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Dylan Scanlon Bio, Age, Job, Girlfriend, Squid Game #65

Get to know Squid Game: The Challenge‘s Player No #065 Dylan Scanlon. He introduced himself as a mama’s boy on the show but what is his real job? How old is he? Who are his parents? Does he have a girlfriend?

The answer unfolds as this article proceeds.

Meet Dylan Scanlon, Player #65 From Netflix’s Squid Game: The Challenge

Dylan Scanlon, also known as Player #065, unexpectedly left the game during the Marbles round on Netflix’s Squid Game: The Challenge. Although all the pairs in the challenge were able to reach a consensus on how the outcome was to be determined, he and his companion Aurora (Player399) could not agree on how to approach the task. As the clock was running down, the two attempted to play a game together, but they were unable to decide on a single winner, which led to their elimination.

When Dylan made the decision to gamble with his future, a lot was at stake. “I left for the show with $3.91 in my bank account (I have a screenshot) and rent due right when filming ended, with no job at the time lined up,” he said.

However, after being eliminated, he has been focused on developing himself.

“I have been at my acting studio taking classes nonstop,” Dylan told Tudum. “I have also been focusing on my personal fitness and working out with my Great Dane Yung Duggy.”

But Dylan has come to understand that these objectives aren’t really for his personal enrichment as a result of taking part in Squid Game: The Challenge. “I realized that everything I do in life is not for me, but for my family. Every dream and goal I have I can push further when I have younger siblings watching me and parents supporting me so I cannot let them down.”

But in the end, his determination to stand by his beliefs cost him the award because he and Marbles’ partner Aurora (399) couldn’t agree on a game to play or, more importantly, a winner at the last minute. Dylan, nevertheless, is not sorry about the way he played.

Besides the winner, I genuinely feel I am the only person who did not lose Squid Game: The Challenge,” Dylan said. “I won the physical games, I won the social games, and I won the mental battles. There is not much one can do when someone refuses to compete with you on a competition show.”

Dylan Scanlon Age

In January 2023, Dylan Scanlon reached age 24.

Dylan Scanlon Job

Dylan Scanlon is an actor by profession. According to his IMDB page, he has appeared on Level Zero, Tribal, and Life Subscription.

Dylan completed his studies at Ithaca College in August 2017 and May 2018. He even worked for the institute as an event staff member during this time. In August 2018, the native of New York enrolled as a student at St. Lawrence University. He also started working there as the event manager in October of the same year.

In the end, he graduated from the institution in May 2021 with a bachelor’s degree in communication and media studies.

Dylan is an expert user of social media sites like Instagram and TikTok who has established a successful career for himself in the industry. He started working with Cowboys Fit in June 2022 and is primarily responsible for project strategy, sales, analytics, and customer service.

Dylan, however, departed the company in February 2023 to take a position as the TikTok Manager at Complexity Gaming. He was responsible for managing social media on several platforms, primarily TikTok. On his own TikTok page, Dylan has 131.9K followers.

Dylan was able to modify his title and start working for Complexity Gaming as a Short Form Content Coordinator in April 2023. His employment gave him the opportunity to collaborate closely with well-known figures in the game business, such as Dr. Disrespect. He did, however, ultimately depart the company in November 2023—quite recently.

Who Are Dylan Scanlon Parents?

Dylan Scanlon is the son of Kelly Scanlon Canary and Bret Canary. Bret turned 46 in March 2023. Whereas, Kelly turned 45 in March 2023.

You can find Kelly on Instagram and Facebook. Bret is also on Facebook and Instagram.

Dylan has two younger siblings; a sister and a brother named Tanner Scanlon.

Dylan Scanlon Girlfriend

Per his social media posts, Dylan Scanlon appears single at the time of this article. Hence, he doesn’t seem to have a girlfriend or enjoys keeping his dating life away from the public eye.

Dylan Scanlon Height

Per the IMDB page of Dylan, he stands tall at 5′ 11″ (1.80 m).

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Dylan Scanlon From?

Dylan Scanlon calls Canton, New York his hometown as well as his current residence.

  • When Is Dylan Scanlon Birthday?

Dylan Scanlon’s birthday is on 26 January.

  • Is Dylan Scanlon On Instagram?

Indeed, you can find Dylan on Instagram.

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