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Ezra Waters Wiki, Allegations, Age, TikTok, Girlfriend

George Ezra Clark, popularly known as Ezra Waters on Tiktok, is an up-and-coming musician. But he got even more popular (although in a very negative way) when two women (who were also in Tiktok) accused him of sexual assault.

So, who is Ezra Waters? And what did he do to the two women?

Ezra Waters Allegations

On the 4th of November 2021, a woman Nadine Milad accused Ezra Waters of sexually abusing her. The two of them had previously met through TikTok. And one day, after Nadine’s dog was put down, Ezra went to comfort her. While he was there, he started humping her leg.

Nadine started to get uncomfortable and told him to stop doing that and that she did not want to have sex with him. Ezra disregarded for a while and kept on humping her. In the end, he left as he “realized he wasn’t going to get what wanted”.

A few days later, Nadine shared the story of another woman called Sheree who was also abused by Ezra. And apparently, Sheree’s case was more serious than Nadine’s. With Sheree, Ezra had not just attempted the sex but went on to assault her.

“The trauma, and her injuries, are so bad that she’s still recovering from that. This happened about a week ago.” Nadine said about Sheree’s case.

Reports have it that both of the cases have been reported to the authorities and an investigation is going on.

How Old Is Ezra Waters?

Although his exact age is unknown, the sources say that Ezra Waters was under 25 years of age as of 2021. Reportedly, Ezra was born in the year 1997.

Does Ezra Waters Have A Girlfriend?

There was no record of any girlfriend(s) of Ezra Waters.

Is Ezra Waters On Instagram, Facebook?

Well, he used to be on Instagram. And he used to be popular on both Instagram and Tiktok. However, following the allegations, his Instagram handle, Tiktok channel, as well as his Twitter have been deleted.

Before his Tiktok channel was deleted, it had 140k followers and more than 5 million likes. Whether Ezra himself deleted his social media or the companies shut it down is unknown.

His Facebook, however, is not deleted. And you can also find his Youtube channel, although it does not have any content.

Ezra Waters Music Career

Ezra is a musician who has “roped in influences from Chicago, New York, Atlanta, Toronto and countless other places to provide a sound that flows in the same way as water”.

That is the story of how he got his stage name of Ezra Waters. His real name is George Ezra Clark.

Ezra’s love for music was inspired by Miles Davis’s “Kind of Blue”. And because of that, he used to be a huge fan of Jazz in his early days.

And Ezra was not just a Tiktok musician. Tiktok was, in fact, a platform he used to promote his original music. You can find his original music on SoundCloud, Spotify, Apple Music, or Amazon Music.

Ezra was also a part of the collective called Nocoast. According to Amherst Wire, Nocoast is “full of individuals that share his ardor for welcoming influences from every corner, and only focusing on making music they love”.

And yes, Ezra went to Amherst College and studied political science and African studies there. He chose to study political science and African studies because he was interested in policy from a very young age, and for a while wanted to pursue law. Eventually, it was because he wanted to make a difference.

How Tall Is Ezra Waters?

Ezra Waters is well above 6 ft tall.

Related FAQs

  • When Does Ezra Waters Celebrate His Birthday?

No definite information about when Ezra was born exactly.

  • Where Was Ezra Waters Born?

Ezra was born and raised in Alabaster, Alabama. And he calls Alabama his home. However, he also spent a great deal of his early childhood in New York and Atlanta.

  • Who Are Ezra Waters Family Members?

Ezra’s father is Gregory Clark. Gregory is a financial representative at COUNTRY Financial in Alabaster Alabama. He is originally from Atlanta, Georgia. He studied at the Georgia Institute of Technology.

His mother is Deirdre H Clark. And she works at the YMCA of Greater Birmingham. She studied English at the University of North Alabama. Her hometown was Russellville, Alabama but she also currently lived in Alabaster, Alabama. Though she is no longer together with Ezra’s father.

Both of his parents were very religious.

Ezra has a brother named MacKenzie Clark. According to his Facebook, Mackenzie studied environmental science at United States Military Academy.

Other family members include an aunt Carolyn Clark who lives in Atlanta and a grandmother, Ruby Moore Clark.

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