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Farmer Landon Heaton Bio, Parents, Net Worth, Height

People find love when they’re not looking for it. A similar thing happened to farmer Landon Heaton. He was just enjoying his life farming and ranching cattle when an IG message asked how would he like to find a wife.

This Farmer Landon Heaton Bio explores his life.

Landon Heaton On Farmer Wants A Wife

Fox’s Farmer Wants a Wife featured four farmers, Landon Heaton, Hunter Grayson, Ryan Black, and Allen Foster, as each of them took eight women to their homestead for a chance at romance. Yes, the city girls left behind the dating apps and pursued love on a farm whilst struggling with the daily hassles of livestock, hay, and hard manual labor.

Recalling the experience, Landon said it was difficult to adjust to life with TV cameras following him. “It’s so crazy. There are so many different people from all walks of life sitting at my little farmhouse ranch operation in the middle of nowhere and I don’t know, it’s nice being able to show other people that kind of my life,” said Heaton,” he explained.

A short-lived U.S. version of Farmer Wants a Wife also aired on the CW back in 2008. So, a bold move to bring the show back after 15 years certainly meant that Farmer Wants a Wife stepped up its game.

Now, talking about the single women who competed to be Landon’s wife, they come from different cities and work in a wide array of jobs. Namely, Ashley L (Executive coordinator, from Dallas, TX), Ashley R.(AMSA at a veteran hospital, from Orlando, FL), Erica (Restaurant GM, from Manhattan, NY), Heather (Real estate investor, from Dallas, TX), Jessica (Waitress, from Boston, MA), Kylie (Veteran affairs advocate, from Orlando, FL), Nicole (Supervisor of radiation oncology, from Allentown, PA), and Zoe (Photographer, from Nashville, TN).

Farmer Landon Heaton Relationship Status

Please note that Landon Heaton signed an NDA with Farmer Wants a Wife. So, he wasn’t allowed to share his relationship status before the show ended.

However, he was allowed to share his experience with the girls and so he did.

As per the star, he wasn’t even looking for love when he got the opportunity to be on the show. Infact, he got into the show by chance. “One of my guilty pleasures is I like messing with spam accounts, and so I was like, I’ll fill this out and then they were like okay, we’ll give you a call and I was like absolutely, I can not wait to take this phone call because I assumed it was a scam,” he explained. But when he finally got the call, everything was real!

The production team came to his farm, and the girls followed. “It’s strange. These girls come out here and most of them are about as country as a Tesla,” Landon said. He also add that it was “eye-opening” to see these girls from different walks of life who had nothing to do with farming, ranching cattle, or anything related. And while he’s sure they all learned quite a bit out here, he believes he earned more about himself from them and the things he was looking for. “It’s not a checklist that you can cross out. It’s about how someone makes you feel and who you are around them,” he explained.

Now that the filming warped up, he was a little anxious to see himself on reality television. “I’m nervous for my reaction, we haven’t got to see the show yet,” he said.

Farmer Landon Heaton Age

Farmer Landon Heaton was 36 years of age when he appeared on Farmer Wants a Wife in 2023.

However, he was a year younger when he filmed the show.

This also means all of his possible wives were younger than him except Heather who was 39 at the time.

Who Are Farmer Landon Heaton Parents?

Farmer Landon Heaton was born to his parents, Melissa J Heaton and Trent Edward Heaton.

Sadly, his father, Trent passed away on November 17, 2022, before he could see his son on Farmer Wants a Wife. Trent was an Alva Oklahoma native who graduated from Northwestern Oklahoma State University in 1980, with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Accounting and Business and a minor in Economics. He then married Melissa in 1981 and went on to work in the banking and oil industry in Oklahoma City.

As for Melissa, she was alive and doing well in 2023. In fact, she only turned 63 the year before.

Talking about his siblings, Landon has a sister named Lauren J Heaton (born: Nov 1990) and a brother named Lance E Heaton (born: Aug 1985).

His sister, Lauren is an Oklahoma State University 2013 graduate who won Miss Rodeo America in 2015. Like Landon, she loves farming, ranching, and rodeoing.

Thanks to his siblings, Landon is blessed with a handsome nephew, who’s a little cowboy himself. You might have spotted him on Landon’s IG as well.

Did you know: Landon lost his 12-week-old chocolate lab puppy in South of Langston in Jan 2021.

Farmer Landon Heaton Height

Farmer Landon Heaton stands tall at a height of above 6 feet (183 cm).

How Much Is Farmer Landon Heaton Net Worth?

Landon Heaton garnered a net worth of under $500 thousand by 2023.

This farmer is an Oklahoma State University graduate who kept his farm and animals as his major priorities. He had 300 acres of pasture and grazing land for cattle, plus 300 acres of farmland. And this didn’t even include the residency. He also has 40 acres of farmhouse property.

But Landon’s not all work, he knows how to party as well. In the show, he treated his women to some wholesome dancing, which he seamlessly used as a metaphor for dating. “When it comes to love, it’s about the dance of life and somebody you want to take those steps with,” he explained. 

Related FAQs

  • Is Farmer Landon Heaton On Instagram?

Find him on Instagram @h_bar_ranch.

Also, here’s his Facebook @landon.heaton.35 and TikTok @heatoncattle.

  • When Is Farmer Landon Heaton Birthday?

 Landon receives his birthday wishes in December.

  • Where Is Farmer Landon Heaton From?

Landon hails from Alva, Oklahoma.

But as of 2023, he resided in Stillwater, Oklahoma.

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