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Dusty Slay Bio, Wife, Net Worth, Age, Height

Netflix’s The Standups has helped many to kickstart their careers, and this time its third installment presents us with new faces that included Dusty Slay. But this hilarious guy isn’t all that new to the TV world. Previously, he has also dropped by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, and Jimmy Kimmel Live.

So, who is he? This Dusty Slay Bio explores everything you need to know about him. 

Dusty Slay Wife: Is He Married?

Yes, Dusty Slay is married. He has a wife named Hannah Hogan who is also a stand-up comedian and an actress. Though we have no idea how the two met or when were they married, we can confirm that it happed before 2018.

Also, back in Jan 2018, Dusty and his wife made an appearance at Mae’s Thursday evening taking turns in front of a receptive crowd. Naturally, the husband-wife pairing proved a winning combination and had the audience in stitches.

The next year, the duo had a “good time” at Sheetz Fest.

If you don’t know, the couple also hosted a podcast called We’re Having A Good Time, together back in the day. The was all about Dusty’s life on the road, his journey as a man and as a comedian. But Hannah abruptly left the show in March 2020. Dusty then had to find a new theme song and hosted the podcast alone for a while.

Talking a little more about his wife, Hannah is an actress, stand-up comedian, and writer originally from Canada. Her journey started after her brother voted her “The Funniest Person in The World” and she tried to live up to his expectation.

Some of her acting credits included — Meet the Family (2014), That’s So Weird! (2011), To Each Her Own (2008), and Nothing Shocks Anyone Anymore (2006).

Strangely, her IG @misshannahhogan was deactivated as of 2021.

Dusty Slay Net Worth

Dusty Slay garnered a net worth of under $700 thousand by 2021.

A standup comedian almost all of his life, Dusty reeled in the audience with his smooth Southern style that made them feel so comfortable they had to laugh. It was 2004 when Dusty began his career after moving to Charleston, South Carolina where he performed improvisational comedy.

Improv led him to stand up, and soon he was touring countries and making albums. His first album was titled  “Makin’ That Fudge”; which included 18 tracks of quick wits and smooth delivery.

Fast forward to 2019, Dusty was named “Best Comedian” by the Nashville Scene, and “10 Comics to Watch for 2019,” by  Variety.

Also, he then went on to become the youngest comedian to ever perform at the legendary Grand Ole Opry.

As of 2021, Dusty was all gearing up to win The Standups and be named the champion of its third season. Promoting himself on the show,  Dusty took it to his IG to share some highlights from The Standups on Dec 30. Also, a day before, he posted an IG pic showcasing his face on the Times Square billboard captioned, “Now we’re having a good time!”

“Clever, quick-witted and relatable,” are three words best suited to describe him.

Catch him on Jan 1 at Comedy Works in South Greenwood Village, CO, and Brea Improv Comedy Club in Brea, CA from Jan 7, 2021.

Well, if you want to support him, you can also buy his mech over “” His shirts and caps all cost $35.

How Old Is Dusty Slay?

Dusty Slay was reportedly born in 1982. That made him 39 years of age when he appeared on The Standups in 2021.

How Tall Is Dusty Slay?

Dusty Slay stands tall at a height of around 5 feet 10 inches (178 cm).

Mentioning his district features, Dusty has long brown hair and bread, and brown eyes as well.

Dusty Slay Health: Did He Undergo Surgery?

Yes, Dusty had to undergo surgery for an undisclosed “health problem” he has been dealing with since November 2021. The surgery took place in March 2021, according to his wife, Hannah Hogan.

Just before that surgery, the comedian asked his fans to pray for him to be “able to get out of the hospital soon and have a full recovery.” And the prayers we heard. The surgery went without difficulty and he was back to performing stand-ups in no time.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Dusty Slay Birthday?

Dusty is wished for his birthday every May 18, making him of the Taurus zodiac.

  • Where Is Dusty Slay From?

He hails from Opelika, Alabama, (now based in Nashville.)

Find him over IG @dustyslay, Fb @dustyslaycomedy, TikTok @dustyslay, and Twitter @dustyslay.

  • Has Dusty Slay Revealed His Family?

As per Dusty, his parents are divorced. His mother lived in a trailer, and his dad on a farm right outside of LaFayette. So, spent his childhood splitting the time between the two.

Also, another thing he recalled about them was, they smoked a lot (even inside the car.)

“Growing up like that with no money and surrounded by everything you could ever want, we were real homebodies,” Dusty talked about his family.

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