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Faith Teng Bio, Kevin Beets, Nationality, Age, Gold Rush

Meet Faith Teng, girlfriend and alleged wife of Kevin Beets from Gold Rush. Faith was first introduced to the show in 2020 by Monica Beets and starting from Season 11, she has been a permanent cast of the show. So, here are a few things that you should know about her.

Delve into this Faith Teng Bio, as this article shares information on her nationality, age, job, and relationship with Kevin Beets.

Are Gold Rush Stars Faith Teng And Kevin Beets Married?

As of 2021, Gold Rush stars Faith Teng and Kevin Beets aren’t married but instead dating each other. Meanwhile, MarriedCeleb claimed that two are married but it is yet to be confirmed.

However, there seems no mention of how they started dating each other in the first place. Fans of the show on Reddit claimed Faith has been associated with Kevin’s family before her appearance on Season 11 of the show. Furthermore, one Redditor stated that she has been talked about or seen occasionally for a few years. Whereas, another Redditor commented that they were living apart and Season 11 was about the two living together.

Nevertheless, the Beet crew has welcomed her dearly and is now part of the crew and also a family member.

During the COVID-19 quarantine, the couple spent a lot of time together. Speaking with Discovery, Kevin revealed, “It’s like every year around this time Tony’s always like, let’s go! To be fair, lockdown for us is not much different than what we do in the winter.”

Whereas Faith shared that she and Kevin stayed at home and played video games and annoyed their cat. And maybe because of their goofy nature, which is why the couple clicked with each other and had great chemistry.

Faith Teng Age

Going by appearance, Faith Teng appears to be no more than 29 years old as of 2021. Talking about her boyfriend, he was born on 10 June 1988 which makes him 33 years old as of this writing.

Faith Teng Nationality

The fact that Faith Teng lives in Fredericton and no further information on her family makes us assume that she is Canadian by nationality. Plus, she has a clear English accent. But, a few of her family lives in Malaysia, and since she is of Asian heritage, Faith also could be of Malaysian nationality.

Is Faith Teng On Instagram?

Yes, Faith Teng is on Instagram. You can find her on (@fteng_hope) which has 319 posts and 259 followers as of Nov 2021. However, she kept the account private. She is also on Twitter (@FaithTeng), and Facebook (@faith.hopeteng).

Faith Teng Net Worth

Based on the Twitter bio of Faith, she is a Kinesiology student. But, she loves the gold-digging business and has joined the Beets family. One Redditor stated that, even though she had worked with the family in the past on-and-off camera, Season 11 is the year that she is fully immersed in the business.

Furthermore, the Redditor stated that she works with Minnie Beets working as an accountant and procuring parts of the pieces of equipment. He also theorized that she will be taking over the role of Minnie while other kids take over the roles of Tony as Tony and Minnie retire from the business.

What’s more, “Gold Rush: The Dirt” also confirmed the ordering of equipment part of Faith’s job. Moreover, Minnie and Tony praised her capacity to perform the parts supply chain sourcing.

Faith already has an IMDB page. Based on that, she appeared on “Gold Rush: The Dirt” in the episode Extra Minetivities. Whereas, she has appeared on 21 episodes of “Gold Rush.”

Back in March 2020, Faith wrote a Facebook post on GTFO Adventure Club. The post was about the vacancy in the Yukon on a gold mine as a rock truck driver from mid-April until mid-October. She shared that the only thing required for the interested driver was driver’s license class 5 and backing up skills.

Moreover, she also shared that her company put out an ad for workers to come up for seasonal work in the Yukon (just outskirts of Dawson City). They had interviews done last week and we had no women show up at all. So, she also motivated women’s participation to balance the scales.

So you know, this advertisement suggested her work with Beet’s mining business.

Related FAQs

  • What Do We Know About Faith Teng Family Members?

The only possible family member of Faith Teng that we know is Helen Teng. On one of her Facebook posts, Helen Teng asked, “Faith, are you in Frédéricton now?” To which she replied, “Helen Teng I am, I’m leaving this month though.” Then Helen asked, “Faith Teng are you heading up North again?” Faith kindly answered, “Yup. Another season up north.”

And the fact that Helen hails and lives in Malaysia, it is presumable that her family might have hailed from Malaysia and still has some relatives there. According to the Facebook bio of Helen, she attended the University of New Brunswick in Fredericton, so she also lived in Canada for a while.

  • Where Did Faith Teng Recieve Her Education?

The fact that Faith studied Kinesiology and she lives in Fredericton, we can assume that she also attended the University of New Brunswick in Fredericton because it has a Kinesiology program for interested students.

  • How Many Episodes Of Gold Rush Features Faith Teng?

Until Nov 2021, Faith has appeared on 21 episodes of “Gold Rush” and 1 episode of “Gold Rush: The Dirt.”

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