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Diane O’Meara Bio, Today, IG, Face Of Manti Te’o Girlfriend

Untold: The Girlfriend Who Didn’t Exist, a Netflix documentary, released in August 2022 follows the true story of football star Manti Te’o and Ronaiah Naya Tuiasosopo who pretended to be Lennay Kekua, his girlfriend, a person who never really existed. But, in this whole deception, other than Manti, another too person too was left a victim. Yes, it is Diane O’Meara we are talking about. And it was using her beautiful pictures that Ronaiah Naya catfished the American football linebacker.

Read through this writing and discover all about Diane O’Meara and how the whole catfishing hoax affected her life.

Netflix’s The Girlfriend Who Didn’t Exist: Meet Diane O’Meara, Face Of Manti Te’o Girlfriend

Diane O’Meara, also known as the face of Manti Te’o’s girlfriend during the catfishing incident, had been working as a marketing executive in Los Angeles when she discovered that her high school batchmate Naya Tuiasosopo had used her photos to catfish Manti Te’o.

Later, when this incident became world famous, Diane too attended a few interviews. This was around 2013. She showed up in the media to clarify her outlook on the matter.

In one such interview with CNN, Diane said she was doing everything to protect herself. Her Facebook was private and she was always very careful about going through each and every timeline post and changing all the settings. But clearly, that was not enough.

When it was revealed that it was her photo that had been used, reporters came swarming outside the Torrance Boulevard offices of STN Media Group, where she worked as a marketing coordinator at the time.

All photos of Diane had been taken from her personal Facebook and Instagram accounts, except for one photo which she later remembered that she had sent herself to an “old high school acquaintance”. (Yes! Ronaiah Naya.) The two had not talked since graduation, and one-day Ronaiah contacted her on Facebook with a convoluted request to send her a photo of herself holding up a sign “MSMK”. She of course could not deny the request.

What Is Diane O’Meara Doing Today?

Diane O’Meara since that uncalled-for incident in her life has kept herself away from media appearances. Following the identity theft from her own acquaintance, she also likely kept her distance from social media. In this way and with time, she returned to the normalcy of life without any lasting impact on her personal and professional life.

Looking back, Diane terms the whole thing as a “very bizarre, twisted, and confusing scenario”. Not only had she never met Te’o, but she had also never heard of him. Yet, her photos were all over media outlets, claiming that she was his dead girlfriend. The series of events, she said, left her mind blogging and her world flipped to 360.

After realizing what actually had transpired she also felt terrible for Te’o, because his career met a huge bump after this controversy.

As for herself, Diane worried that it might impact her personal relationships. “I have a serious committed relationship, and to hear that you’re the face of a separate relationship, it’s hard to see”, she had shared at the time.

Though despite all the trouble, Diane, like Te’o, denied at last that she was involved in the hoax, saying her once friend had called her to apologize.

Is Diane O’Meara On IG?

Diane O’Meara’s used to be on IG and Facebook at one point. And these internet profiles, even the Dailymail claimed that they suggested that she is a world removed from the lying and scheming that was involved in the elaborate infamous plot. At the time, photos on her social media profiles showed her relaxing with friends, out partying, and sitting on the beach in a bikini. While on her Twitter, it was “diaries of a commuting queen”. She had introduced herself here as the “most driven person you’ll meet”.

Diane O’Meara Age

Reportedly born in 1989, the year 2022 should make Diane O’Meara 33 years old.

Diane O’Meara Job

A Paraclete High Schooler like Ronaiah Naya, Diane went on to study BS in Business Administration and Business at California State University in Long Beach. She graduated in 2011.

As for her job, it was not clear if Diane continued to work at STN Media Group as she did back in 2013. As of 2022, Diane did not reveal as much about herself on the internet. But there used to be a time when she gallantly gushed about her strong experience in event planning, fashion retail management, and professional/government office experience.

Back in 2013, Diane also stated on LinkedIn that she is competent in web design and maintenance, e-mail marketing, social media, and blogs.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Diane O’Meara From?

Diane is a native of Torrance, California. So, she was likely born and brought up there. While back in 2013 when she was only 23 years old, she was occupying Long Island, California.

  • What Is Diane O’Meara Relationship Status Now?

It is understandable why Diane O’Meara also chose not to reveal her relationship status as of 2022. Yet, by the look of things, she is more likely married.

  • What Is Diane O’Meara Ethnicity?

Diane O’Meara is likely a Hispanic woman. Also, she is believed to have been born into a very good family.

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