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Fernando Calderon Bio, Wife, Age, Job, N*ked & Afraid

N*ked and Afraid: Solo, the spinoff of popular Discovery’s N*ked and Afraid, will see eight of the franchises’ best survivalists attempt to survive 21 days completely solo in some of the most remote and harshest environments in the world. Fernando Calderon is one of the stars who is determined to not let his mind get the better of him on N*ked and Afraid: Solo.

Let’s learn about Fernando’s newest stint, and his age, job, wife, and more in the article below.

Fernando Calderon On Discovery’s N*ked & Afraid: Solo

Per the official synopsis, Discovery’s N*ked & Afraid: Solo will feature interwoven stories taking place in some of the most remote and harshest environments in the world–whether it’s a bug-infested South American jungle, a frigid African shrubland, or a blistering Mexican desert. As if enduring 21 days n*ked with a partner was not hard enough, the new Discovery show spinoff will test the most experienced survivalists in a way they have not been tested before. Spoiler Alert: N*ked & Afraid: Solo will bring many survivalists’ to their knees.

Eight survivalists who are ready to test their ingenuity, skills, and will to survive are Jamie Frizzell, Fernando Calderon, Suzanne Zeta, James Lewis, Cheeny Plante, Shanika Malcolm, Terra Short, and Kaila Cummings.

The subject of this article, Fernando Calderon has already appeared on N*ked and Afraid Season 2 and later in the All-Stars Season 3.

Fernando first wanted to test his survival skills after watching the first season of N*ked and Afraid in 2013. When Fernando finally got the chance to be in 2nd season of the Discovery show and was dropped in a jungle in Malaysia with nothing but a partner and some kind of blade, he remembered looking at the jungle and thinking it was going to eat him up and spit him out.

In Malaysia, Fernando pushed his body to the limit, enduring hunger, relentless rain, leecher, and a 104-degree fever.

As a stubborn adventurist as he was, Fernando again took the challenge to spend 40 days in the Amazon jungle in Season 3 of N*ked and Afraid XL, an all-star version of the show, which premiered in 2016. “The Amazon is as brutal as it gets with the snakes, poisonous frogs, and piranhas,” Fernando said while sharing his experience of N*ked and Afraid XL Season 3.

Fernando Calderon Job

Fernando Calderon’s LinkedIn handle tells us that he works as a firefighter at Ventura County Fire Department. As Moorpark Acorn wrote in one of its articles, Fernando knew he wanted to help people since he was young. “It’s just one of those boyhood things. Firefighting had always seemed appealing to me…,” Fernando once said.

The reality TV star has worked with Ventura County Fire Department for more than 17 years now. In 2012, he was also named Firefighter of the Year for Battalion 4—the team that covers Moorpark and Simi Valley.

Fernando began his journey in the fire service at age 15 when he moved to California with his family. He joined the firefighter explorer program while he was in his junior year at Verdugo Hills High School in 1996, which allowed him to get some experience working at the Glendale Fire Department.

After completing high school, Fernando attended UCLA. While studying sociology there, he trained to become an emergency medical technician and spent his weekends working in an ambulance.

Upon his graduation from UCLA in 2002, Fernando joined a hand crew, a team of wildland firefighters, with the United States Forest Service. Then, in 2003, Fernando earned his paramedic certification from Mt. San Antonio College. N*ked and Afraid star worked as a paramedic on an ambulance in Fresno before Ventura County Fire Department hired him in 2005.

As a Fire Captain at VCFD, Fernando earns more than $120 thousand a year. However, with all the benefits added, his yearly salary goes as high as $269 thousand.

How Old Is Fernando Calderon?

As per, Fernando Calderon was born in September 1980 and turned 42 years old in 2022.

Fernando Calderon Wife

Fernando’s wife is Anna Jackson Calderon. The couple has four children, Maya, 13; Dominic, 10; Lyla, 8; and Samuel, almost 7, from their relationship.

Fernando Calderon goes on hiking with his wife and children.

In his interview with Thousand Oaks Acorn, Fernando revealed that it was his wife who convinced him to do the 3rd season of N*ked and Afraid XL. “Anna told me this is a brief chapter in my life and if I didn’t do it, I’d probably regret it. With her encouragement, I really had no excuse,” the fire captain said.

Anna turned 41 years old in 2022. Talking about her job and career, she is an experienced grant writer and administrator. She has a decade-long experience in high school administration with a focus on developing, obtaining funding for, and implementing grant-funded projects. To date, she has secured over $12 million in federal, state, and private funding for diverse projects.

Anna has a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of California, Davis. She also holds a Master of Education degree from UCLA.

How Tall Is Fernando Calderon?

VCFD fire captain Fernando stands a little under 6 feet inches tall.

Is Fernando Calderon On Instagram?

Unfortunately, Fernando Calderon did not have an Instagram account at the time of this writing. However, he has two Facebook accounts; one is personal and the other is a business account. On his business account named “Survivalist Fernando Calderon,” Fernando has 372 followers.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Fernando Calderon Birthday?

Fernando Calderon celebrates his birthday on the 30th of September every year.

  • Where Is Fernando Calderon From?

As per Fernando’s Facebook, he is originally from Simi Valley, California.

  • Who Are Fernando Calderon Parents?

At the time of this writing, we had no information about Fernando’s parents.

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