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Deyon Miller Bio, Age, Job, Height, Dated & Related

Meet Deyon Miller from Netflix’s new dating show Dated & Related.

Netflix is back with a new reality dating show named Dated & Related. The format is much like other dating shows we’ve seen before. However, among the eight singletons, there are additional eight siblings in the line-up making a total of 16 cast members.

Netflix’s synopsis read, “Imagine you’re on a first date. The ambiance is just right, and you’re on your second glass of bubbles. Your date leans in to whisper something cute in your ear. Just as sparks begin to fly, you notice something in your periphery: It’s your brother, sitting in the corner, watching you. No, this is not a scene from a fever dream you had once — it’s Dated & Related, a brand-new dating series in which pairs of siblings (and one enthusiastic set of cousins) see each other’s love lives up close and personal as they search for their soulmates.”

The singletons show up in a villa in the south of France. The cast arrives in pairs and is related. The synopsis reads further, “The idea is that there’s no one who knows you better than your sibling does, and therefore that sibling actually makes the most excellent wing person, totally supportive and totally willing to call you on your bs.”

From here on you’ll learn about Deyon’s age, parents, job, and height.

Deyon Miller On Netflix’s Dated & Related

One of the cast members in the debut season is Deyon Miller who arrives at the villa with his older sister Dyman Miller.  The other cast members are Alara and Ceylan Taneri; Corrina and Joey Roppo; Daniel and Julia Perfetto; Kaz and Kieran Bishop; Jason Cohen and Chris Hahn; Mady and Lily Bajor; and Diana and Nina Parsijani.

The host of the show is Melinda Berry from “Too Hot to Handle“. The competitors will receive challenges and double dates, but they must bring their siblings. At stake, is a $100,000 prize for the winning family. The ten-part series premiered on 2 September 2022.

On 4 August 2022, Deyon announced on his Instagram, “POV we entered the villa to go on some hot dates in the South of France Dated and Related on @netflix”.

Is Deyon Miller Dating Anyone?

To cut to the chase, after careful inspection of his social media, we can tell that he is single. However, this could be a facade so that it wouldn’t ruin how his story progresses in the show.

Deyon Miller Age

At the time of filming the show, Deyon Miller was 21 years old.

Deyon Miller Job

Deyon Miller has a job as a recruiting manager and a marketer.

He started his career as a customer service representative at Chicken Salad Chick in 2018 where he worked for only five months. He worked for Daytona Lagoon as FEC Attractions in 2019. From August 2020 to February 2021, he worked as a college financial representative.

From June to September 2021, Deyon worked for Randstad USA as Human Resources Staffing Manager.

In addition, to that, Deyon states on his LinkedIn bio, “Hello! My name is Deyon Miller and I am a graduate of Florida Southern College, I studied business administration and minored in integrated marketing communications major. As a professional in the staffing industry, I know others can look to me to identify, help, and attract the proper talent to hire. With the resilience to overcome situations that require personal adaptation, I have the flexibility that allows for multiple support approaches.”

Talking about his academic qualification, Deyon graduated from Spruce Creek High School in 2018. He completed his BBA from Florida Southern College in May 2021. He was in the Sigma Chi fraternity and a member of the Black Student Union.

Furthermore, he is also a certified Lean Six Sigma White Belt from Aveta Business Institute.

Who Are Deyon And Dyman Miller Parents?

Deyon and Dyman Miller were born to their parents Donovan Miller and Patricia Fox-Miller.

Patricia celebrates her birthday on 4 December and turned 52 years old in 2021. Her husband Donovan is currently 58 years old.

By profession, Patricia is an author of HerstoryHisstory Books.

Talking about Dyman Qrystal Miller, she revealed on her IMDB that she was born on 26 April 1996 in Los Angeles, California. She is a medical assistant and newly turned model. But, there is also another brother in the family picture. His name is Dean Miller, twin brother of Deyon.

Director and editor by trade, Dean is a creative creator. He made a spec ad for the Hyundai commercial “New Thinking, New Possibilities”. He is also on Twitter (@DEANMLLER) while his Instagram (@deanmller) is private.

Dean and Deyon are twins, although Dyman is the older sibling. They have a number of pals and attended the same school. Luke Beck, who has known the Miller brothers since high school, is one such friend. The twins appear to be close buddies in numerous images on his account.

Deyon Miller Height

Deyon Miller’s height measures around 6 feet.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Deyon Miller From?

Deyon Miller hailed from Port Orange, Florida. He is currently based in Ormond Beach, Florida.

  • When Is Deyon Miller Birthday?

Deyon Miller’s birthday isn’t public yet.

  • Is Deyon Miller On Instagram And TikTok?

Yes, Deyon Miller is on Instagram (@itsdeyon) and TikTok (@itsdeyon).

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