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Ella Wise Parents: Mum Sonia Brown And Dad Mark Murrell

Ella Wise has somehow always found ways to stay in the news since becoming famous for her stints on the English series The Only Way Is Essex and Season 2 of Ex on the Beach. Lately, for instance, she was seen stepping out with an eye patch after doctors operated on a mystery lump on her eyelid.

Even before finding fame on reality television though, Ella was already familiar with the celebrity party scene. She was at the time also working as a hairdresser in Essex. In the rest of the writing, we thought we would tell you about the TOWIE star’s parents.

Who Are TOWIE Star Ella Wise’s Parents?

Ella Wise, on her Instagram @ellaraewisex, and other social media platforms, has not given much about her personal life, including her family background and details about her parents and other members of the family.

Yet, she did not mind showing them now and then to the paparazzi. Earlier in May, for instance, she was caught on cameras while stepping out with her father in Essex. This was after she had her eye surgery at Moorfields Eye Hospital. The father-daughter duo was spotted heading to Brentwood Kitchen. Later, they also did some shopping together as both awaited the biopsy results.

Meet Sonia Brown, Ella Wise’s Mum

Ella’s fans have been fortunate to see her mom Sonia Brown on the ITV reality series The Only Way Is Essex. Several TOWIE stars invited their mothers onto the show and Ella was one of them.

Sonia has had her fair share of appearances on the show, particularly in series 26. Pretty popular amongst viewers, she was seen as someone incredibly supportive of Ella.

Fans, who wanted Sonia to have more air time, also noticed right away that Ella may have gotten her looks from her matriarch.

TOWIE fans have also seen Sonia discussing Ella’s love life. To her, Ella’s date at the time (Tom McDonnell) had seemed like a “genuine person”. Actually, Tom himself also had gone to meet her during the pandemic times.

So, often on television, Sonia has been seen giving advice like “When you get to my age, you’ll still learn” to her daughter.

  • Sonia Brown Age

In August 2023, Sonia Brown reached the age of 52.

  • Sonia Brown Job

They also describe Sonia Brown on the TOWIE show as a self-employed woman.

  • Is Sonia Brown On Instagram?

Yes. Sonia Brown was on Instagram as of September 2023. Her IG @s.brownx included 198 posts and 1,848 followers and was kept private.

Sonia luckily happens to have glimpses of her posted on Facebook. Her profile picture here at the time of this writing was of when Ella was very young. In the caption she wrote, “Wish she was this little.”

Meet Mark Murrell, Ella Wise’s Dad

Ella’s dad’s full name is Mark William Murrell. Except for his recent public outing with his daughter, one was not able to grasp a lot about Mark’s life.

Just a few things known is that Mark is a British national.

  • Mark Murrell Age

Because Mark Murrell was born in April 1963, he reached the age of 60 in 2023.

  • Mark Murrell Job

Mark Murrell should be still working at C&M Recycling Services Limited as of 2023. He was appointed as a director in the company on 30 March 2012.

  • Is Mark Murrell On Instagram?

Yes. Ella’s dad Mark was on Instagram as of September 2023. Here, on his IG @hmarkiemurrell, he posted there were zero posts and yet 72 followers.

Mark also did not post on his ‘Mark Murrell’ Facebook much.

Related FAQs

  • Are Ella Wise’s Parents Still Together?

Ella Wise’s parents are most likely still married and together. Back in August 2021 when Ella’s mom, Sonia turned 50, her sister, five years younger than her, took to her Facebook to gush “I am very proud to have you as my sister, You have a wonderful family Ella and Mark are both lovely and kind.” In her own lovely handwriting, Sonia’s “darling” sister also raved that their dad would be very proud of all she has achieved in life.

  • How Many Kids Do Ella Wise Parents Have?

Ella Wise is seemingly the only child of her parents. From this tweet Ella once wrote “Oh I love you always💓 you hit the nail on the head girl! You are the sister I never had💞” one can at least tell that she has no sister.

And because Ella did not seemingly have any companion of her age around growing up she grew even more fonder of her grandparents. So, back in August 2017, she lost her grandmother, Nanny Joyce, and Ella was really heartbroken. She said she was “very very very important” to her. It is not understood though if 92-year-old Joyce was Ella’s paternal or maternal grandmother.

Other known family members are Michael Wise of Brentwood, UK, David Wise of Chelmsford, Essex, and Daisy Wise.

  • Where Do Ella Wise’s Parents Reside?

As of September 2023, Ella’s dad Mark’s country of residence was marked as England.

Ella’s mom on the other hand was most probably residing between Hornchurch, Barking, and Dagenham in the U.K.

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