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Erik Bard Bio, Age, Net Worth, Height, Is He Married?

Erik Bard is a real-life ghostbuster — except it’s not just ghosts that he hunts. He’s been investigating the strange phenomena reported on Skinwalker Ranch for over three years, and luckily for us, it’s featured on Netflix’s The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch.

Keep reading this Erik Bard Bio to learn more about him.

Erik Bard On The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch

Skinwalker Ranch in Gusher, Utah, has been home to paranormal activity for decades. In fact, it’s been over two centuries since locals have reported a plethora of supernatural occurrences such as UFO sightings to even cattle mutilations. So, to study these strange and unexplainable phenomena, Brandon Fugal bought the ranch in 2016 and hired Erik Bard as the Principal Investigator and Chief Scientist.

As seen in The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch, Erik uses his decades of experience as a scientist to make sense of the weird findings. And he does that so by installing a cutting-edge surveillance system such as ground-penetrating radar that constantly monitors the entire property.

Exploring alongside him are astrophysicist, aerospace engineer, and optical scientist Dr. Travis Taylor, ranch superintendent Thomas Winterton, and Chief Security Officer Bryant “Dragon” Arnold.

The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch season 4 premiered on April 18, 2023, and Erik had already graced over 17 episodes until then.

Erik Bard Career

Erik Bard is a Physicist. He started his career back in May 1990 as a Process Engineer at IBM. After 3 years, he then joined Lexmark as an Associate Engineer. There, he was in a 5-member “think tank” department in pursuit of novel printing technologies and investigative methods for their vetting at the R&D level.

In March 2000, Erik then joined PowerStream Technology as Development and Test Engineer. His job there was Circuit designing, modeling, prototyping, and functional and failure analysis. He worked there for the next 3 ½ years and in October 2003, he joined MOXTEK as a Senior Scientist.

In the 5 years, he worked at MOXTEK, he got an exceptional experience in X-ray analytical product development including miniature X-ray sources and detectors. His job there asked him to make electron optic designs for miniature analytical X-ray devices.

Then, he joined Millenniata as a Lead Scientist in Dec 2008. There, he was tasked with inorganic optical materials research and DVD laser write-strategy development, data acquisition, automation, tool development, Manufacturing support, and environmental testing.

From August 2011 to Aug 2013, Erik then worked at Motion Sciences as its Chief Science Officer researching the area of propulsive and energetic technologies involving heavily instrumented, energetically rotating bodies, laser interferometry, and polarization studies. 

In between, Erik also founded his company ML3 Scientific in May 2012 with a focus on the development of advantageously novel components for use in X-ray analytic systems. His effort had mainly to do with the development of ultra-thin film-based X-ray transmission windows.

Thereafter, he worked as an Independent Physics Consultant for CJ’s Toybox (2014 – 2015) and MicroRay, LLC. (2015), before finally becoming the VP of Engineering at Axcend Corp (a job he held for just 5 months).

How Much Is Erik Bard Net Worth?

Erik Bard flaunted a net worth of above $1 million in 2023. And this will only keep on rising as Erik owns patents to multiple inventions such as — High-performance, low-stress support structure with membrane, Radiation window with support structure, X-ray tube cathode with reduced unintended electrical field emission, and Magnetic head for X-ray source.

Also, his company ML3 Scientific was gaining popularity thanks to Erik’s time on The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch.

Erik Bard Age

Erik Bard was 54 years of age when he appeared in The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch season 4 in 2023.

He is the same age as Dr. Travis Taylor.

Did you know: Erik’s middle name is Christopher.

Erik Bard Family

Erik Bard loves his family. His parents, Raymond V Bard and Jeanette M Rode, turned 80 and 70 years of age respectively in 2022.

Sadly, his grandfather Raymond C. Bard passed away on February 22, 2003, at the age of 84. He had a Ph.D. in Microbiology and biochemistry and served as a Diplomate Emeritus for the American Board of Medical Microbiology. Also, he worked as a professor at the University of Kentucky and retired as Dean Emeritus from the School of Allied Health Sciences.

Erik’s grandmother Helen (Cofer) McKinney and his uncles and aunts Cynthia Carruthers, Laura Malcolm, John McKinney, and William McKinney, were alive the last we checked.

Is Erik Bard Married?

Yes, Erik Bard was married to his Oksana Bard, dautgerh of Nina P and Volodymyr M Romanyuk.

His wife, Oksana could be around 47 – 52 years of age in 2023.

Here’s her alleged FB @oksana.bard.7. According to it, Oksana hails from Kyiv, Ukraine, and is a Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv and BYU graduate.

Erik Bard Height

Erik Bard stands tall at a height of under 5 feet 8 inches (173 cm).

Mentioning his distinct features, Erik has blue eyes and a triangular face.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Erik Bard Birthday?

Erik celebrates his birthday in December. That makes him either of Sagittarius or Capricorn zodiac.

  • Is Erik Bard On Instagram And Facebook?

Sadly, Erik wasn’t on Instagram or Facebook. He was the only one who didn’t have a social media among his colleagues at Skinwalker Ranch.

  • Where Is Erik Bard From?

Erik hails from Lehi, UT.


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