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Fay Brezel Bio, Age, Job, Parents, Jewish Matchmaking

Fay Brezel is an Orthodox Jewish woman who values faith and culture as “core parts of her identity.” While this may have helped her business flourish, her love life certainly fell behind thanks to her rules such as not engaging in physical touch with potential partners before marriage. Thus, to help her finance an ideal partner, Fay sought help from the matchmaking expert Aleeza Ben Shalom and her journey was featured on Jewish Matchmaking.

Keep reading this Fay Brezel Bio to learn all about her.

Netflix’s Jewish Matchmaking: Are Fay Brezel And Shaya Rosenberg Still Together?

Fay Brezel recognized that the way she and Shaya’s relationship ended left her feeling dissatisfied, but she also saw it as a sign that something far greater for her might is in the works. However, it seems that whatever or whoever it may be hasn’t entered her life up until this point because it seems as though she’s still single and merely devoting herself to her job and her God.

With her cheery grin, hopeful eyes, and upbeat personality, Fay immediately captured our attention and demonstrated that she is as totally independent as she is fervently Orthodox. That’s because she’s an entrepreneur with an unwavering love for health and well-being, even though she may cover her head, shoulders, knees, and toes as a statement of devotion to her life of faith. So it should come as no surprise that this 28-year-old native of Flatbush, New York, put having a partner who could understand her goals and share her values at the top of her list of requirements.

In other words, Fay’s ideal man is both worldly and deeply religious. She acknowledged that this is a rare mix and that it would be difficult to find, but she knew the wait would be worthwhile. That is, as long as he displayed positive traits (kindness, caring, and optimism), performed “shomer negiah” (no physical contact before marriage), and was at least as “frum” as she was. She said that by focusing on these factors, rather than on attention, pointless options, or selfish goals, she and her possible spouse may travel a more gratifying, meaningful path.

Fay was therefore pleasantly delighted when matchmaker Aleeza Ben Shalom was able to put her in contact with fellow Orthodox Jew Shaya Rosenberg, only for them to click right away. On paper, this couple appeared to be almost perfectly suited. They also went on three very quick dates without seeking outside advice or feeling compelled to. He liked her, but he realized they weren’t on the same page on possibly the most important part, so he eventually decided to have an open discussion with her about their level of religiosity before calling it quits.

Fay Brezel On Netflix’s Jewish Matchmaking

From the creators of Indian Matchmaking, Netflix’s new show Jewish Matchmaking follows Aleeza Ben Shalom as she takes on “shidduchim,” a centuries-old matchmaking system in which Orthodox Jewish singles are introduced for marriage. Our star, Fay Brezel was just one of those hopeful romantics.

Born and raised to be a Jewish woman, Fay has embraced the culture as an integral part of her life. She says that she’s deeply grateful to be a part of a family where religious values were “modeled in a loving and beautiful manner from the outset.” Naturally, this meant she was looking for a husband who “embodies being a frum Jew as much as I do,” including not engaging in physical touch with potential partners before marriage — which is a hard find.

But be as difficult as it may, Fay will not bend her beliefs, rather seek help from the experts to find her a prince charming. On top of an unbending belief, she also said that these restrictions “benefit us, guiding us toward a purposeful, meaningful, and fulfilling life.” She hopes her future soulmate will feel the same because, in today’s world, an “excess of options leads to confusion and a lack of clarity.” 

Well, Fay has just come to the right place to find love because her matchmaker Aleeza has helped over 200 couples with her “no-nonsense, modern approach to the traditional practice.”

Aleeza has been a matchmaker and a dating coach ever since Feb 2012. Whether single, divorced, or widowed, her services are for people interested in connecting for a long-term relationship leading to marriage based on shared values, goals, personality, and lifestyles. But Aleeza has now moved her business to Pardes Hanna, Israel from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, as COVID-19 unsurprisingly opened a lot of doors within the industry.

What Is Fay Brezel Current Relationship Status?

Shaya Rosenberg and Fay Brezel, who both reside in an Orthodox neighborhood in Flatbush, New York, go on a date and have a great time. They go on three dates since they like each other so much. Even if everything appears to be going well, Shaya and Fay don’t share the same degrees of “religiosity” in the end. They completely click, but even though they split ways peacefully, their lifestyles and long-term ambitions don’t mesh.

Fay is still looking for a husband who shares her commitment to Judaism. Shaya continues to follow her on Instagram, although she has no followers. They do, however, follow one another from her business account, OKclarity.

As Jewish Matchmaking was still on-air, Fay Brezel kept her relationship status a secret. But if you ask us, given her obstinate rules, Fay might have had a hard time finding a husband on the show. A traditional Jewish man who practices abstinence before marriage is indeed a hard catch to find and even harder to keep.

Fay’s co-stars who were looking for love alongside her on Jewish Matchmaking were Aleeza Ben Shalom, Dani Bergman, Harmonie Krieger, Ori Basly, Noah Dreyfuss, Nakysha Osadchey, Stuart Chaseman, Cindy Seni, and Noah Del Monte.

Jewish Matchmaking premiered on May 3, 2023.

Fay Brezel Age

Fay Brezel was 29 years of age when she appeared on Jewish Matchmaking in 2023.

She was one of the younger singles that season.

Where Is Fay Brezel From?

Fay Brezel hails from Brooklyn, New York.

Her co-star, Harmonie Krieger is also a NY native.

Who Are Fay Brezel Parents?

Fay Brezel was born to her parents, Rachel and Samuel Brezel. They turned 62 and 67 years of age in August 2022, respectively.

Her father, Samuel got his Doctor of Law (JD) from the New York University School of Law and went on to become the CEO of American International Recycling Group, LLC.

As for her mother, Rachel has a Master of Science in Education (MSE) from Fordham University. She had been working as a Licensed Psychotherapist for over 4 decades — providing consultation to parents, teachers, and schools on addressing students’ behavioral, social, and academic issues at Beth Jacob of Boro Park Girls Elementary School.

Also, she’s worked at Pesach Tikvah and Shaare Torah Girls Elementary School.

Fay Brezel Job

Fay Brezel is the co-founder of OKclarity alongside her mother. Also, like her mother, she is a Psychotherapist who believes in the transformative power of human connection and the healing potential of relationships.

At OKclarity, she offers support and guidance who are striving to overcome past traumas and resentments, live more fully in the present, or fulfill their potential and create a brighter future. “I believe that every person has a unique story to tell and that by working together, we can uncover the strengths, insights, and resources that will enable you to achieve your goals and live a more fulfilling life,” she explained.

However, she specializes in treating individuals struggling with the spectrum of eating disorders and related anxiety, depression, and body image issues.

Her approach is rooted in “empathy, compassion, and an unwavering commitment” to her client’s well-being. She approaches healing and self-actualization with a holistic perspective — recognizing that no single approach or method can address all aspects of our lives.

So, at the end of therapy, a client can expect to feel truly seen, heard, and understood, while also being challenged to take steps toward personal growth and transformation.

As for her education, Fay got her Bachelor’s degree in Liberal Arts and Sciences from Excelsior University in 2012, and her Master’s degree in Mental Health Counseling/Counselor from Nova Southeastern University in 2014.

Did you know: Fay has written a book called “Grow with the Flow: A Therapeutic Coloring Book.” It’s a coloring and personal growth workbook that provides helpful coping skills for adults and teens.

How Much Is Fay Brezel Net Worth?

Fay Brezel garnered a net worth of under $750 thousand by 2023.

Reportedly, she made over $100 thousand per annum as a Therapist in NY.

Related FAQs

  • How Tall Is Fay Brezel?

Fay stands tall at a height of under 5 feet 4 inches (163 cm).

  • When Is Fay Brezel Birthday?

Fay celebrates her birthday in November.

  • Is Fay Brezel On Instagram?

As of May 2023, find her on Instagram @faybrezel with 456 followers.

Also, here are her Facebook accounts @ok.clarity.3 and @Fay Brezel, and TikTok @faybrezel.

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