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Emily McCue Bio, 90 Day Fiance, Sasha Larin, Age, Job

90 Days Fiance has brought family dramas, ugly and entertaining, to the views. Emily McCue and Sasha Larin are just one more pair of transnational lovers who have a great deal of drama in their lives.

Sasha is a Russian “serial impregnator” (so says his ex-partners and people who do not like him) and Emily is an English teacher from the US. Emily’s family in the US, especially her younger sister Betsy, are not the biggest fans of Sasha. And Sasha’s ex-wives are not the biggest fans of Emily and Sasha.

Well, that might be enough to make you interested in watching 90 Days Fiance. But here, this article will focus on Emily and her relationship with Sasha.

Emily McCue And Sasha Larin’s Relationship

When they first met, Emily was working as an English teacher in Russia and started to train with Sasha, who was a fitness coach. She also started teaching him English and being intimate with him. By the time they first appeared on 90 Days Fiance, she was already pregnant with Sasha’s third child.

Soon after, they moved to the US and the whole drama ensued that was documented in the 2019 season of 90 Days Fiance.

Remember when we said Sasha was a “serial impregnator”? Well, we were exaggerating really, although the words were first spoken by some of the people in 90 Days Fiance. Anyway, before Emily, Sasha was married twice and had two sons from his two wives. He also has a history of infidelity with his both wives.

The name of his first wife was Masha. Masha was only 22 when they first got married. Masha also appeared on 90 Days Fiance and she did not think Sasha and Emily’s relationship would last. She thought Sasha was with Emily for Green Card.

Masha also did not approve of Sasha’s decision to move to the US. She believed a “woman should follow the man” and not the other way around. Masha also accused Sasha of abandoning his kids.

Emily does not believe Masha. At first, she wanted to meet with Masha to discuss co-parenting of Masha’s son. But Masha’s self-righteousness did not sit well with her. Emily claimed that it was Masha who had begged for a baby and Sasha was not a “serial impregnator”.

Although Sasha’s second wife does not appear on the show and her name remains unknown, Emily has already met her. Sasha mentioned somewhere that his second marriage ended because his second wife did not like him when he started to grow muscular. It might have been Sasha quitting his job to become a fitness trainer that his second wife did not like.

One of Sasha’s two sons older sons is called Roman Larin. Of course, Sasha and Emily’s son is called David. David and Roman had a bit of brother’s time together in Russia a few months ago. Sasha, Emily, and David had moved back to Russia previously. It seems the US did not fit very well with their relationship.

And the latest development is that Sasha and Emily are pregnant with their second baby, who is due in January 2022.

How Old Is Emily McCue?

As of November 2021, Emily was 31 years old. She celebrates her birthday every year on the 26th of February. And so, her zodiac sign was Pisces.

Emily McCue Job

Emily is trained in education and teaching. She studied Secondary Education and Teaching at Idaho State University. She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in 2015.

After college, Emily worked as an English teacher in Volgograd, Russia for about a year. In 2017, she moved to Moscow and joined Simply English. She worked as an English for about a year and a half. And then she was promoted to Hiring Manager. Emily stopped working for Simply English Moscow in 2019.

From August 2019 to April 2021, Emily worked in the human resource department of Xenium HR as well as Leviton.

And since April 2021, it appears as if Emily is not working anywhere. Her Facebook status also says that she is “self-employed”.

Emily McCue Instagram

Yes, Emily McCue was on Instagram. Her Instagram handle was @emily.larina. It was a blue tick account with 83.3k followers.

You can also find Emily on Facebook.

Who Are Emily McCue’s Parents And Siblings?

We do not know the names of Emily’s parents. Her mother does appear on her Instagram from time to time though.

Emily has some family roots in Russia. Some members of her extended family might still be in Russia. When she first moved to Russia to teach English, her family connection to the country was one of the reasons.

Emily has two younger sisters, one of whom is Betsy McCue. According to her Instagram, Betsy is a “Proud dog mom and public health researcher”. She works as a health research coordinator at St. Luke’s Health System in Boise, Idaho.

Emily and Betsy don’t always look eye to eye when it comes to Emily’s relationship with Sasha. Betsy had the thinking that once Sasha gets his Green card, he will change.

When Emily and Sasha moved to the US and were living with Betsy for a while, Sasha appeared unapproving of the junk food in Betsy’s kitchen. He called the food “unhealthy” and started to throw them away. That led to an altercation between Betsy and Sasha.

Later, there was even a “banter” between the sisters about Betsy and Sasha’s relationship. You can follow the whole thread of Instagram banter here.

Related FAQs

  • Where Was Emily McCue Born?

Emily’s hometown was Portland, Oregon.

  • How Tall Is Emily McCue?

Emily was 5 feet 7 inches. So, she was a little bit taller than average for a woman.

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