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Ericka Amen Bio, Age, Job, Kids, Cam Amen Girlfriend

Cam Amen is one of the few platinum ticket winners on American Idol Season 21 and Ericka Amen is his girlfriend.

Cam, the final Platinum Ticket recipient wowed the judges with his tear-jerking rendition of Marc Cohn’s “Hallelujah.” Before he started singing he had explained his childhood in foster. And as a result, his emotions were seen so beautifully. During the stage, Cam also more than once mentioned his girlfriend who later was also invited on stage by judges. Her name is Ericka Amen and in the rest of the writing, we shall tell you all about her and her relationship with Cam.

Meet Ericka Amen, American Idol Cam Amen’s Girlfriend

So it happens, Cam Amen is not the real name. It is Cameron Osterloh and the former is the stage name. Yet, Cam seems to go around as Cam even in other places including his social media accounts. As of 5 April 2023, Cam entertained 12.2K followers on his IG @camamen23 and here showed Ericka Amen, his girlfriend, regularly.

From the Idol stage when introducing himself, Cam also mentioned having relocated from his hometown of Indianapolis to Nebraska with his Ericka. Yes! They had been living together by the time of this writing.

Ericka and Cam looked really close and the former remained by the other’s side throughout his audition for American Idol. Long before Cam’s episode finally went on air, Ericka gushed on social media about her working so hard for that opportunity, while also inviting people to listen to his beautiful voice on his TikTok.

Also, on both of their Facebook profiles, it’s been highlighted that they have been in a relationship since 25 February 2022.

Not to miss, it is Can and not Ericka who adopted the other’s last name. Can has for some time adopted his surname “Amen” from his girlfriend.

How Many Kids Does Ericka Amen Have?

Ericka Amen is the mother of two young kids, a boy, and a girl. And thus far, she had not yet told on social media who her baby’s father is. There is a son Isaiah, the eldest, and a daughter Emmy Rose. The former’s birthday is on August 23rd and the latter was born a couple of years afterward on July 27th.

Wanting to wish Isaiah on his birthday once, Ericka’s sister Ashley took to her social media to tell her first nephew he was the “first little boy to ever steal my heart”. Getting to be his “TT” she said has been the absolute best thing that has ever happened to her.

Ericka Amen Age

Ericka Amen was born in 1987. So, she turned 35 years old in 2022.

Who Are Ericka Amen’s Parents?

Ericka Amen’s parents are Michael K Amen and Tammy L Amen. The former turned 53 years old in May 2022 and the latter also reached the same age in June of that year. Also, at the time, they had been calling Norfolk City of Madison County, Nebraska, their home.

Now, let’s talk about Ericka’s sister Ashley T Amen, who is the proudest aunt there ever is to Ericka’s kids. She is the younger sister and she turned 29 years old in May 2022.

Ericka also not long ago lost her grandmother Myrna E. Amen. She passed away on 4 October 2022 at her home in rural Norfolk, surrounded by her family. She was 81 at the time.

Also, here is a few things that we learned about Ericka’s boyfriend Cam’s family. During his audition, Cam vulnerably shared that he was put into foster care when he was a teenager after his mom abandoned him and his younger siblings. He was 18 then and at the time he had to step into the role of their guardian. And so he did it. He provided for them in every way and helped them get through high school. He said he was their caretaker for 5 years.

Ericka Amen Job

On her Facebook, Ericka Amen mentioned working as a partner/licensed esthetician at Norfolk, Nebraska-based JK Medspa. Here, she said he provides treatments for many skin concerns. This workplace of hers also offers laser hair removal, vein therapy, laser facials, Secret RF treatments, and body sculpting.

As for her boyfriend, who is now pursuing a career as a musician, he previously worked at World of Beer in The Villages where he met Ericka. She was there in Florida on a vacation celebrating her birthday. After that, they lived together in Omaha for a while before relocating to Nebraska.

Related FAQs

  • Is Ericka Amen On Instagram?

Yes. Ericka Amen was on Instagram. But, as of 5 April 2023, the account @erickaamen11, with 183 posts and 460 followers, was kept private.

So, one could only see her regularly updating posts on her ‘Ericka Amen’ Facebook. The most recent one here is where she asks people to check out Cam’s Merchandise store. Like this, she has been constantly encouraging others to support Cam on his journey.

  • Where Is Ericka Amen From?

Ericka Amen was residing in Norfolk, Nebraska now. Her hometown on the other hand seems to be Battle Creek of Nebraska.

  • When Is Ericka Amen’s Birthday?

Ericka Amen also had not yet revealed her birthday.

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