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DJ Mike Jackson Bio, Net Worth, Age, Egypt Sherrod

Good news for real estate reality TV show fans! Property Virgins host Egypt Sherrod is teaming up with her husband, DJ Mike Jackson, for the forthcoming HGTV series, Married to Real Estate.

Now before we see real-estate obsessed Egypt team up with her husband to help a couple find a house that fits with their passion, let us take you through her husband DJ Mike Jackson’s before-never-discovered Bio.

So you know, Married to Real Estate premiers on 12 January 2022.

DJ Mike Jackson And His Wife Egypt Sherrod’s Relationship

Together since 2004, DJ Mike Jackson and Egypt Sherrod got married in 2010. So, the 12th of September 2021 marked their 11th wedding anniversary.

A few years back on the same day, Egypt took to her social media a message to her hubby, which read — “Our marriage is not about how many days, months, or years we’ve been together. It’s about how much we mean to one another, and what we’ve managed to build together since we met on that day 15 years ago. No one else in the world understands me the way you do.”

So, from the look of these kinds of exchanges on both Mike and his wife’s social media, it is clear they are content in their relationship.

Together they have two daughters Kendall and Harper. But Egypt also believes herself equally a mother to DJ Mike’s daughter from a previous relationship and thus goes around as the mother of three girls.

A few years ago, when talking about motherhood/parenthood, she shared how she is now the responsible mother of three girls. But, that, she may have not had that chance if at 15 she was made to have a child. Only then did she reveal that when she was young, she was raped and had to get an abortion because she did not want to be 15 years old having a baby.

She and DJ Mike welcomed their second daughter, Harper Skye, in February 2019 after battling with infertility issues as well as fibroids and endometriosis. And it was after the doctors told her it was likely impossible for her to be able to conceive for the third time, that the couple decided to close the chapter on having another baby.

You may catch DJ Mike and his wife sharing their journey in love, real estate, and happiness and during candid conversations, on their ‘Egypt & Mike, The Home Team’ titled YouTube channel.

Who Is DJ Mike Jackson’s Ex-Wife?

DJ Mike Jackson has one more daughter, from a previous relationship. Her name is Simone and he is equally fond of her.

Lately, on 21 September 2021, DJ Mike took to his social media to wish Simone the happiest birthday writing — “One of the reasons I wake up wanting the world to be a better place is 20 today. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SIMONE! I’m so proud of you. I love you unconditionally.” Also, one of his three daughters graduated from college somewhere in Long Beach, New York in January 2019.

It was however not understood if Simone’s mom is DJ Mike’s ex-wife.

DJ Mike Jackson Net Worth

DJ Mike Jackson likely holds a similar sum of wealth as his net worth as his wife has summed up in her entire career. Reportedly, the OWN host and renovation queen had $6 million net worth by 2021.

Many factors have DJ Mike to his professional success as a D.J, realtor, contractor, author, and philanthropist. For one he believes, it is because he believes in being a person of value and the other factors, in his words are, the lessons he has learned through failures, consistency, hard work, humility, patience, and an undeniable belief in himself.

Besides real estate, the realtor at Egypt Sherrod Real Estate loves to flaunt his skills as a Disc Jockey — to go by the name of “The Versatile Dj Fadelf.”

Especially together with his wife, DJ Mike is a force to be reckoned with. “Egypt and I work well together, and we enjoy working together”, DJ Mike said. So far, they have lived in and renovated 11 homes that they eventually sold for a profit. That is one of the many reasons, they consider themselves able to advise their clients on how to spend their money the right way to maximize a home’s value.

Married to Real Estate will be showing us more of their partnership. For now, its trailer has promised us to show the couple balancing their projects, i.e., building a basement design studio, searching for new office space, and creating a big girl bedroom for their youngest child.

Of course, together with his partner in crime and partner in work wife, Mike will be also be seen in the upcoming Rock the Block Season 3.

DJ Mike Jackson Age

It is on the 11th of November that DJ Mike Jackson celebrates his birthday, every year. Speaking of his age which could not be found at the time, he appeared to be of similar age as his wife who turned 45 in November 2021.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is DJ Mike Jackson From?

DJ Mike Jackson was likely born and bred in his hometown of Hempstead, New York in the United States. Although currently (2021) he referred to Atlanta, Georgia as his home.

He is a good son as he continues to support his father Mark Jackson with their family business, Jackson Draper Renovations, that is specialized in home improvement, renovation, and design.

DJ Mike’s mother Terasa James, however, did not seem as involved with the family business. The family celebrated 59 years of her life in July 2021.

Also, DJ Mike briefly mentioned his brother Scorpio-brother Jamel D Jackson when sending him some birthday love, lately in November. He, then, said his brother is an entrepreneur, father, dynamic hip hop lyricist, and an author,

So, on social media, DJ Mike has often conveyed how each individual in his family has been an inspiration to him. In his words, it is because of his grandfather and uncle P.D, that he is a licensed contractor/business owner today.

  • How Tall Is DJ Mike Jackson?

DJ Mike Jackson, who is also a model and fitness trainer, is around 6’2” tall.

  • Is DJ Mike Jackson On Instagram, Facebook?

Yes. DJ Mike Jackson is on Instagram and Facebook.

Until 29 November 2021, DJ Mike had 9,288 posts and 31.2K followers on his Instagram @djfadelf.

DJ Mike could be also seen on his Facebook pages with handles Fadelf Jackson and DJ Fadelf.

Also, his Twitter @DJFADELF included 5,390 followers.

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