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Devonte “Dee” Joseph Bio, Age, Girlfriend, Height, Cheer

Meet Devonte “Dee” Joseph who stands out in the 2022 edition of Cheer.

After becoming a streaming sensation in early 2020, the Netflix docuseries about an elite Texas cheerleading squad returned for its second season on 12 January 2022; with some Season 1 favorite and with some newest competitors. Devonte, here, is among the newcomers and from Navarro’s rivals Trinity Valley Community College. And now, we shall tell you all about him in this bio.

Devonte “Dee” Joseph On Netflix’s Cheer Season 2

Cheer Season 2 sees several new cast members Navarro’s latest recruit — Maddy Brum, the child star Cassadee Dunlap, and Rookie Gillion Rupert — and a few of the team coaches in Navarro’s rivals Trinity Valley Community College that include Khris Franklin, Jeron Hazelwood, Angel Rice, leader Jada Wooten, and tumblers DeVonte Dee Joseph (of course).

So, about Devonte on Netflix’s Cheer Season 2, puts it this way. He is one of Trinity Valley Community College’s new tumblers. He can successfully pull off a “quint”, i.e., in simpler words is a flip with five turns that is so difficult that it is illegal to perform at Daytona.

To hone his skills he found himself at Georgia’s Flip City South alongside the Rice siblings. It was then and there that he was recruited by Navarro. And it was afterward that he decided to come to Trinity Valley Community College.

Even assistant coach Khris Franklin believes that Devonte might be “the most talented kid in America”.

So, yeah! Fans have been pretty eager to see his side of the story this season.

This season in Cheer, there is a further emphasis on Trinity Valley Community College, its coaching staff, and its team members. Meanwhile, The Detriot News has named Devonte “the most intriguing” of them all. “…the most intriguing of who is DeVonte “Dee” Joseph, who is happy to do all the flips and tumbles required of him but outright refuses to smile while he does it, his inner form of wrestling with the fact that he’s on the cheer team in the first place”, they cited in a review for Cheer in a story titled “‘Cheer’ review: Netflix hit returns, mixes high flyers and human drama” in bold letters.

In the meantime, the official home of the Trinity Valley Community College was yet to update his BIO with his recently acquired achievements.

Again, you should not also skip watching Cheer in 2022 because the storyline addresses former Navarro College Cheer team member Jerry Harris’ sexual abuse and child pornography charges in a dedicated hour of interviews with his accusers (Jerry’s former teammates and coach Monica Aldama).

Devonte “Dee” Joseph Age

Its been reported that Devonte “Dee” Joseph was born in the year 2002. So, if this was to be a fact, he would have turned 19 years old in 2021.

Does Devonte “Dee” Joseph Have A Girlfriend?

Devonte “Dee” Joseph appeared to be single as of the time of this writing.

Why? Because, at the time, he never was heard admitting to having a girlfriend. Also, his social media included no such relationship-related narratives. They would not give away even a small clue.

Or maybe he just was not into dating and making plans with a partner at this phase in life. Because he of today seems just so busy cheerleading.

Devonte “Dee” Joseph Height

So, Devonte “Dee” Joseph stands below 5′ 7″ tall in height.

Devonte “Dee” Joseph Family

Devonte “Dee” Joseph has a brother named D’Anthony Joseph, aka Ant Joseph, who was studying Business Management at Oklahoma State University as of January 2022.

Both the Joseph brothers are proud of each other’s achievements. Devonte would always say something like “I’m proud of yah champ to go handle yah business” for his brother and the D’Anthony did the same.

Then, there is Devonte’s mom Valencia Joseph-Coleman (Renae), who is ‘married’ from what she mentions on her Facebook BIO. The matriarch also occasionally shared pictures of her partner/husband on her Instagram @valenciajosephcoleman. Be that as it may, one could not tell with certainty if or not he is Devonte’s dad.

From the look of it, he has four more siblings, two brothers and two sisters, other than D’Anthony.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Devonte “Dee” Joseph From?

Devonte “Dee” Joseph originally hails from his hometown of Birmingham, Alabama. Although lately, he is based in Atlanta, Georgia.

  • Is Devonte “Dee” Joseph On Instagram And TikTok?

Yes. One could locate Devonte “Dee” Joseph on Instagram but he did not seem to be on TikTok as of 12 January 2022.

The account on Instagram @tumbling_dee so far included 124 posts and some 19.7K followers.

He also had activity over his eponymous Facebook and Twitter accounts @devonte_joseph and @tumbling_dee.

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