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Destinie Folsom Bio, Love After Lockup, Husband Jason

At the beginning of September 2021, Destinie Folsom was released from her prison sentence. She was formerly a part of Love After Lockup when she was in a relationship with Shawn Osbourne. However, Shawn is now with another prison lady Sara Isaac.

Could Destinie’s release from prison mean anything for Shawn and Sara’s relationship or Love After Lockup’s storyline? You will have to watch Life after lockup. But for the time being, you can read the article and find out everything about Destinie Folsom, her relationship with crime and Shawn Osbourne, and other little wikis.

[Love After Lockup] Destinie Folsom And Shawn Osborne’s Relationship

Love After Lockup viewers might know this, Shawn and Destinie’s relationship was a fragile little thing standing on lies and ended up crumbling because of the lies. On the one hand, Shawn kept secrets from Destinie Folsom (he kept it hidden that he had six kids). And Destinie Folsom was only with Shawn for her selfish reasons, to get what she wanted from him, mostly money.

Shawn was Destinie’s “sugar daddy”. He spent thousands of rupees on her when she was in prison and later when she was out of prison. He helped her cash her bond, he encouraged her gambling habits by paying for it.

In the early days, things looked good, but once Destinie found out that Shawn had six kids, she ended the relationship. Apparently, to Destinie that was akin to cheating. Shawn, on the other hand, maintained that he just wanted to be a good dad and protect his kids. Destinie was not in the mood to listen to the story.

Shawn tracked her down and they got back together and he even asked her to be his wife and she said yes too. But marrying someone for their money was probably a bit too far for Destinie. She did not go through with the wedding. Instead, she stole Shawn’s credit card and ran away from his car. Shawn later located her in California. But by that time, she was seen on social media with another man.

Also, Destinie might have lied to Shawn about her marital status too. It seems Destinie was engaged and married to another man called Jose in 2016. We do not know if Destinie was still legally Jose’s wife. Jose is the same guy that Shawn found on her social media. Moreover, Destinie might also have five kids of her, who she hid from Jason. In 2018, a mother of five was arrested for child neglect, and the said mother looked awfully like Destinie. Although, it was never confirmed that the mother was Destinie.

[Love After Lockup] Destinie Folsom Husband Jason: Who Is He?

Destinie is currently married to another man called Jason, who she met when she was in prison. She has not revealed her marriage to Shawn and does not intend to do so any time soon. She maintained that her relationship with Jason was much better than that with Shawn. “There are no lies”, and “how Jason treats her” is much better than “how Shawn treated her”.

There are rumors that Destinie’s current husband Jason might be the same Jason she was arrested in 2017 for the possession of meth. However, that could not be true because Destinie’s husband is the same as her whereas the Jason she was arrested with was 16 years older than her.

Oddly enough, Destinie’s relationship status on her Facebook is single. Also, she seems to be bisexual and her Facebook says that she is interested in both men and women.

Destinie Folsom [Love After Lockup] Family, Hometown

Destinie’s hometown is Paradise, California. Her family members stayed completely unknown. Her mom was a drug addict herself and was in some ways responsible for the childhood pains that Destinie went through. ScreenRant reported that her mother felt guilty about “their scarred family history”.

The scarred history that she is talking about is the fact that Destinie’s uncle raped her for years. And her mother, in tears, said “What happened to you, it broke me.” We do not know the name of the said uncle.

Destinie Folsom [Love After Lockup] Criminal History

Over the years, Destinie had a record of a lot of illegal activities like meth sales, car thefts, false impersonation, escape from parole, and more. In 2016, she was Shasta’s list of most wanted criminals. Destinie spent time behind bars several times up to this point. She has walked out of prison in paroles and escaped paroles many times.

In November 2020, Destinie was arrested for escape while serving parole on her previous sentence for false impersonation. District Attorney with Glen County Sheriff’s Office handled the case. She was eligible for parole in July 2020 and she walked out of prison on probation towards the end of August.

Related FAQs

Destinie Folsom [Love After Lockup] Age

Destinie Folsom was born on 30 January 1991. And so, as of September 2021, she was 30 years of age. And because she was born on the 30th of January, her zodiac sign was Aquarius.

Destinie Folsom [Love After Lockup] Height

Destinie is not a very tall woman and has a height of only 5 ft. 1 inch. She weighed about 105 pounds. Her other vital features include her beautiful brown hair and blue eyes. She also has a lot of tattoos, some of which were on her neck and visible in her photos.

Destinie Folsom [Love After Lockup] Instagram, Facebook

Destinie Folsom was on Facebook and that was it. We could not find her on Instagram or any other social media platforms. On Facebook, she had a regular profile with her name Destinie Folsom.

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