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Fatiha El-Ghorrias Wikipedia, Age, Origin, Is She Married?

Fatiha El-Ghorrias is making waves with her comedy in London’s comedy club and open mic scenes. In 2021, she took her talent to The Jonathan Ross Show.

So, this Fatiha El-Ghorrias Wikipedia is for any fans who have seen her perform several times or who have just been introduced to her.

Scroll down, as we unfold her age, origin, her birthday, and information on her marriage.

Meet Fatiha El-Ghorrias, The Comedian On The Jonathan Ross Show

‘Do you know what Jihad is?’ ‘Talk during my set 1 more time n imma make it rain.’ It appears comedy comes naturally to Fatiha El-Ghorrias who is appearing on The Jonathan Ross Show. She has been working as a comedian for a significantly long time. The years of performing in open mics and comedy clubs have helped perfect her grow her craft of tickling people’s ribs.

Most of the time, her materials are based on what is it like being an Islamic woman and fighting stereotypes surrounding it. Speaking to Arts & Culture, Fatiha shared that, if someone spoke to her on the street and she couldn’t hear because she got earphones under her hijab, people starts to assume that she couldn’t speak English.

So before beginning their gig, Fatiha shared that she thought it best to make clear that she was born in the UK. “I’ve learned that I need to explain myself at the beginning of a set and tell the audience that I was born here and I am Muslim and this ain’t an act,” Fatiha spoke.

Fatiha also had a tougher time capturing people’s attention because nobody looked like her and she had to perform at pubs (Muslims don’t drink). But, years of practicing her polishing her material made it easy for her. But, it’s not like she hasn’t been recognized for her efforts.

The London-based comedienne has won several awards such as Judi Love Freakin Weekend Open Mic Award, Audience Vote at Quantum Leopard Comedy tonight, and won Tesco’s Prize at Lewis Schaffer’s Comedy Open Mic.

Nevertheless, at the end of the day, Fatiha does it for a little change to break down the old beliefs. “It’s about spreading a message, breaking down barriers, and opening up conversations.” Fatiha puts it best.

Fatiha El-Ghorrias Age

Born on 18 April 1981, Fatiha El-Ghorrias turned 40 years old in April 2021.

Fatiha El-Ghorrias Origin

Fatiha El-Ghorrias was born to her Morrocan-immigrant parents in the United Kingdom. So, she is of Morrocan-British ethnicity (origin). The comedienne comes from a big family with five brothers and seven sisters, according to Reality TitBit. But, she never featured any of her siblings even once on her socials.

However, Fatiha is very close to her beloved mother and shares stories about her. She even shared that her mother wanted her to leave behind her career as a comedienne and start a family. Furthermore, she also made a hilarious post with her mom. It was the first time she featured her mom on her IG with her mom’s face covered with a hijab.

“Me and Mum ❤️I know what you’re thinking . . . . . Mother and daughter?!?!? More like sister’s right? Right?!” she captioned the post.

But, in the backdrop of all the fun and play, her mother also has a story to tell when she faced racism. According to Fatiha’s August 2018 post, her mom was walking to a local shop (central east London) when 3 men urinated on her. Since her mother walks with a crutch, she froze and returned home.

Is Fatiha El-Ghorrias Married?

Based on her performance at The Jonathan Ross Show and her tweets, Fatiha El-Ghorrias was married and divorced twice. But, she never went in deep to reveal information on her first and second marriage. Since Fatiha never featured any kids on her socials we assume that she is not a mother yet.

In the tweet from May 2021, Fatiha wrote, “Eating food directly from the pan rather using a plate. My mum hated me for it! She would say, ‘it’ll rain on your wedding day if you keep on doing this’(old wives tale). WELL, I got married, it didn’t rain, but I did get divorced twice! Maybe she meant ruin not rain”

But, despite two broken marriages, Fatiha still finds humor in that. She tweeted in June 2021, “deleting my dating apps because I want to meet someone the old fashioned way (him, being my boss who’s 20 years older than me, has tons of disposable income and is happily married with 3 kids. Me, being the young homewrecker at his hugely successful law firm).”

The tweet also suggested that Fatiha El-Ghorrias is single at the moment.

Is Fatiha El-Ghorrias On Instagram?

Yes, Fatiha is on Instagram (@fatiha.elghorri) with 9,005 followers. She also has a Facebook account with 757 people following her.

Related FAQs

  • How Tall Is Fatiha El-Ghorrias?

Based on her appearance, Fatiha El-Ghorrias stands tall to the moderate height of 5 feet 6 inches.

  • How Much Is Fatiha El-Ghorrias Net Worth?

Fatiha El-Ghorrias’s burgeoning net worth has amounted to under £250,000 as of this writing (November 2021).

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