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Emely Kopf Bio, Age, Job, Kevin Njie, Too Hot To Handle

After Too Hot To Handle Germany wrapped up viewers have been asking if Emely Kopf and Kevin Njie are still together. While we answer this question, we also want to explore other details about her life. Here you’ll find her age, birthday, job, and current residence.

So, tag along with this bio and keep learning more as this article proceeds.

Too Hot To Handle Germany: Are Emely Kopf And Kevin Njie Still Together?

Yes, Emely Kopf and Kevin Njie, the winners of season 1 of Too Hot To Handle Germany are still together. RealityTitbit reported that Emely recently spoke to Glamour Germany and broke the news that they had recently moved in together. She uttered, “At first, we had a long-distance relationship… but now I’ve moved back to Germany and we live there together.”

Initially, Emely Kopf was one of the two women Kevin Njie was interested in. However, most of the women who appeared in the villa were interested to learn more about Kevin. Then when one direct conversation led to another with the former, he got to know her a bit more and chose to do much more than share her bed despite the sex ban already being in place.

Emely approached Kevin without hesitation the following day. This began a complicated triangle that Kevin hadn’t even realized that she was interested in him as well. Laura, another woman who caught Kevin’s eye, felt as though she had already established her territory, whilst the native of Flensburg was willing to get to know the “vibes” of both this fiery Latina from Berlin and the outspoken Ibiza inhabitant.

The story of “Kemely” began when the trio, thankfully, realized that things may rapidly become complicated, which led the young sexual male to choose according to who he believed would be his best match.

After the way he had described his decision-making process, their fellow participants and viewers were expecting a nice romance between Kevin and Emely, but that was far from the case. This is due to the fact that their first formal night together alone cost the group an incredible amount of €68,000 due to kissing, vigorous petting, reciprocal manual stimulation, and oral stimulation. They also accrued more losses over the following days through extra kisses, physical play, and a passionate night in the private suite that involved just about everything but the last move.

In fact, Kevin and Emely went so far their acts were deemed the most extreme worldwide, which is saying a lot considering all the ways people have let loose on this series’ numerous iterations. It is therefore not surprising that they each lost €104,000 from the initial €200,000 prize pool before realizing they needed to demonstrate their sincere feelings for one another. And the reality is, they did. Not only did they occasionally resist their cravings, but they also continued to forge a strong bond that was as cozy as it was emotional.

Emely and Kevin did experience their fair share of difficulties in the form of outside attention. They were both selected to go on dates with new casts at various periods in their relationship. They were undoubtedly the most resilient couple in this fascinating experiment. Neither of them faltered for even a split second because all they could think of was the companion they already had.

The fact they then managed to spend an innocent night in the private suite further revealed their genuine needs. It led them to conclude they were ready to move on from their former manipulative, self-absorbed, sex-based methods.

Despite every odd, Emely and Kevin managed to work on their deepest selves, reflect on their past, as well as hope for their future before realizing they are absolutely in love. Yes, they left “Too Hot to Handle: Germany” holding hands as the official couple and with an additional €86,000 in winnings; however, they had really earned back €60,000 of the prize money by abstaining.

“At first, we had a long-distance relationship… but now I’ve moved back to Germany and we live there together,” Emely revealed in her recent interview. Keving added, “[Her] family lives near me. Before she went to Ibiza, she was in Germany for a while and only 20 minutes away from me. That means we had all the time after the show to see each other — so what we had and have doesn’t just disappear like that. Then it went back to everyday life, and then I always visited her in Ibiza as best I could.”

Emily also gave some relationship advice adding, “The most important thing is to be honest – with yourself and with the person. To really get involved and open up. Everyone has their own protective walls. If you don’t tear them down, you can’t really get to know anyone.”

Kevin concluded, “I think [love is] difficult, especially these days. Between social media and cell phones, everyone always has different thoughts. It’s hard to focus. You get distracted quickly. First and foremost, you have to deal with yourself and be clear about what you really want and how you see your future. I believe that is the first step before you can open up to another person.”

Emely Kopf Age

At the time of filming the show, Emely Kopf was 26 years old.

Emely Kopf Job

Emely Kopf is reportedly a makeup artist and a social media influencer. According to Salary Expert, the average salary for a makeup artist is 38.110 € per year or an equivalent hourly rate of 18 €.

Is Emely Kopf On Instagram And Facebook?

While you can find Emely Kopf on Instagram (@emskopf) not she is not on Facebook. However, she has a whopping 183.6K and growing followers on TikTok.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Emely Kopf Birthday?

Emely Kopf’s birthday is on 5 June.

  • Where Is Emely Kopf From?

Emely Kopf hailed from Ibiza, Spain. She is currently based in Berlin, Germany.

  • How Tall Is Emely Kopf?

Emely Kopf’s height measures under 5 feet 5 inches.

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