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Esther Weisman Bio, Age, Job, Husband, I Love A Mama’s Boy

TLC is best known for its crazy content. One of its hit original TV shows, I Love A Mama’s Boy, returned for its 3rd season in 2022. This TLC show features men, their overbearing mothers, and their partners. The young women try to become the leading lady in their man’s life by competing with the most important woman in their life–their mothers. In this wiki article, we will be talking about Ethan’s overbearing mother Esther Weisman, who apparently has become a big headache to Ethan’s fiancee Leyna.

Get to know about Esther’s I Love A Mama’s Boy stint, her job, husband, kids, and more here.

Esther Weisman On I Love A Mama’s Boy

I Love A Mama’s Boy Season 3 will feature two returning trios–Emily, Shekeb, and Mom Laila; Matt, his new girlfriend Brittany, and Mom Kelly–and three fresh trios–Kristy, Roberto, and Mom Nancy; Abby, Tre, and Mama Lorenda; Leyna, Ethan, and his mother Esther.

“When Sigmund Freud was developing the Oedipus Complex, he must have been thinking of someone like Ethan,” comments Meaww on Ethan’s suspiciously close relationship with his mother Esther Weisman.

Ethan describes his mom Esther as “hot and sexy” and even said that Esther will be naked while walking him down the aisle for his wedding in their green room interview. Of course, Ethan’s fiancee is not happy at all about the fact that how close her partner is to his mom.

Once Leyna revealed that she even feels jealous sometimes as the mom-son duo act like they’re the ones dating.

To the fans wondering if Ethan and Leyna are still together because what we see on TV is usually delayed by a few months to even couple of years sometimes, yes the two are still engaged. At least, that is what Ethan’s Facebook tells us.

Thirty-one years old Ethan has been working as the founder of Pantheon Custom Clothier since June 2014 whereas his fiance Leyna Rosen is Director of Communications and Marketing at Lawrence, Evans and Co., LLC. She is also Chief Communications Officer at Youth Alliance for Leadership and Development in Africa. Leyna’s LinkedIn tells us that she studied Environment, Economy, Development, and Sustainability at The Ohio State University.

Esther Weisman Husband

Esther Weisman is currently married to her husband, Neil Johnson.

According to Neil’s LinkedIn handle, he is currently the managing director at Lawrence, Evans & Co., LLC and a co-founder at Healthcare Development & Innovation Group. Neil studied Finance at The Ohio State University.

Esther and her husband Neil Johnson celebrate their 12th wedding anniversary.

The couple married on November 4, 2006, according to the court records. On November 4, 2018, Esther took to Facebook to share a picture of herself and her husband Neil celebrating their 12th wedding anniversary.

Prior to her marriage to Neil Johnson, she was married to a man named Jeffrey Weisman. As per Jeffrey’s Facebook, he works at Meyers Jewelers and received his education at The Ohio State University.

How Many Kids Does Esther Weisman Have?

Esther Weisman has a total of 5 kids as much as know. All of her kids are from her first husband Jeffrey.

Besides Ethan, Esther Weisman’s other kids are Justin Weisman, Shane Weisman, Aaron Joseph Weisman, and Ella Blair.

Apparently, Ethan and Justin are twin brothers and both graduated from The Ohio State University at the same time. To talk more about Esther’s kids, Shane lives in Nashville, Tennessee where he studies at Berklee College of Music and Aaron is Chief Legal and Compliance Officer at Lehman Dealership Enterprises.

Esther’s son, Shane Weisman, turned 20 years old on March 14, 2015. Esther took to her Facebook to wish her son the happiest birthday.

Is Esther Weisman On Instagram?

You can find Esther Weisman on Instagram @mins_dins_, where she has close to 2 thousand followers. Mostly she shares easy-to-cook food recipes on the platform. You can also find her on Facebook.

Esther Weisman Age

According to, Esther Weisman’s age was 60 as of June 2022.

Esther Weisman Job

Talking about Esther’s job, she has been Creative Director at Mins Dins since July 2018. Mins Dins are “nutritious, delicious, meals that you can create in minutes using five ingredients or less. ”

Esther is also the Founder/CEO of Sparkly Scrubs LLC. Furthermore, she has worked at My Choice Medical Holdings Inc. as Field Sales and at Business First as a Classified Advertising Manager in the past, according to her LinkedIn handle.

Esther has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication from The Ohio State University.

What Is Esther Weisman Maiden Name?

We don’t know Esther Weisman’s maiden name yet.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Esther Weisman Birthday?

Esther Weisman celebrates her birthday every November 28th.

  • Where Does Esther Weisman Live Today?

According to, Esther currently lives in Columbus, Ohio.

  • How Much Is Esther Weisman Net Worth?

Reportedly, Esther Weisman’s net worth was estimated to be above $600 thousand as of 2022.

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