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Digby Edgley Bio, Net Worth, Girlfriend, Age, Parents

The new season of Made in Chelsea was out in 2021 and the hottest prediction for the new season is that Digby Edgley and Inga Valentiner might be a thing now. Well, the long-time viewers of Made in Chelsea are already familiar with antics of Digby.

You can read about Digby, and his romantic pursuits within and outside Made in Chelsea in today’s article. Also, find out other bio information like his age, parents, job, net worth, etc.

How Much Is Digby Edgley Net Worth?

As of 2021, Digby Edgley had a net worth of over $1.25 million.

Digby is mostly recognized as a star of a very popular reality show, Made in Chelsea. He first joined the show through his friend. The producers of the show contacted this said friend and asked him if any other people he knew were willing to join the show. And Digby just latched on to the opportunity.

However, Digby isn’t just that, he is also a model, a professional trainer, a semi-professional golfer, and in recent times he has turned into an entrepreneur.

Let’s start with his golfing career because it was short. After he left school (he went to Millfield School in Somerset, England), Digby moved to South Africa to become a professional golfer. He was in South Africa for about six months training to be a golfer. But it turned out to golf was not for him.

In Digby’s own words, he “fell out of love with the game and decided it was not for” him.

As a model, Digby was represented by Pulse Model Management and PROMOD Model Agency. He does a lot of promotion work on social media. He is currently the face of the House of Cavani clothing brand and one of the core team members of SF protein.

Now, Digby’s current profession is that of an entrepreneur. He is the co-founder of Ping Culture Ltd. with his friend Ollie Andersen. Ping Culture is an app that can provide people information about events and venues and exclusive offers for a night out. It is very helpful for the last-minute plans.

The app came about because when Digby was in Cape Town, South Africa, he did not know the city and wished that something helpful was there for him. And in the meantime, Oliver, who was a programmer from South Africa, was working on an app. The two things just fit and Ping Culture came about.

Digby Edgley Girlfriend

Digby Edgley used to be in a serious relationship with his Made in Chelsea co-star Olivia Bentley. They got together towards the end of season 14 and the early parts of season 15. They were going great and thinking about getting married and having children.

But of course, it did not work out the way they wanted it to work out. They broke up during the finale of Made In Chelsea Croatia special season. And then not long after their break up, they seemed to have gotten back together. But that reunion was brief and did not last long.

Olivia had also had a relationship with another cast member Sam Thompson. She is a photographer by profession. Her specialization is nude photography.

During an interview with Ok magazine, Digby talked a little bit about the break-up. He said, “Normally I am that person who would hop from relationship to relationship. It is kind of what I did straight after Liv [Olivia Bentley]. I kind of hopped into another relationship and didn’t give myself time to heal.”

In the 2021 season of Made in Chelsea, Digby seems to be warming up with another co-star Inga Valentiner. The inside sources revealed that although the two of them were not yet dating, a future romance can be expected.

Digby Edgley Age

According to our sources, Digby Edgley was born in 1994. So, currently, i.e. as of November 2021, Digby was 27 years of age.

Who Are Digby Edgley Parents?

We do not anything about his parents. Digby Edgley has not shared anything related to his parents with the public.

Digby has a sister though, with whom he frequently appears together on social media as well as on Made In Chelsea. His sister’s name is Molly Edgley. And you can find her on Instagram and Facebook.

Molly is a model and makeup artist. And apart from appearing on Made in Chelsea from time to time, she has also worked in the makeup department of some movie shorts like The Watcher, Her (2018), and A Musical Confession (2016).

Like her brother, Molly is also a model. And from time to time, Molly and Digby collaborate to do social media promotion. This year, they collaborated for clothing and jewelry band Asos.

Molly is in a five-year relationship. We do not know the name of her boyfriend but you can find them celebrating Valentine’s day here.

Digby Edgley Height

Digby Edrley has a height og 185 or 6 feet 1 inch. His other physical features include dark blonde hair, blue-brown eyes, and a very handsome face.

Related FAQs

  • What Is Digby Edgley Star Sign?

Digby Edgley celebrates his birthday every year on the 18th of January. So, his star sign was Capricorn.

  • Where Was Digby Edgley Born?

Digby Edgley was born near the city of Bath, England. But he was raised in London and considered London his hometown.

  • Is Digby Edgley On TikTok?

Digby Edgley is not only on Tiktok but also on Instagram and Facebook. His Tiktok handle was @digby_edgley, and his Instagram handle was also @digby_edgley. You can also find a regular profile of Digby Edgley on Facebook.

  • How Many Episodes Of Made In Chelsea Features Digby Edgley?

Digby has appeared in a total of 48 episodes of Made in Chelsea and in 6 more episodes of Made in Chelsea: Croatia.

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