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Elsie Fisher Parents: Christopher And Nicole Fisher

The Summer I Turned Pretty star, Elsie Fisher has supportive parents. They homeschooled her when she experienced a challenging time as an eighth grader, encouraged her to pursue her dreams, and were the happiest when she earned her first Golden Globe Award nod.

Get to know more about Elsie’s parents as you scroll down.

Who Are Elsie Fisher Parents?

Elsie Fisher was born to her parents, Nicole and Christopher Fisher. They are the reason why she shines so bright today. Infact, it was her dad who got her into acting.

As a child, Elsie loved entertaining people. During one visit to the club, she took the stage and began acting. One of the impressed guests then suggested to Christopher, “Hey, I have a friend who’s an agent. Have you ever thought about having her try out to be an actress?” Christopher heeded those words and thus, Elsie’s acting career began.

Two years later, when Elsie turned six, she landed her first role in the series Medium. She later gained popularity for voicing Agnes in two Despicable Me movies.

Throughout her career, Elsie received constant support from her parents. Even when she experienced a challenging time as an eighth grader, they chose to homeschool her and let her walk at her pace.

No wonder, Elsie’s parents were overjoyed when she was nominated for a Golden Globe Award at 15. The actress recalled that she watched the nominations live stream alone at five in the morning and as soon as it was announced, she could hear her dad yell in the other room, “Yeah!”

Christopher also bought doughnuts to celebrate his daughter’s achievement. Elsie also commemorated the milestone in her small way by shopping for video games and records and rewarding herself with a well-deserved nap.

Surprisingly, though her parents are the most important person in her life, she rarely shared pictures of them on her social media.

Meet Nicole Fisher, Elsie Fisher Mother

Elsie Fisher’s loving mother is named Nicole Fisher. She is the actress’s “cool meemaw” who always takes care of her even when she swears “I don’t need it.”

Nicole was born on September 1982 to her parents James Stanley Rasmussen and Anita Belle Hayler. She comes from a family of five including her siblings Jennifer Crownover and Rachel Rasmussen.

Sadly, her mother, Anita passed away on April 24, 2010, at the age of 66. She was an Abraham Lincoln High School graduate who spend 19 years as an elementary school teacher in Moreno Valley, CA.

Before marrying Nicole’s father, she was married to Derry Benedict. She only met James when she went to work for the Social Security Administration (before becoming an elementary school teacher).

Find Nicole on Instagram @nicoleeliserasmussen.

Meet Christopher Fisher, Elsie Fisher Father

Elsie Fisher’s supportive father, who yelled from the other room when she received her first Golden Globe Award nomination, is named Christopher Fisher.

“What a coincidence. found a stray dad today, I think I’ll take him in!” she once featured him on her IG.

Christopher was born in June 1973 to his parents, Scott Fjeldstad Fisher and Farah Fisher. Like his wife, he comes from a family of five including his two siblings  William and Allen Fisher.

Sadly, Scott passed away on July 19, 2017, from pancreatic cancer. He was a San Pedro High School graduate who received a bachelor’s and master’s degrees in music from Pacific Lutheran University.

Scott spent over two decades teaching — first music, then in an elementary classroom. He later worked at universities (CSULA, CSUDH, UCLA, UCI) writing grants and managing research studies, often related to medicine. Then, in early 2000, he finally realized his dream of owning a restaurant, the Bread Basket in Idyllwild.

His passion was also spilled onto his son. Christopher now works at Cafe Aroma.

It was also thanks to his job, a shift at a local jazz cafe, Elsie got the chance to jump on stage which was the inception of her acting career.

After her performance, “The entire restaurant — the jaws dropped,” Christopher recalled.

Six months later, he sent a headshot of his daughter to Kazarian, Measures, Ruskin, and Associates, a small but legitimate talent agency that represented Joey Lawrence and Ian Ziering. The company signed her as a client, and within a month she had done a national commercial for Toys R Us.

Here’s Christopher’s IG @cfish73.

Related FAQs

  • Are Elsie Fisher Parents Still Married?

Elsie’s parents are likely still married.

  • How Many Kids Do Elsie Fisher Parents Have?

Elsie’s parents share two kids — Elsie and Nathan Fisher.

Their son, Nathan made a cameo in Eighth Grade. He also appeared in the series Castle Rock (2019) and Peter at the End (2012).

“Could not be prouder of the person Nathan is! I have no idea what I did to deserve this weirdo but I truly feel blessed. Thanks, Mom and Dad for giving me the best sibling I could ever possibly ask for.” Elsie praised him.

  • Where Do Elsie Fisher Parents Reside?

Elsie’s parents resided in Thousand Oaks, CA.

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