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Destiny Davis Bio, Age, Family, Height, Job, Love Island

Destiny Davis is one of the hot singles appearing on season 5 of Love Island USA. How old is she? What is her job? How tall is she?

Learn more about Destiny as this article proceeds.

Destiny Davis On Love Island USA Season 5

For Season 5 of the popular program Love Island, the cast will be visiting Fiji. In the dating reality series, which debuted for the first time in 2019, a group of single people battles for the chance to win $100,000 as well as the potential to create an everlasting relationship. The contestants are required to couple up with another player and compete in a series of challenges while living in a remote villa for the length of the season.

Love Island‘s regulations create a complicated relationship dynamic. To continue on the show, islanders must stay in pairs. Five ladies choose their first partnership from a group of guys at the start of the season. The games start after the pairs have been established. Over the course of their eight-week stay, new players are brought in.

One of the five ladies is named Destiny Davis. “Under all this is a lot of brains,” she says in the teaser. Destiny knows she looks great, and she expects a lot from her men in return. “If I’m giving all this, I want you to look good, I want you to smell good, I want you to smile good,” she adds. “I want it all.”

She describes herself as an “alpha dater,” who knows what she is looking for in a romantic partner.

The first five couples of Season 5 were formed during the first episode, which aired Tuesday on Peacock. In the first episode, host Sarah Hyland introduced the first surprise of the season: The couples would be formed through a “stick or twist” process in which the women could change their minds on whom they wanted to pair off with every time a new man came on to the beach.

The first man to emerge was Leonardo, a charming Spanish speaker. However, when former college football player Marco showed up, he quickly persuaded Destiny and Jasmine to join him. Victor, a Jason Momoa impersonator, is searching for his “fairytale princess,” but he is disappointed to discover that no one has gone before him.

Texan travel nurse Kay Kay and football player-turned-journalism-student Keenan were put together because of Keenan’s high level of energy before marriage-minded Bergie learned that no women were willing to stand up for him.

The five couple that was formed by the end of the episodes were Leonardo and Kassy, Marco and Destiny, Kay Kay and Keenan, Victor and Jasmine, and Bergie and Anna.

Love was already in the air for Destiny as she was the first to share a passionate kiss with Marco. Later, a game of kissing amongst themselves was interrupted by host Hyland’s entrance. The “Modern Family” actor instructed the islanders to cast their votes for the couple they believed to be the least compatible.

One couple voted for Jasmine and Victor, and four couples voted for Anna and Bergie, including themselves (they managed to take the L gracefully). Bergie was ready to pack his bag until he got a chance to be on the show and “throupleUp” via a text.

Destiny Davis Boyfriend

Destiny Davis shared that she once put sugar in an ex’s gas tank when he ignored her calls. She’s not used to being rejected and is ready to find a man who is her equal with whom she can settle down. And it wouldn’t hurt if he resembled Drake.

She hasn’t posted much about her past dating life on her Facebook.

How Old Is Destiny Davis?

With the birth year 1996, Destiny Davis is 27 years of age as of this writing in July 2023.

Destiny Davis Family

Destiny Davis is of African-American ethnicity with Native heritage. In September 2022, Destiny shared about her mom saying, “My mom only let me play with Black Barbies. ‘til this day I feel like I can be anything I want, because of it… Barbie was a scientist- I became a scientist, Barbie was a Beauty Queen- I became a beauty queen #RepresentationMatters.”

In August 2022, Destiny shared that her mom named her “fate or future,” “Zammarra/Xiomara” for “ready for battle,” and Elizabeth for “God is my oath.”

She wrote, “This woman done made an oath to God that I’m a warrior of the future, and I don’t appreciate it. Because Destiny wants a break.”

Some of the people she is related to are Russell Vincent, James Thomas, Quran Vincent, Doris Davis, Claire Vincent, and Nya Vincent as public record shows.

Destiny Davis Job

Destiny Davis is a scientist and a microbiologist by profession. She didn’t share further information regarding her job and career. Moreover, she is also working as a model.

In January 2022, Destiny announced that she signed with Ford Models. She wrote, “God is good! Going into this new chapter thankful and focused. Now signed to Ford Models LA! Every single shoot, gig, and sacrifice had this ultimate goal in mind. West Coast, I’m ready for you. Thank you to my agents who helped make this happen. You’re very appreciated.”

How Much Is Destiny Davis Net Worth?

By 2023, Destiny Davis’s net worth is under $200 thousand.

Destiny Davis Height

Destiny Davis stands tall at 5 feet 9 inches.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Destiny Davis From?

Destiny Davis calls Florissant, Missouri her hometown. She is now residing in St. Louis, Missouri.

  • When Is Destiny Davis Birthday?

Destiny Davis’s birthday is on 16 January.

  • Is Destiny Davis On Instagram?

Yes, Destiny Davis is available on Instagram (@destinyzammarra). Here is also TikTok (@destinyzammarra) and Facebook.

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