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Ercan Ramadan Bio, Net Worth, Parents, Height, TOWIE

Ercan Ramadan might be a builder-turned-reality star — known for his appearances in the ITV2 reality series The Only Way Is Essex — but he was more popular as the fiancee of the Geordie Shore star, Vicky Pattison. Yes, the two got engaged in Feb 2022.

Let’s get to know him better as this Ercan Ramadan Bio proceeds. 

TOWIE: Ercan Ramadan And Vicki Pattison’s Relationship

TOWIE star, Ercan Ramadan started dating Vicki Pattison in 2019, shortly after Vicki’s split from John Noble. However, the two went on to separate soon after — as Vicki felt like things were “moving too quickly” — only to patch up a few weeks later.

The duo then moved in together at their Essex (purchased in 2020) and got engaged on February  22, 2022, during their romantic getaway in front of the Burj Al Arab, Dubai.

“She’s only gone & Said Yes.. 💍❤️ My Rock… Love you forever & always 💍 Can’t wait to begin our new chapter together,”  Ercan posted over IG after the engagement.

Likewise, the Judge Geordie star took it to her IG the same day to share, “I choose you and I’ll choose you over and over without pause, without a doubt, in a heartbeat… It’ll always be you.”

Also, the proposal came shortly after Vick had frozen her eggs. “I see egg freezing as an empowering move. Even if next year we decide to unfreeze or try naturally – this is a responsible move and one I can’t put off any longer,” she explained.

Talking about their relationship, Ercan and Vicky admitted that were closer than a couple who should be when they’re walking in their third year. And for that, Vicky considered herself a “ very lucky bug” and was happy with her fiancee.

As of 2022, the pair was living in their Essex home, parenting a  pet Labrador called Milo.

Before dating Ercan, Vicki has dated a fellow Geordie Shore cast member Ricci Guarnaccio from 2011 to 2013, and John Noble from 2016 to 2019. She was even briefly engaged to John.

Ercan Ramadan Job

Ercan Ramadan is a former laborer and builder who stepped into the spotlight after appearing on The Only Way Is Essex in 2016. Well, after his stint, the star then went on to earn his living as an influencer.

And it seems he is making good money out of his job. No wonder, he was able to afford that big emerald-cut platinum diamond engagement ring. It was made by Ian Gallacher Jewellers, which cost anywhere between $13 – $40 thousand.

The last we checked, Ercan was endorsing brands such as BioglanSupplements, Scoff Meals, and McDonald’s UK.

Before all this, Ercan once thought about building a career as a footballer. He even played for Gillingham F.C. back when he was young.

How Much Is Ercan Ramadan Net Worth?

Ercan Ramadan garnered a net worth of under $300 thousand by 2022. While Vicky then flaunted a net worth of $676 thousand.

Here’s his IG @ercan_ram and Twitter @ERC_RAM.

Did you know: Ercan once made it to the news for sending vile racist and homophobic messages. The TOWIE star used the word “f**got” in several shocking Twitter posts throughout 2014 and 2015, and also sent out homophobic slurs through his account.

How Old Is Ercan Ramadan?

Ercan Ramadan was 38 years of age in 2022.

He is 4 years older than Vicky Pattison who was born on November 16, 1987.

Who Are Ercan Ramadan Parents?

Ercan Ramadan was born to parents, Chet and Ulgun Ramadan. They’ve appeared a few times over Ercan’s IG; especially over their birthdays i.e. on Feb 17 and July 23, respectively.

As for his siblings, Ercan has three brothers — Mustafa, Hus, and Soner (birthday: Nov 11) Ramadan.

His brother, Mustafa turned 30 on Jan 15, 2022.

Overall, the Ramadan family were close to each other, and also to Vicki.

On Vicki’s 34th birthday, Ercan’s dad even took it to his IG to share a picture of them captioned, “Happy birthday Vicky xx. Hope you have a great day. You deserve it.”

Fun Fact: Ercan reportedly has family ties to Silk Road Lounge & Bar in Colchester.

Ercan Ramadan Height

Ercan Ramadan stands tall at a height under 5 feet 11 inches (180 cm).

Mentioning his distinct features, Ercan has a triangular face and a fit body.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Ercan Ramadan’s Birthday?

Ercan receives his birthday wishes on September 6, making him of the Virgo zodiac.

  • Is Ercan Ramadan Turkish?

He was born in Essex, but Ercan Ramadan holds Turkish roots.

Back when he posted an IG pic of him flaunting his muscles wearing a tight pair of jogging bottoms, a friend commented, “Get them socks out your tracksuit.” To which, the star replied, “It’s the Turkish sausage ain’t it.”

Well, even he admits that some part of him is Turkish at least.

Also, Vicky made it to the comments then. “F****** put yourself away son,” she wrote.

  • Is Ercan Ramadan Muslim?

Ercan was often spotting indulging in alcohol. So, perhaps he is not practicing Muslim.

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