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Figgy Figueroa Age, Husband, Job, Squid Game, Survivor

One Squid Game: The Challenge contestant Figgy Figueroa is a familiar face to the fans of Survivor. In which season did she appear on the show? How old is she now? Does she have a husband? What is her job now?

Read all about Jessica Figgy Figueroa as you scroll down this article.

Meet Figgy Figueroa, Player #033 On Squid Game: The Challenge

Out of 456 new faces on Squid Game: The Challenge, one that viewers might feel like they have seen somewhere was Figgy Figueroa. Yes, the Survivor alum has joined the competition in hopes of winning the whopping prize of $4.56 million.

Figgy has been assigned the number 033.

The reality star’s fiance’s co-worker sent her “You should apply for this show”

She told Entertainment Weekly, “Maybe I should. I love the series.” I’m pretty impatient — I reached out to my fiancé, “Should I apply for the show?” And didn’t hear back from him in time, so I sent in a 60-second video and I was like, “Too late. I sent it in.” Didn’t think twice about it and I didn’t put too much effort into it either. And now I’m here.”

Figgy loved the original show and when she heard that they were going to make the reality show out of the original concept she thought “This sounds like the ultimate game show.” She added, “I thought it was Survivor, but wait a second, there’s Squid Game: The Challenge, so I just had to apply because I’m super competitive. And when they say you’re immersed in it, I was literally waiting for the actors to come out because that’s how real it felt. It was just such a surreal experience and a true once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.”

The reality star was chill about appearing and competing on the show. She gives some of the credit to Survivor.

Figgy did pretty well in all the other competitions but when it was time for Battleships her luck ran out. Nevertheless, she built alliances with a few players including Trey Plutnicki, his mom LeAnn, Dash, Dr. Rick, and a few others.

What Season Was Figgy Figueroa On Survivor?

Figgy Figueroa appeared on season 33 of “Millenials Vs. Gen X” and she was 23 years old at the time. As mentioned earlier, she’s Player 033 on Netflix’s new reality show, which is a hilarious Easter egg, but her previous experience on Survivor is never really referenced onscreen. (Xanax)

Figgy isn’t bothered by that, though. Seven years after a botched showmance left her as the sixth person voted off the island, she’s actually more than happy that she got to show off who she is now.

The reality star also added that Squid Game was the only show he applied for after doing Survivor. 3

“I didn’t know if having competed on another show would hurt me or if it would help me and I was nervous. I was recognized at the beginning — Red Light, Green Light hadn’t even started, but it was positive interactions. But definitely in the dorms I could feel a subtle shift and certain players feeling like, “She was on another show,” and it seemed more threatening, “adding more to that Figgy explained. “Overall I think it was a very positive reaction because people knew that I was there to play the game and I was strategic so they wanted to have conversations with me.”

Fun Fact: Dash otherwise player 141 recognized her first.

Figgy Figueroa Age

In 2023, Figgy Figueroa is 30 years old. She was born in 1992.

Figgy Figueroa Husband

Figgy Figueroa is yet to be married to her soon-to-be husband Austin Dirks. Austin proposed to her during a hike in November 2023.

Figgy announced on her Facebook, “Went hiking and found a rock with my person. I can’t wait to marry you!!!  Austin Dirks.”

They met each other in 2016 on Austin’s birthday. She celebrated their first dating anniversary and his birthday writing, “A year ago today I met this one and today we celebrate YOU! Happy birthday to my adventure partner and best friend, King Austin Dirks. So incredibly thankful for you and all that are!”

Back in October 2020, Figgy wished her man his birthday with a post writing, “Happiest of birthdays to this corgi-loving, adventure-seeking, video gaming, hilarious man of mine! Here are some golden photos/videos from my phone gallery that always make me smile and laugh. Can’t wait to celebrate with you later!!! I love you more than Peatos!!!.”

They have not set their wedding date yet.

Talking about Austin, he is the CEO and founder of GreenLight Medical. He studied Biomedical engineering at Vanderbilt University and also went to Harvard Business School.

Is Figgy Figueroa On Instagram?

Yes, Figgy Figueroa is available on Instagram and Facebook.

Figgy Figueroa Job

Figgy Figueroa is working as a 6th Grade Science Teacher at Valor Collegiate Academies. She started her current job in July 2021. Before that, she was a Former Camarero at Texas Roadhouse, a former Server at Bar Taco, a former PT Board Op at 103-3 Country, and a former On-Air Radio Personality at Urban One.

Figgy went to Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU) for college.

Figgy Figueroa Height

With a petite build, Figgy Figueroa stands at a height under 5 feet 6 inches.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Figgy Figueroa From?

Figgy is currently based in Nashville, Tennessee.

  • When Is Figgy Figueroa Birthday?

Every year, Figgy celebrates her birthday in December.

  • What Is Figgy Figueroa Real Name?

The real name of Figgy is Jessica Lynn Figueroa.

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