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Ekaterina Shumskaya Bio, Scarlett Johansson, Age, TikTok

Often fans take pride in looking like a TV or movie star, in the Ekaterina Shumskaya, it’s the exact opposite. She is best known as a “Black Widow” actress look-alike and it claims it has made her life and her career very hard to progress. To the point that she announced that she “wants her own life” and doesn’t want to live the life of the acclaimed actress.

So, let’s learn more about her with this Ekaterina Shumskaya Bio where we cover her age and other information related to her.

Meet Ekaterina Shumskaya, TikTok’s Scarlett Johansson Doppleganger

Russian TikTok star Ekaterina ‘Kate’ Shumskaya is repeatedly mistaken for “Black Widow” actress Scarlett Johansson. However, the actress’s doppelganger isn’t proud of her uncanny looks with the actress. Hence, she “wants her own life.”

In an interview with Cater News, Ekaterina told that there are people on the internet who mistake her for Scarlett and she is not pretending to be her. She has a staggering 10.2 million followers on her TikTok and even her followers are fooled by the appearance. She revealed people often thanked her for her excellent acting in the “Black Widow.”

Ekaterina also revealed that people on the internet ask her if she ever spoke to the acclaimed actress or if Scarlett knew that she existed.

But, Ekaterina may not deny the uncanny appearance didn’t help in building her fame. She moved from her hometown to Moskow earlier in 2021 to pursue a career in modeling. Kate discovered that she looked exactly like the actress when she was in school around the age of 12.

Ekaterina reflected that she knew she looked like her but didn’t think anything of it. But, along with the praise, she has also been the receiving end of the backlash because of Scarlett’s Asian character in “Ghost in the Shell.” She opened up about receiving the hate mail and even got death threats.

According to Mirror, she said, “I want to live my own life, not Scarlett’s,”

Even though she Ekaterina that she isn’t trying to be her, she cosplays like the Avenger actress for her TikTok content. According to New York Post, she is making her living because of her lookalike features which help support herself and her parents. According to the source, she brought $700 a month. Her parents were worried when she shared that she wanted to pursue modeling.

Her parents believed that she wouldn’t earn that much money if she tried modeling for advertisements.

Ekaterina Shumskaya Age

As of November 2021, Ekaterina Shumskaya was 25 years old.

Does Ekaterina Shumskaya Have A Boyfriend?

Based on what Ekaterina Shumskaya shares on her profile and how much she has opened up about her life, no, she is not seeing someone as of this moment. Her IG serves as her portfolio for modeling gigs. She collaborates with a few fellow TikToker but she doesn’t seem to have romantic attachments with any of them.

So, based on what we have, no, Ekaterina is not dating anyone as of this moment, publicly.

Where Is Ekaterina Shumskaya From?

Ekaterina Shuskaya was originally from Korenovskaya, Krasnodarskiy Kray, Russia. But, earlier in May 2021, she moved to Russia.

Related FAQs

  • What Does Ekaterina Shumskaya Do For A Living?

Before pursuing a career as a model, Ekaterina worked as a sales manager in a construction company. But, she realized that she wasn’t making as much as she thought she deserved. According to New York Post, she spoke “I woke up one morning and thought, ‘My youth is passing me by and no one will even notice me soon.’”

Ekaterina quit her job to pursue full-time modeling and internet content creation. But, she had tried her hand at modeling at the age of 17. But, establishing a career in the field became hard for her because of the comments and messages she received online.

Ekaterina is doing well. She is trying to earn fame as a content creator. She has her own YouTube channel Mimisskate with 6.28k subscribers. Kate is also on Twitch and her handle is (@mimisskate). Kate also created an OnlyFans profile and has 18.2k likes for her 125 posts.

The subscription charge to access the exclusive content costs her $15.99 per month, $38.38 for 3 months, $67.16 for 6 months, and $115.13 for 12 months.

  • What Are Ekaterina Shumskaya’s Measurements?

Ekaterina Shuskaya is blessed with measurements of 34-26-36 inches.

  • Is Ekaterina Shumskaya On Facebook?

Yes, she is on Facebook and you can follow her here. Her IG handle is (@mimisskate) that flaunts 1.1 million followers.

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