sisters. Amongst them, her sister Angela is “creative and uber-talented.” She ran a blog called Angies Domestication Station.

Also, we do know that her bother Colin G Mcelroy is 7 years younger than her.

Erin Ivory Health

Erin Ivory is in good health now. But in October 2021, she gave her fans a health scare revealing she was diagnosed with heart failure.

According to the reporter, she was diagnosed with advanced heart failure in February, then had a heart attack. One of her kidneys had lost 90% of its function and her doctors were trying to treat several blood clots throughout her body.

Her problems began back in 2009. At the time, she was jolted awake one night by chest pain. Tests indicated problems, but emergency room doctors couldn’t specify what happened.

Thereafter, she went through middle-of-the-night scares again in 2012 and 2016, she never followed up with a cardiologist. “At no point did I think my life was in jeopardy due to a heart condition,” she said.

Unfortunately, in Feb 2021, her doctor asked her to rush to ER as her symptoms likely indicated she was going to have a heart attack. A week later, she indeed had a heart attack. Thus began her road to recovery. At first, she couldn’t walk for more than five minutes. Her circulation was so bad that she wore battery-powered compression socks to keep her toes warm. But after 11 medications a day, her heart function and circulation improved radically.

“I have received the most amazing care from the hospital cardiac team and for that, I am so grateful,” she later posted on social media. “I feel tremendously blessed to be alive and finally back home with my family.”

Erin Ivory Job Today

Erin Ivory still works as a reporter at WGN-TV. She came back to the channel in September 2022, after taking a disability leave for almost 1 ½ years.

“I have been sidelined for nearly a year and a half,” Ivory said on FB after her first report.  “Holy smokes….I am telling you, there was a point where I never thought I was even making it home from the dang hospital. But here I am. Blessed to be back to work part-time in just two weeks. Blessed to be alive. Blessed with a second chance.”

Emmy award-winning reporter, Erin McElroy joined WGN-TV in April 2011.

Prior to that, she circled a 90-mile radius around Chicago, working as a news anchor and reporter in Milwaukee, South Bend, and Rockford.

As for her education, she graduated from Columbia College in Chicago with a Bachelor of Science degree in Broadcast Journalism.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Erin Ivory Birthday?

Erin receives her birthday wishes on June 26 and is of the Cancer zodiac.

  • Where Is Erin Ivory From?

Erin hails from Kenosha, WI.

But in 2023, she resided in Glenview, IL.

  • Is Erin Ivory On Instagram?

In 2023, she entertained 11K followers on her Instagram @erincolleenmcelroy.

Also, here’s her Twitter @Erin_Ivory_ and Facebook @erincolleenmcelroy.

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