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Dom’Unique Variety Bio, Age, Net Worth, Kandi & The Gang

Meet Dom’Unique Variety one of the female cast from Bravo’s Kandi & The Gang, a new TV show. Here you’ll learn about her age, net worth, job, and family details.

Keep reading to learn more about Dom’Unique Variety.

Dom’Unique Variety On Kandi & The Gang

“Kandi & The Gang” is a new reality TV show from BravoTV which shares a similar theme as “Vanderpump Rules”. But, it defers from the latter show in one aspect, that is gay men. The show explores the drama in Atlanta-based restaurant Old Lady Gang (OLG), and the owner of the restaurant is Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kandi Burruss.

The new show has been the talk of the town for its peculiar nature of including members of the LGBTQ+ community as a cast who also happens to be Kandi’s employees.

Dom’Unique is the self-proclaimed “day one” bartender at OLG and dancer who has performed with Kandi on the “Welcome to the Dungeon” Tour and even with the hot girl, Megan Thee Stallion. Her dreams of dancing professionally are her #1 priority, sometimes at the expense of her shifts at the restaurant. Dom’s close with her workplace besties, Torin and Shawndreca, and her budding flirtationship with a co-worker is becoming the talk of OLG.

A few viewers watched the show one viewer complained, “that bartender with her hair swinging all over the fruit is a NO for me”.

On 20 January 2022, Dom,’Unique announced on her Instagram, “Wowwwww!!! I’m shook!! I came to Atlanta with dreams that all have come true!! Make sure you all tune into #KANDIandtheGang on Sunday, March 6, 2022, at 9 pm! @bravotv @kandi The way you’ve impacted my life is beyond words! Thank you a million times over and over again! @bravotv  @todd167  @donjuannc Thank you all for everything!! To my castmates, I’m excited for this ride with all of you! Congratulations y’all! We did it!”

Dom’Unique Variety Age

As of March 2022, Dom’Unique Variety had already turned 32 years old.

Does Dom’Unique Variety Have A Boyfriend?

Dom’Unique Variety doesn’t seem to be in a relationship. She hasn’t shared any details on her past relationship. But, looks like, Dom’Unique likes Brandon Black, the manager of the restaurant. In the first look of the show, viewers saw them kissing each other and there was also tension between the two.

In the show, Brandon reveals that he got the job in the restaurant because he first went in as a customer and liked Dom’Unique. He asked her out on a date in the show and not before that which didn’t make sense to a lot of viewers.

Most of the viewers also didn’t like how Dom’Unique was flirting with Brandon, on the clock.

But based on her social she spent her past Valentine’s day volunteering in her community. Her current relationship remains unknown.

Dom’Unique Variety Height

Talking about height, Dom’Unique Variety once mentioned on her IG that she stands tall over 5 feet 8 inches.

Dom’Unique Variety Family

Dom’Unique Variety was born to her mother Samaki Variety. Born on 14 March 1950, she lost her mother on 19 December 2004. So, losing her mother was tough on her. She was only 14 at the time.

In May 2015 IG post, she captioned, “I never thought I would be the girl to have to grow up without my mom by my side. The many experiences I’ve had through my life without you physically here have been what I thought was more than I can bear. I thank god for the strength and love that has carried me for these past 11 years. I’m going to make you proud mommy 👼🏾 I love you. HAPPY MOTHERS DAY ❤️ sleep in peace”.

On Mother’s Day 2016, Dom’Unique volunteered at @LotusHouse1 trying to make the day special.

Dom’Unique is very close to her father who she often features on her Instagram. He attended her college graduation and Dom claimed that her father is the funniest person she knows.

Dom’Unique also has an elder brother.

How Much Is Dom’Unique Variety Net Worth?

Dom’Unique Variety has a total net worth under $200 thousand.

She is a professional dancer and besides Megan Thee Stallion, she also performed as a backup dancer for Trina on her show in 2016. There are multiple videos of her dancing in studios such as U4ria Dance Studio and Xcel Studios. She also performed at Rolling Loud ‘19.

Dance became her outlet to release struggles as a young girl who lost her mom. But, her dance teacher taught her discipline, taught her to hold her head high with dignity, and help restore her confidence. She also credited her dance teacher for being the reason she graduated from college.

Dom’Unique claimed in May 2016 post that her dance teacher @supa_blackgirl was like her second mother.

Besides dance, Dom’Unique has also done some modeling gigs. She modeled a signature piece in the TEBO DAMBE Fashion show. She has also modeled for @dommysphotography and promoted the @likemotherlikedaughterapparel lingerie brand.

About Dom’Unique’s education, she graduated from Florida A&M University.

According to her Facebook, Dom’Unique worked as an Administrative Assistant at Palmetto security services. She also worked at Sabre Entertainment.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Dom’Unique Variety From?

Dom’Unique is originally from Miami, Florida. She currently lives in Atlanta, Georgia.

  • When Is Dom’Unique Variety Birthday?

Dom’Unique Variety celebrates her birthday on 2 September.

  • Is Dom’Unique Variety On Instagram?

Dom’Unique Variety has an Instagram (@dvariety__) and Facebook (@domuniquev).

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