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Dominic Fike Still Dating Diana Silvers, Relationship Status

Dominic Fike, who stepped into the starlight with his debut single “3 Nights,” is now trying to make it big in the entertainment industry as well. And luckily, he’s landed his debut role on the HBO popular teen series, Euphoria season 2.

But Dominic wasn’t all alone on his journey to popularity. His girlfriend Diana Silvers was always there by his side, inspiring him to write love songs.

So, are they still together? What is Dominic’s relationship status now? Find answers as you scroll down. 

Meet Diana Silvers, Dominic Fike Girlfriend

Diana Silvers and Dominic Fike first met after Dominic slid into her DMs. Recalling their first encounter, Diana shared, “Dom sent me a demo on Instagram called “Peanut Butter Bagel.’” To which, she responded, “I’ve never had a peanut butter bagel, but the song is very good.” Pretty smooth!

But at the time, Diana had no idea who Dominic was. Luckily, her roommate knew that he had an album coming out, and warned her, he might just be promoting it.

“Was this just a promo?” Diana asked. To which, Dominic retorted, “No, I loved you in Space Force.”

Out of the blue, Diana then asked him to come with her on a walk the next day, and the rest is history.

On their first date, they went talked about Paul McCartney.

Who Is Diana Silvers?

Diana Silvers is an actress based in New York / Los Angeles best known for her role as “Erin Naird” in the TV series Space Force (2020). 

Also, she has portrayed “Kimberly Tooms” in the series Into the Dark (2018), “Hope” in Booksmart (2019), “Maggie” in Ma (2019), Camille in Ava (2020), and “Kate Sanders” in Birds of Paradise (2021).

Furthermore, this aspiring actress has also graced TV shows like Camp Confessions (2019), Filme Gitmeden Önce (2020), IMDb on the Scene – Interviews (2020), and Steve Varley Show (2021).

Besides being an actor, Diana is also a professional model who has worked with the Wilhelmina and IMG modeling agencies. This beautiful lady has also been featured in the pages of magazines like U.K. Elle, photographed by photo masters including Raul Romo.

As for her family, Diana was born to a Romanian Jewish father and a Swiss mother. Also, she has a sister.

Also, she is quite popular with the fans. In Jan 2022, she flaunted over 941K followers over her IG @dianasilverss.

Trivia: Born November 3, 1997, Diana is a year older than her boyfriend Diana Silvers.

Is Dominic Fike Still Dating Diana Silvers?

We’ve no idea if Dominic Fike and Diana Silvers were still dating as of 2022. 

Neither one of them had pictures of the other over their respective socials then. So, our guess? They’ve probably split. Also, it’s been quite a while since we last heard them talk about each other.

Here’s Dominic’s IG @dominicfike.

Recalling their moments, Dominic and Diana did look like they were meant for each other. And it sure would cause many heartbreaks if the two have broken up. 

The Euphoria star often talked about how Diana influenced his music. “She likes old music, movies, and clothing. It’s influenced my music for the better,” he once shared.

Furthermore, he also once revealed that they were so close they shared a closet. In fact, over that interview, he even was wearing one of Diana’s zebra socks.

The last we saw them together was in mid-2021, quarantined at their apartment. At the time, they mentioned that the first thing they were going to do when the world opened up was, visit 1 Oak.

Not sure, if they ever did.

Dominic Fike Relationship Status

Dominic Fike appeared to be single as of Jan 2022. Sadly, this news comes only a few months after we heard him say, he was in a “full-blown relationship” with Diana Silver.

He remained busy filming Euphoria season 2 and barely talked about his love life then after.

As for his character “Elliot”, Dominic remained tight-lipped who he was. However, he did share that Elliot was a “homie” who hangs out with Rue and Jules.

Also, he shed light on the dynamic behind the scenes, mentioning co-stars Zendaya (Rue) and Hunter Schaefer (Jules) as the “nicest people ever.”

Is Dominic Fike Gay?

No, Dominic Fike isn’t gay. He has dated over 2 ladies in the past.

The rumors about him being “gay’, was just a downside that came along with popularity. As of 2022, there were no reports about the star ever having a relationship with a man.

If you’re here after seeing Dominic sharing a steamy kiss with Lil Nas X, it was just for their song “Count On Me” music video.

And for those of you who missed it, the music video begins with the pair as lovers on holiday, which quickly turns into an animation, after they kiss passionately.

Dominic Fike Dating History

Before dating Diana Silvers, Dominic Fike was in a relationship with a Columbia Records stylist, named Shelby Tangorra. Though we have no idea when the two got together, they reportedly broke up in November 2019.

After their split, Dominic deleted her Instagram page and changed her Twitter @telber23 to private.

However, here’s her Facebook @shelby.tangorra.9.

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