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Ebraheem Al Samadi Parents: Khadejah Dowd, Husni Al Samadi

Get to know Khadejah Dowd and Husni Al Samadi the parents of Dubai Bling star Ebraheem Al Samadi. Who are they? What do they do for a living? Are they still married?

Read all about it as this article proceeds.

Dubai Bling: Who Are Ebraheem Al Samadi Parents?

Ebraheem Al Samadi’s parents are named Khadejah Dowd and Husni Al Samadi. His father, a hotelier and businessman, had come to study in Miami from his home in Kuwait. This is where his parents first got together. He once saw an American woman who had converted to Islam, who was blonde and wearing a headscarf, leaving the mosque. She was a divorced mother of two, eighteen years old, and an orphan.

Following their marriage, the pair relocated to Kuwait and spent over ten years there before Al Samadi, then two years old, had to evacuate as the Gulf War was about to break out. His early mind was greatly impacted by his upbringing in Florida, just a short distance from Disney World.

In July 2020, Ebraheem dedicated a post to his parents and wrote on his Instagram.

Ebraheem was 15 when he successfully petitioned the Florida senator to expedite his secondary education. Instead of waiting until he was eighteen, Al Samadi graduated from high school early. He scored 480 out of 500, and he started doing a variety of jobs at the age of sixteen, including lifeguard, an assistant buyer in a department shop, and rose vendor at a medieval theme park. He had more than doubled his funds to $90,000 by the age of 17.

With this, Ebraheem pulled off his most daring ruse and established his first business, EHA LLC. Taking advantage of a popular youth fad in the mid-2000s, Al Samadi created and sold a line of kids’ shoes featuring rollers on the bottom. Bought for $7.50 from China and sold for $79, he created nine outlets and made $2 million from the Wheelies brand in just one year.

Meet Khadejah Dowd, Ebraheem Al Samadi Mom

Ebraheem Al Samadi’s mom is named Khadejah Dowd. Ebraheem calls Khadejah his queen who taught him to be humble, to take care of everyone, and to be the best he can be. “She always told me stories about our beloved prophet Mohammed (s.a.w.s). I’m forever grateful for her and my dear father for always being beside me and supporting me,” Khadejah wrote.

In another post, Ebraheem shared that Khadejah is the “only woman that never broke my Heart #MyMother❤️.” Not to mention, she is also his whole world.

When Ebraheem began his first business, an eBay resale operation which he estimates made him $40,000 in two years by the age of 15, he became the platform’s first 1,000 “PowerSellers”. All of this was motivated by a desire to support his mother, who at first thought the money was obtained through unlawful means when he slipped cash into her handbag and even purchased her a car.

Ebraheem Labeled A Mama’s Boy By Fans, Khadejah Reportedly Converted To Muslim —

  • Khadejah Dowd Age

Born around 1974, Khadejah is 49 years old as of 2023.

  • Khadejah Dowd Job

Khadejah Dowd is working as a customer representative at Forever Rose London. She is a graduate of Vero Beach Senior High. She went to college in Valencia Community College and College of DuPage.

  • Is Khadejah Dowd On Instagram?

Yes, Khadejah is available on Facebook, X, Pinterest, and Instagram.

Meet Husni Al Samadi, Ebraheem Al Samadi Dad

Ebraheem Al Samadi’s dad is named Husni Al Samadi. Husni hailed from Kuwait.

  • Husni Al Samadi Age

Born in 1955, Husni Al Samadi turned 68 years old in 2023.

  • Husni Al Samadi Job

Husni Al Samadi is a hotelier. She is a member of Al Samadi Group, which comprises two business divisions, retail, and hospitality, and operates under Big Smoke Burger, The Chickery, Amika, Juicy, Forever Rose, Wired Up, My Trends, and My iMenso.

Later, the Al-Samadi family used Dubai as their operations center to extend their economic interests throughout the Middle East. Al Samadi actively seeks out new chances whenever they present themselves today. With goods, brands, and profitable business plans originating in the US, Canada, and Europe, the company’s portfolio is broad and growing.

Al Samadi’s motivation has always been his desire to provide for his family as a whole as well as his efforts to make sure that he fosters an atmosphere that prioritizes coworkers’ and employees’ pleasure.

  • Is Husni Al Samadi On Instagram?

Yes, Husni Al Samadi is available on Facebook (@husni.alsamadi).

Related FAQs

  • How Long Were Ebraheem Al Samadi Parents Married?

Khadejah Dowd and Hunsi separated when Ebraheem was 13 years old. Ebraheem chose to leave the family home and move into a one-bedroom apartment with his mother after his parents divorced.

Khadejah is currently married to Yazan Sami Musa Al-Shuqraan since April 7, 2011. Before marrying Husni, Khadejah was already married and had two kids by the age of 18.

  • How Many Kids Do Ebraheem Al Samadi Parents Have?

Besides Ebraheem, Husni and Khadejah are parents to other five children from their respective relationships.

  • Where Do Ebraheem Al Samadi Parents Reside Today?

Khadejah Dowd is living in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and is originally from Vero Beach, Florida. Husni lives in Orlando, Florida.

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