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Flávia Queiroz Bio, Love Is Blind Brazil, Age, Job, Instagram

Love Is Blind: Brazil, originally known as Casamento às Cegas: Brasil, premiered on Netflix on 28 December 2022 for Season 2. Brazilian celebrity couple Camila Queiroz and Klebber Toledo returned for their second season as hosts. Also following the franchise format, a group of men and women were made to meet on the show with the hopes of finding a partner in marriage. And because Flávia Queiroz was one of them, let us tell you all about her in this writing, called ‘Flávia Queiroz Bio’.

Flávia Queiroz On Love Is Blind Brazil

Flávia Queiroz decided to go on this journey called Love Is Blind Brazil as a contestant, believing that divine providence will help her in choosing her future husband. (She takes her Christian faith pretty seriously.)

Once introduced to the show, she revealed many things about herself that she had not talked much about before. She discussed how she has been insecure about her appearance since she had her first relationship at the age of 24. She also went on raving that she values ​​loyalty above all else when it comes to picking her ideal match.

Finding a genuine connection seemed like one of the most important things to Flávia and so she encounters Robert Richard Teixeira, becomes sure of her feelings for him, and even decides to take the next step. So, when nearing the end of the blind date phase, she ships Robert a letter and necklace. Flávia pours her heart out and then decides to ask Robert to marry him. Robert, of course, accepts the proposal. But, when the two meet up, he also does his part and goes down on his knee.

And so, they were engaged and therefore provided with beautiful lodgings in the middle of the Amazon rainforest, the setting specially designed for them to explore their physical and emotional connection. Unlike every other affianced pair, the two do not sleep with each other on their first together. To this, Flávia explains that she did not want to rush things and that Robert respected her wishes. In the meantime, viewers also saw them open up about their issues regarding communication, during a double date with Verônica Brito and William Domiêncio.

Are Flávia Queiroz And Robert Richard Teixeira Still Together?

Since the filming and until the time of this writing, neither Flávia Queiroz nor Robert Richard had made any announcements regarding the status of their relationship. Still, every fan of theirs would not stop wondering about it.

In the meantime, this is what we know. The two of them followed each other on social media, indicating at least a pleasant equation between them. While in the show, Robert’s troubles with being open seemingly caused the couple some issues. Yet, because Flávia seemed to not mind waiting for her partner to come around, they may be found reasons to stick together after the show. However, the two anyway seemed really happy about their time on the show. They were actively promoting it on their respective social media.

Flávia Queiroz Age

Flávia Queiroz was 27 years old when she decided to go to this dating experiment called Love Is Blind for its 2022 season. What year she was born, she did not reveal to her viewers though.

Flávia Queiroz Job

Flávia Queiroz is introduced to Love Is Blind viewers as someone working as both a nurse and teacher. While on her social media, she was also seen doing the “Helix & Tragus + Laser therapy” to one of her clients, in May 2022. She seemed to be also making her living by surgical steel piercing, around this time. She emphasized that she was available for booking more such services.

Before this, in November 2021, she showed glimpses of graduation from her first in-person class of the “Elderly Caregiver Course”.

In October 2022, Flávia was also beyond joyful when her fifth grade got promoted.

Now and then, we can see Flávia also talk about how she always had so much gratitude towards her mentors for all their teaching. She says she could not have learned about family medicine, family nursing, and family health from better professionals.

Is Flávia Queiroz On Instagram?

Yes. Flávia Queiroz could be found on Instagram @flaviaqueirozoficial with 102 posts and 10.5K followers as of 2 January 2022.

On Twitter @imflaviaqueiroz, we saw her highlighting “# Human being! Capable of getting it right and making a lot of mistakes… An eternal apprentice, who performs every day on the stages of LIFE! #” as her BIO.

Since February 2020, Flávia also seemed to be making videos related to music, humor, education, communication, lifestyle, and personal and professional development, on her YouTube channel ‘Prof Flavia Queiroz’.

Flávia Queiroz Family

In May 2022, when the family celebrated Flávia Queiroz’s grandmother’s eighty years of life, she gushed on social media that she can only thank her for giving her greatest gift: her mother. Of course, then she also concluded a long heartfelt message with a — she is what she is only because her grandmother Maria José was what she was, and is what she is.

A year before she also introduced her people on social media to her father Joaquim. About her father, who does not use social media, she said he is “simply” the most struggling and inspiring man she knows.

Flávia also mentioned being a lovely aunt to a growing nephew. So, clearly, she has a sibling too, or even more.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Flávia Queiroz Birthday?

Flávia Queiroz had not revealed her birthday so far.

  • Where Is Flávia Queiroz From?

Flávia Queiroz was residing in Minas Gerais, a large inland state in southeastern Brazil, when she landed on Love Is Blind. She was maybe also born and brought up in this place, i.e., known for its colonial-era towns.

  • What Is Flávia Queiroz Height?

Despite her feeling doubtful about her looks, Flávia Queiroz sure is beautiful and she stands around 5’6” in height.

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